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  1. I have bought and sold a couple of guitar at AGF and gearpage. No problem on either one yet. In fact just bought one today at the gearpage, Rickenbacker.
  2. Hey Redd, thanks for the spec's. I am going to try one of those 35s today.
  3. Great demo's, thanks for posting them. Personally, I think the examples really show how the SC SJ is a fine intimate type of guitar for singer-songwriters and up close personal type recordings. The AJ shines in a band environment. It's clear, articulate and rises above the the bass and drums (as does a J-200). Both are fine guitars!
  4. The Brad Paisley J-45 is one LOUD guitar. Sounds like a bonecrusher to me. But that guitar has one heck of a small nut. I couldn't play it all. If your heart is set on a J45 I recommend the rosewood. I used one of those J45 rosewood customs for a while. It mic'd really well and was pretty articulate over the mix. And if you can get pass the dice on the PG, the Honky Tonk Deuce is a really good guitar. I have one and its a strong workhorse. It has rosewood sides as well. And you can pick both of these guitars up in the used market pretty reasonably.
  5. I thought for a long time about picking up a Sparrow but I couldn't get pass the PG. I know, sounds ridiculous but its true. I love the combination of Adi and Rosewood. So imagine my surprise when I found this guitar. It's a Hummingbird in Mystic Rosewood and a Adi top. The sound is really amazing. To me is sounds similar to my Martin 18GE but with a bit more soul to it. Not so sterile as a 18GE can be. I did get to play the Sparrow and it sounded pretty similar to the Mystic Hummingbird and it appeared to be pretty close to size of the Hummingbird and not the size of the Songwriter.
  6. Faron

    1995 DOVE

    THANKS, I just did that!!! I totally forgot I had an account, LOL.
  7. Faron

    1995 DOVE

    Hey all, thanks for the input. Here is what I know about it so far. In 1993/94, there was a Dove Montana Special. That run had a painted black stinger on it. Then in Gruhn's Guide it states "Dove Montana Special: no specs available: 1995-96". I do not have a recent copy of the guide. Online, it appears there is more information on the guitar in the back pages (around 255 or so). Does anyone have a recent copy of the guide. Also, I am up in the air about the type of top on the guitar. I have a custom shop Hummingbird with an Adirondack top and mystic rosewood sides. This top grain on the D
  8. Hey all, just picked this puppy up. I fell in love with it at first site. HOWEVER, I am a bit puzzled about the back painted peghead. I have seen a 94 Doves in Flight with a painted black peghead but searched high and low for information on a 95. I does NOT appear to be a repaired headstock and everything is stock. It's like the guitar was never played. Can anyone enlighten me about this model or the painted black peghead? As a side note, the nut width on this is 1 3/4.
  9. I will post some pictures on Monday. Its coming my way by UPS.
  10. Hey all, I just purchased a Gibson Custom Shop AJ with Adi top and rosewood sides. I was going through the internet to just find out a little bit on the model and to my surprise not much on a 2007, actually didn't find anything. I can find anything and everything from a 90's to 2006. I looked at a guitar guide and they note a 2007 but they only talked about the AJ to 2006. It does have a 1.77 nut, long scale, adi top and rosewood back and sides. Any in-sight to this, Thanks Faron
  11. Yep, I can just head on down to my local mom and pop store and compare 3 or 4 SJ-200's or lets see... maybe an L-4 or a KOA Hummingbird. After all, don't all mom and pop stores carry 45 to 50 different Gibson's at a time. Gibson screams on how the government gets into their way of doing business yet they want to kill the ability for other businesses to do what they need to do to sell a product. And don't get me started on all the cool guitars that are in Japan that we will never get to see.
  12. Yes, I agree on the compensated saddle, get one.
  13. I don't mind the look at all and it has all the right things to make a guitar sing. The Kingman was a pretty serious guitar back in the day so I understand why they're trying to re-live that legacy. But, I do kind of agree that they should have started a new. I think the price is a bit steep. If it was in the mid to high 2000 range I would seriously consider it. For right now I guess I will have to stand back until a used one comes to market. However on a side note... I think it's the same thing with Epiphone for me. I have played some incredible Epi's but I can't stand to look at that big o'h
  14. I know its a little of topic, but have you seen a Steinegger Ike Everly Brothers guitar? They're a piece of art.
  15. I thought it was a International as well. But the bridge and the tuners are wrong. HOWEVER, there was a Japanese market only Gibby that looks like this. Both the International and the Japanese model came out at about the same time. Does it have a serial number on the back of the headstock or is the serial number stamped inside the hole where the neck meets the body (the same way Martin does it)? I will see if I can get the name of the Gibson Japanese Model. On a side note... it is amazing what the Japanese market has. Gibsons you will never ever see unless they are brought here by a military g
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