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  1. Hey Lars.. these are those cheap headphone you told the forum about! They grow in you. Need longer cordage though. the Guitar needed some fretwork up high, a new Tall saddle, and just the good touch of Brothers. I don’t have tools to check action and angles etc... so not major... but more than a truss rod adjustment. I bought it and the saddle had been shaved too low, and the truss rod cranked all the way to put a gigantic bow in the neck to stop the buzzing. So the neck needed to be straightened, and a taller saddle made.
  2. I edited my post i found a similar guitar sold on reverb... my guess is that sold for $1800-1900 US. But it looks like the on you are looking at. No paper oval in sound hole.
  3. Looks worth checking in my opinion. The serial number on these newer guitars will have been on the neck block (owners needs to look in through the soundhole. Here is one that sold on reverb recently. Yours looks like the real deal. https://reverb.com/item/7605765-gibson-montana-1959-j-45-reissue
  4. Wildwood is awesome. I bought a used birth year Martin nylon from them for my sister to keep her spirits up through chemo last year. Amazing to work with. They converted the righty to lefty, had it perfect... great price.. just good fellas. I actually priced a new J45 two Months ago through fullers. They offered me $100 off MAP. I was surprised because they gave me such a good deal on my J50 years back.
  5. Ha BK. U r right. I sound like Henley in please come home for Christmas 😳😳😳
  6. Thanks fellas... Yeah these guitars are just easy and do so much. I re-recorded... this time with the Focusrite Scarlett and my two live mics - a Sennheiser and a Shure. This allows me to separate and balance the vocal and guitar better... And Nick this is it... nothing is better. I been around the guitar world and I’m just good now. Although I over extended. I got the three guitars I want and need. I got the wallet that makes sure this stays the case haha haha. i have a gig on 12/18. Maybe I’ll do one in January. Things are calming down now at home for the time being. Have to take care of myself. oh and wish me luck. I also picked last week to quit smokes.
  7. You have the Vintage right? It also could have something to do with adi vs Sitka. And is the Vintage braced differently? For example regular vs Advanced Bracing... like the J35 and I think True Vintage models? its hard to attribute tone to one isolated thing sometimes. Glad you are digging yours...
  8. I picked up my guitar from Brothers Music this week... Love it. Action is where I like it. Finally just recorded this because it was easy.... bare fingers. I may have recoded this on the forum a year back with a different guitar. Don't know! I first recorded just a few noodling tracks going through some riffs, but it was boring. Frankly I play guitar and Sing... so this is how I use the guitar naturally. How do I keep this home at my next gig? When I know it is there... ready to be taken out? Awww Takamine is safer bet.
  9. He is so happy! Dove Sounds so mellow. I have heard EA on this forum describe Hummingbirds as "syrupy" ... and I kinda got the reference. Well after this video I really got the reference. The dove sounds smooth and syrupy. SO much more so than one I tried in 2012 at Matt Umanovs. He really noodles a lot towards the end... 7:50ish on. good stuff. This kid is a young musician with a nice attitude and I think his guitar sounds great. Wish I could roll back time. Go Get Em Matthew.
  10. Pmac. Love the Bird and Western. Sharp
  11. Lots of fun coming your way.... strings I have liked for my mahogany spruce Gibsons: elixir pb lights and 80/20 lights DR Sunbeam lights. Comfortable and slinky. Quiet strings DR Rare lights. Be wary they last about a week hahaha daddario nickel bronze. Love these. daddario ej16. Always a good standard benchmark string and sound. martin retro lights. Brash at first. Sound great after a week. martin titaniums. Expensive. Great mellow sound like Martin retros but much better and less stiff. G and B strings sometimes break if you are playing hard. It’s happened twice to me. So I don’t buy anymore. Sounded great though. martin SP uncoated PBs light and medium light. I like these better than EJ16s similar sound. I think my favorite strings have been the older Gibson Masterbilt strings and the PB Elixirs. this time of year strings are on sale so have fun.... one mans warm is another mans muddy. there are a few members here who love... old “dead” strings in their guitars. The older the better... some boil their strings. Some mix and match sets...
  12. I liked as well! Def Steve Earle vibe... nice job....
  13. I think i like the focusrite scarlett.... I can use two mics: - one pointed near the guitar (I have an SM57) - one pointed near my mout for vocals (I have several mics already including an SM58) Blend the mix.... and have it read by the ipad pro i now have (gift from kid). The Apogee MiC - which I always have loved (I have the 96) would need special cords that are not even available yet to work with the ipad pro - although it works with my older lightning iphone 8. But even the Apogee MiC always involved me getting the right placement so that the guitar or the vocals were not too loud relative to the other. I may give this $159 Scarlett a try
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