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  1. Love to you my brethren. And thanks to Gibson for the guitars we love.
  2. I had this exact guitar for a cup of coffee... It is very pleasing. Nothing wrong with the sound... but it is quiet and boxy, and weirdly more so than the LG2 - American Eagle. I moved it along, and don't miss it really, although I think it records great and balanced, and is great for the right style of play. Maybe if I held it for a few years, it would open up. I suppose even though I moved mine along, I would not steer anyone away from this guitar. I just think a few others do the job for a lot less coin - like the 00-15M.
  3. Thanks EA and Nick. I have a hard time with alternate tunings... Tried them for a few Greg Brown tunes. For Jackson, I actually played Something Fine in standard. When I have more time I'll immerse myself more in the other tunings. Anyways, my goal is always to get 85% of the way there and have a beer.
  4. This is a Jackson Browne song kind of about not being with everyone you want to be with (especially suitable for Thanksgiving). I know it’s also about something else, but that will be for the quiet voice.
  5. I had a Steve Earle M-21 which was probably the best Martin I ever owned. Very rare to find these nowadays...
  6. Years ago I had work done on a J50 at Brothers Music in PA. Those guys are ex Martin factory and do quite a bit of involved repairs and restoration. They are good. anyways, Rich used 4-1 oil on my fretboard when he was cleaning it up.
  7. Sweet .. you are a great match for any of his tunes... salud
  8. Thank you gents - a very under-rated tune...
  9. Missed you guys. Thanks.... and stay safe. it’s crazy out there.
  10. Howdy all... Beatles cover. Imperfect, but its all what I got in me now... I still hope you like it!
  11. Amen OWF. And I also hope Hogeye is doing well.
  12. I have the natural J-45 Studio. First - congratulations on that fine guitar. I have said this before, but I really like the narrow body. To me, what an 000-18 is to a Martin D-18, so the J45 Studio is to the J45. Its comfortable, has the Gibson sound and thump, and still enough bass. I have Martin Lifespan PB Lights coated on mine, and have had so for a few months. They sound great, and certainly not too bright. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/41Y18MA540T--martin-authentic-acoustic-lifespan-2.0-treated-guitar-strings-92-8-phosphor-bronze-light
  13. it has to be real expensive getting and bending wood no? unless this is a sentimental guitar, i wouldnt think about it. Your best idea of cost, as well as the right folks to repair it... Brothers Music in Wind Gap PA. Email Strunk
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