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  1. Hi, Are you using the USB 2 or USB 3 Patriot Rage memory stick? I have the USB 2 version and was wondering whether to upgrade to SSD, but it sounds like you have not seen much improvement to justify the cost increase. I was thinking of buying the USB 3 version of the Patriot Rage drive just to be sure that the memory stick wasn't the culprit. I suspect that either the SCS4DJ on board processor, or the USB2 port is to blame for the speed issue with large collections as I guess the unit needs to scan the drive for all tracks. Can anyone else indicate if using USB3 sticks offers any improvement. The two main issues I have with the unit is the speed of browsing / boot up with large collections, and issues with Quickgrid correctly analysing tracks (and the inability to correct the beat grid properly). Would be nice to address at least of one of these issues. ThanksLiam
  2. I had the exact same issue at a gig recently where I needed to plug into the existing mixer/system. I would definitely recommend the 1/4 RCA jacks instead of the phono connectors as the volume output on the RCA jacks is much louder.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 32gb Patriot Rage USB drive with with my SCS, and it performs well, but as I have several thousand songs on there it takes the unit nearly 5 minutes to boot up. Plus navigating menus can still be sluggish. I have a fear that the unit may crash on me during a gig (i have had an occasional crash, quite rare, when practisiing, but never during a live gig thank goodness) and I will have a lengthy wait to get the unit back up and running. Meanwhile I have an audience waiting in silence! I keep a separate memory stick with a much small number of songs on it for a quicker reboot if this happens. Does anyone know if upgrading to an SSD drive would offer better performance? Would there be any noticeable benefit in using an SSD drive instead. I guess it will still be limited to the speed of the USB2.0 port, so wasn't sure whether the additional investment would be worth it? I seem to recall ProfessorBX had both an SSD and Patriot Rage USB stick with his unit - did he ever give an opinion as to which performed best, especially with large collections? Any experiences would be gratefully received.
  4. Does anyone know whether the SCS 4DJ would support the use of a Bluetooth keyboard if I plugged a Bluetooth USB adaptor dongle into a USB port. I want a small wireless keyboard to use with the unit but all the best ones seem to be Bluetooth.
  5. Ok, so i think i have cracked it (with your help). It looks like my iPod was formatted as Mac OS Extended. Have just formatted it as FAT32 and dropped a few sample tracks onto it to test and BINGO - the SCS found the drive and tracks!! So it looks like a drive formatting issue. Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate it. This has been driving me crazy for weeks.
  6. Hi Jackson, I don't think it's a protected file format issue. Yes they are AAC format but I've tried the same files on a USB stick and they work fine. The files were ripped from CD so they shouldn't be protected. I think the earlier suggestion around the drive formatting is probably the answer. This would explain why the iPod isn't even being recognised by the SCS. I'll be able to check this evening when I can get to my Mac. Thanks very much for your comments though they're really appreciated. I'll be sure to let everyone know if the drive formatting fixes the problem. Thanks guys.
  7. Hi, No, the iPod has never worked on any software version. However that's a really good point you've made. I run iTunes on a Mac so it may well be that the drive is formatted differently. Is it possible to format an iPod to FAT32 using a Mac? Will investigate later......
  8. Hi Professor. It says No Attached Devices. Screenshots attached. Note that this was a problem before I installed the latest v3.2 beta so don't think it us related to the new release. I've tried different cables and different USB ports on the iPod but it simply refuses to seen. Is it perhaps the iPod itself? I've attached photos/screenshots.......
  9. Ok, I've completely wiped my iPod and restored it from factory settings with latest firmware available for the iPod Classic (v 1.1.2). Reloaded all my songs (circa 10,000) via iTunes and still nothing. It looks like the SCS doesn't even recognise my iPod is plugged in although it is charging the iPod suggesting the USB connection is ok. Very frustrating. Would be good to know if my iPod Classic is actually a supported device? I've attached a picture of my iPod just so were clear which model I have.....
  10. Hi Darth, Yes, it's a standard old style click wheel iPod. About fiur years old. Grey one with colour screen. All tracks added via iTunes in the usual manner. They are in AAC format but I guess this shouldn't matter? It seems like the SCS isn't even recognising the iPod. Have tried different cables and different ports on the SCS but it is not even showing up in the attached devices list. May try wiping iPod and starting fresh restore and also turn off the 'enable as a disc' function in itunes too just in case. Unless anyone has some other suggestions? Thanks Liam
  11. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me if they have have managed to get an iPod Classic to work as a USB drive? I have an 80Gb Classic (click wheel version with colour screen), but I don't think these iPods run on iOS so not sure if the 4DJ recognises the device. Have tried plugging it in every USB post and the 4DJ doesn't recognise it is there even though the iPod is showing it is drawing power from the USB port so must connected ok. I have 9,000 songs on it so well within the 20,000 max limit. I'm running the recent v3.2 Beta firmware if this is relevant. Has anyone else managed to get an iPod Classic working? Thanks Liam
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