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    Blues music. Anything from the Delta to Chcago blues works. Influences include The 3 Kings: BB, Albert and Freddie, Eddie Taylor and Eric Clapton. 2012 Les Paul 50's Tribute, 2010 Epiphone Riviera, Squire CV Strat, 2000 MIM Strat, Epi PR 5-E, Fender Excelsior
  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. Thanks!! How was the concert?
  3. Johnny Boy

    345 pickups

    This may sound like a dumb one but I’m thinking about putting MHS pickups in my 345, however I see that they are only a 2 wire connection. With The Varitone switch, do I need a 4 wire pickup?
  4. Great looking axes! I just got my 2013 Les Paul 50s Tribute Goldtop. For my Strat and Epiphone Riviera, I use Ernie Ball heavy bottoms, but I am impressed with the strings from the factory on this. Anyone know what gauge they are? 9s?
  5. Thanks for the ideas. It came with Kluson/wilkinson like tuners so I guess I'll just try to figure out the hole size and go from there. Thanks again.
  6. New to this forum and it seems really great i love my new Riviera, but I'm thinking of changing to the pearl button Klausons. Does anyone know what size the peghead holes are? Seems to be either 9 or 10 mm. Also, any idea where I can get a set that will fit without any modification. Thanks for any help.
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