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  1. Thanks .. although... I will happily ship you the MIL. I’ll pay the freight. I’ll throw in some amps, guitars, rubles, and autographed baseballs... panyways. Cheers. Your thread on the tuner swap is still outstanding.
  2. ham fisted. yes. and i stopped trying to polish the headstock for fear of taking off all the finish. you will get no argument from me that it was horribly done. The tuners are phenomenal though. Anyway I sold the guitar a few weeks back. Took the hit. disclosed condition of course and priced for it. the selling had everything to do with me losing my home office which housed all my guitars (in favor of a bedroom for a home health aid for my mother in law, who lives with us). Sometimes life happens.
  3. I swapped tuners on a few Gibsons... to the Kluson creme buttons. A few came out really well, and SB Park’s thread is great. I think I read a few threads pre SBPark as well. anyways, the last time I was not so lucky. Stripped screws. Scratches. Raccoon eyes. I tried polishing it all out but made it worse. This was on my J-45 Studio FYI. I wish I dropped it off at Russos instead. looks good from a distance... not so good close up, https://imgur.com/c66fmjx https://imgur.com/a/9vjzHct
  4. Thanks guys.... Lars I don't even have a mic. This is the internal mic on the Macbook. I hope you are doing well and staying safe.
  5. I love this song. I have sung it live perhaps 200 times.... Your voice is perfect for it. Nice Roger.
  6. Hope you like it guys... I had to give up my office/guitar room for a bedroom for a home health aid for my wife's mother living with us... So it's me and a bed and a macbook. Hope you like it.
  7. My God. The Guitar Porn. Yeah these won't be cheap, but the real deal never is. Frankly, it's math. Ren = Art + Tone And lots of folks didn't take vacations this past year or dine out at Smith and Wollensky. He will have a capacity problem before he has a demand problem. By the way dude is at fightin weight. Looking healthy. Thumbs up.
  8. Nope... not a Star Wars sequel... Apparently Ren Ferguson is building guitars in Bozeman with his son. Music Villa looks like it ordered a few.
  9. Careful... My favorite instrument is a Gibson J45-tv I bought used two years back. It came to me with strange string buzzes, high action on the upper frets, low buzzing action in cowboy chord land. The prior owner had experimented with different strings, shaved the saddle down, and cranked the truss in ungodly ways. As I am a dope, I did the sensible thing and had a pro set it up right and teach me. The strings came off. The neck straightened via truss to near flat. New saddle tall and proud. Slight fret dressing. It seems the truss rod adjustments and neck bow were working against
  10. I went down to THREE, but then bought a Martin 00-15... oh well. Unfortunately, my home office/music room/studio is being “repurposed”. I actually have all my music gear stored safe and humidified away... except for the small Martin. I miss my J45.
  11. Timing.... https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=603675 Posting just in case you still want it.
  12. Ahh thanks Nick. Martin D15 on the slide. My slide skills are.... beginner....
  13. I responded to you on AGF, so I won't repeat that stuff here, but I thought I would add a recording of me singing with my 00-15m.
  14. Looks legitimate. if someone were inclined to fake a Gibson, I’m not sure they would choose this vintage as well, as they tend to be heavier built.
  15. I think Red has a few of these?? I have never seen one in a store to try out amazingly enough...
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