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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

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    Kisses Thunderhorse71

  2. LOVE IT! That was the direction I was going to head with the Goth but the ebony fretboard just wouldn't look right with bare wood. I'm looking to rescue something with a pretty rosewood board and do exactly what you did there.
  3. I'll start with my beautiful purple burst made from a thoroughly junked "Gothic" that had lost most of it's finish but was structurally very sound.
  4. My fear in snatching this one up would be that they come out with another in a better color. Any plans to?
  5. Except for "not even close" to Hetfield's old workhorse, YOU BET...same style! ;)
  6. I have some original Tim Shaw Dirty Fingers pickups in a 1985 Explorer where I was copper taping the cavities and trying to put this back into playing condition. I know these were considered hot pickups for the time but did they wax pot them? Has anyone since?
  7. You scored big finding that one! If you ever want to part with it...let me know!
  8. For actives...the James Hetfield set of EMG's are the route to go. I know I know...you said "worship band" but trust me on this one. James is an obsessed musician when it comes to tone on all kinds of music and his pickups are the best I've run across for covering the largest spectrum of tones. I've got a jazz and blues friend that had me install a set for him and he's still weirded out by the fact that he's got Hetfield pickups but he also said that wouldn't be his last set.
  9. LOL....WUT?! What did "Mr. PRS" say to you that would make you sell your guitars?!
  10. The trick will be fitting them correctly. The spacing is always off.
  11. No that addresses the issue well Mac. I think you're right that it's more of a crapshoot overall and would require a lot of trial hit and miss. Maybe when I'm retired (LOL!!) I'll have the time to run these experiments. It's the standard 490/498 combo unpotted.
  12. I was busy pimping out one of my favorite V's which is the worn cherry one and I was wondering about shielding on these? I was simply replacing the pick guard for a black one and noticed that all there is just the little piece of foil on the back of the pickguard and wondered if anyone ever went whole hog and shielded the whole cavity and pickguard back, and if so....was it even necessary. It's pretty sensitive to noise through the amp but just turning the gain down quiets it a bit.
  13. 2006, Mahogany body, and EMG X 81/60 pickups...but I could put whatever pickups in you wanted if you wanted passives.
  14. Probably Alder or Mahogany. You should sell it to me. I'll even trade ya my white V with ebony board for it.
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