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  1. getting an 8 track on the 5th of june!
  2. 1st song on the list for now it's just a teaser... http://www.myspace.com/mblriffs
  3. exercise... because i love to groove and "feel" it
  4. havent fished in a while, last time was when i was 10. it was great, my dad gave us a few beers and made it a good time... lucky we didn't fall into lake tahoe...
  5. yeah i'm lucky to still be gainfully employed...for which i gotta go in 10 mins....
  6. nope, don't know much church music, but i still love jesus
  7. always piss on the fire to make sure it's out
  8. ...to resurrect an old thread... i'm all the way to the left, and my little bro is next to me
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