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  1. That guitar sounds just perfect. My OT-22 is nice, but it can never sound like that. Only a Gibson is good enough. Fvcking GAS... Hahahaha. I have a bunch of ‘crappy”stuff... the Farida, a few amps, heck even my Tak which is nice. I’d trade them all... winner guitar.
  2. Congrats. Would love to hear it... never seen one.
  3. mental note... do NOT sell my J-45 to Joe!
  4. I love those LG2s. LOVE. notice the simple straight rectangular bridge. i have a Farida LG2 knockoff called the OT-22. It has that rectangular bridge as well. It just looks right. Compare to the American Eagle... https://imgur.com/bXu7raN
  5. I have a set of Curt Mangan PB strings on my J45 - TV. They are awesome. My last set. They have been on for two weeks, and sound great. My problem is I played for a long time two days back, and didnt realize I opened a cut on my picking hand. I bled on a lot of strings. I have a ton of Martin strings in the strings box, which sound pretty good... so my choices are: a) Don't change the strings. They sound great. And your son won't want to play the guitar when he comes home.... Win! b) Order new Mangan strings even though you have a dozen other packs in the strings box. c) Put on the Martin SPs and keep doing that till you use them all up. d) Take off the strings, package them, and sell them as SalFromChatham Protein-infused MAX strings. $49.99
  6. these are both standard models FYI. Not Vintage or True Vintage. The Violin Sunburst model appears to have the thinner more rigid pick guard that was used up until 2015? the other standard has the common “flubber” guard. It’s malleable and some say “tone robbing” but I couldn’t tell. the flubber guards tend to peel up from what I have read. by the way you can always swap out the guard. GuitarGal in Nashville and Holter Pick Guards both sell a gorgeous beveled guard. Cost $45-60.
  7. still good after all these years. Ay. Well done
  8. I didn't know what to title this thread... oh well. I was reading on the UMGF a thread on Martin's new NAMM guitars, which feature a whole mess of made in Mexico guitars - laminated... to meet demand at the lower price points. I get it. First off, the world is changing everwhere, where middle class folks are stretched. I am sure the guitars sound real nice. I have always felt they were not bad guitars at all, having played them often in NJ guitar stores - more often big box. And the Martin strategy... get the brand in front of the future now... how can one fault it? Martin makes money. That money helps them keep Nazareth hopping for the high end, and good folks employed. Now here is the point of the post really... These $799 guitars really make me appreciate Gibson's G-Series guitar. Made in America with solid woods. Of course stripped down... but for about a grand. That's a grand achievement, and they sound great. I love my higher end Gibson, but I hope young musicians appreciate these quality downstream guitars. A short step higher gets a J45-Studio or J15 - a middle ground... and then the standard Gibson line. Thank you Bozeman. I wish all of you luck, success, and prosperity. Downstream is a crowded place today - especially with all the PACRIM guitars. I have even owned an Eastman or two. But the G-series really is a compelling value in the space, made by our own friends at Bozeman. https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Acoustic
  9. Been wondering where you been! Nice Buc. Somber and meditative rendition.
  10. Thanks again for listening gents. Cheers
  11. Thanks fellas. I’m learning. Please get off to the very best start in this new year
  12. This is a Springsteen song off The River, and I hope you like it...
  13. You go slow, but you do it right. 🙂 congrats
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