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  1. I just bought a reimagined HD28 and it's the perfect compliment to my J45, both are great. (didn't play a RI D28) I would suggest playing all three if you can totally different animals
  2. Congratulations I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Roy I absolutely love mine. A small hand truck is highly recommended The mixer alone in the Roy will blow away any run of the mill mixer on the market. All Class A and all discrete components
  3. If you want a great vocal sound look no further that Schertler. I've been using the Schertler Roy for my PA this year and it's an amazing sounding amp. It's handled every room I've played without breaking a sweat. The Roy is their biggest amp but they make different amps in smaller sizes I own a music store and I have all of the Schertler amps in stock so contact me if you're interested. Added: I see you're from the UK, someone over there must have them in stock
  4. I still like Masterbuilt strings. I tried a bunch of different strings but none gave me the sound that I fell in love with when I first got my J45.
  5. One of the more prolific writers to come around in a long time imo. Love his stuff
  6. A guy brought his late 50's or early 60's J50 to the open mic a couple weeks ago and that guitar nailed the early Bob Dylan sound. I haven't heard any new Gibsons that sound like that and it even had the dreaded adjustable bridge.
  7. Those pick guards look awful
  8. I played an upscale country club a couple weeks ago and the first set was total crickets, I thought "Oh man I'm bombing here". I took a break and when I came back the alcohol must have kicked in with the patrons because all of a sudden the crowd was engaged and ready for a good time and the last set was a nothing but a good time. After it was over some patrons and employees came up to me and were thanking me because they enjoyed it, apparently a lot of the acts they have there are boring and me I like to have a good time but that first set was like sticking pins in my eyes
  9. The truth about mics is what may sound good on you may sound not so good on me and the price of the mic is not always relevant to what sound best on your voice. One singer may have a bright voice and another singer have a dark voice so put a brighter mic on a bright singer and a darker mic on a dark singer and you can guess what happens so when someone says a mic sucks I take it to mean it sucks on them because there are no absolutes. I'm talking about the popular live vocal mics that most people use not junk. I would narrow it down to three mics and research the reviews and discussions ab
  10. I've used a Beta 58 for years but on a whim I went out and bought a Sennheiser e935 and I like it. The Shure is still a great mic but the Sennheiser is a little more hi fi for lack of a better word I like the way my voice stays clear when I get up on the mic as opposed to the Shure which tended to get a little muddy when working the mic close.
  11. Agreed. I hardly ever use it but it's fun to take out and the audience seems to like it.
  12. Sometimes I like to throw a little distortion on my J45. It's fun :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDZWkETZCHA&feature=youtu.be
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