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  1. Lollar builds awesome p90s and he will rewind The casion dogears..... this came from his site The Epiphone Casino (and also the Wildcat) is a "whole different animal" although it looks a lot like a standard dogear set. On a Casino set we re-use both the covers and the chassis. We basically "gut" the pickup and build a new p90 into what you send us. Also, some of them were originally built with a clip type connector (usually white) on the lead wire. Make sure to include this as well. Also make sure to include your contact information. Turnaround time is around a week after we receive your items. I have Lollars in 3 guitars and I will never change them out...
  2. You can hook it straight to the pot and just by pass the switch..... nice pups....
  3. Man If I didnt already have one I would have bought it. I dig the color. Someone nabbed it with only 1 bid, I was hoping it would be someone here from the board...
  4. ZBD Damn I already have one but this is clean even the buy it now price is cheap!
  5. Long overdue update! Im diggin it! I could not use the bigsby rocker bridge because it would not adj high enough so I used the stock base and a chrome tom on it also I could not get used to the fixed vibrato arm so I put one one with the pivot. Went thru a cpl of sets of knobs before finding these clear speed knobs... Bright tone even with the flat wounds, I may try a set of round wound though...
  6. Yea Vomer that looks tasteful for sure. If the "E" on the truss rod cover of my ZBD looked like that I would have kept it but the chalky white screen printed "E" that was on there just did not look right against the beautiful inlay and binding on the headstock. So I took some acetone on a cotton ball and rubbed it off.... it came off in one swipe!
  7. Actually those are not holes, just marks I made with a sharpie to locate the bridge when it goes back on. I'll rub them out when I am finished.
  8. I have no problem stringin up a bigsby, I use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend and shape the string so it loops around the bar and hooks easily to the post then I hold tension on it while I string it thru the tuner.......
  9. Sweet Looks fast and comfy.. My pan chop is pretty crazy, it is a "De Rake" chop.... I could leave it running and walk away without fear of someone hopping on it and riding off! no frt brake,jockey shift - foot clutch.... I just picked up a 93 Heritage all stock cuz my wife would not ride on the chop 6
  10. Ah yes... the "Soul Crusher" sold it about 3 yrs ago.... now I got a pan head chopper....
  11. Got the ZBD back from the luthier and he did a fine job of repairing the separated fret board. Apparently the headstock received a blow to the front just hard enough to break the fret board loose from the nut to the 2nd fret. after repair..... While waiting I have been accumulating parts for the make over....Bigsby B6,Bigsby rocker bridge, push pull pots for the vol and pup control,.015 pio cap for the tone, Lollar p90's for the neck and bridge,Shielded wire,Nickle Grover Deluxe tuners, Dadario Chrome flat wounds.... Before the surgery...... Stripped....... I'm using Bourne 500k push pull pots for the pickups so I will be able to cut each pup out of the circuit when I want. I am thinking but I could be wrong but I believe that when a pup is cut out of the circuit it wont be pulling any tone away from the others when not in use..... if it works "great" if not no big deal....just having fun here right? I am using the orig tone pot and and middle pickup. Stay tuned for more......
  12. Alrighty then.... finally got my ZBD back from the luthier and he did a sweet job on the repair Now it's time for the mods! I will start a new thread to show the transformation..... :blink:
  13. Hey if you or anyone else here is interested there is a pair of Lollar p90's on ebay with the epiphone casino dog ear covers and so far the price is low. I have lollars in a cpl of guitars and they are awesome. Lollars
  14. I may remove the "E" off of the truss cover on my ZBD, I would leave it if the color matched the inlays on the headstock but it is too bright for my taste.....
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