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  1. The 2012s are being blown out at incredible prices. Sweetwater has them for $1699 (though they are now sold out of Iced Tea--they had 12 of them when I called on Friday). Once the 2012s are gone they will become more valuable. Iced Tea has been discontinued. And the new ones sell for $2250!
  2. You said it! I was trying to upload pix last night and had ALL kinds of problems FWIW. Sign in page "unavailable", pages hanging.
  3. Here's a video of him playing the guitar in question. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPsmzH8dQMI&feature=plcp
  4. Ha ha. I think he knows. But notice I put the word "lend" in quotes. We used to call it a "permanent lend." This a permanent lend. He's already had it for five years. It won't be sold but it ain't going back either. Incidentally, it has a six digit serial number beginning with 8.
  5. I don't know what "volute" is but it doesn't have "Made in USA" stamped on the back of the headstock. Here's a pic:
  6. Edit: Never mind. It's a Norlin. I didn't realize Norlins went back to 68. This is a 69. My son got it on "lend" from a cousin on the other side of the family. It had been sitting under his bed for 35 years. And here are a couple of shot of him playing it at Oklahoma Ollie's legendary blues jam at The Living Room in South L.A. the other night:
  7. I made a nice Mellow Jazz Pandora station. Right now it is playing Paul Gonsalves "Cleopatra's Lament" Niiiiiicce.
  8. Just got this. Used it at rehearsal last night. Played and sounded amazing. Very happy.
  9. What band were you in if you don't mind my asking?
  10. This is not an attempt to one-up you or anyone else. You clearly have me beat with The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Them, Byrds, Doors, Airplane, Janis and others . But you got me thinking about my concert memories. I saw Bowie in 76 & 78 & 80. The Who in 76 & 79, Tull in 75. Steely Dan in 74 (Pretzel Logic tour right before their long live hiatus. We sat front row center. The tickets were a Bar Mitzvah gift.), The Dead in 73 (and many other times), Elvis Costello's country show at the Palamino Club here in LA,as well as the Armed Forces show that same week in 78, REM in 83, Gang of Four in 83, The B-52's in 79, The Stones in 75 (and about five other times), Eric Clapton at the House of Blues in 96... My most memorable concerts.
  11. In my case (aside from said Zep concert) it would be Midnight Oil at the Spectrum in Philly in 1989.
  12. Sorry. I didn't realize. I searched and didn't find anything.
  13. In 72 I was 11 years old. My dad was going to take me and Danny Turner to one of two concerts. It was either going to be Zep or Tull (Passion Play tour if I remember correctly.) It was the hardest choice I ever had to make. We went for Zeppelin. \M/
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