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  1. Paul, I have tried both. The Retros are nice... but you have to wait a week. They do not sound good out of the chute. Too Brash. I actually loved the D'Addario Nickel Bronze lights on my hummingbird-y guitars. I also thought they really toned down my Martin rosewood dreads (HD-28 D-35) at the time. That's what I wanted - to tame the overtones. These were a nice choice for that as well. What guitar are you thinking of for these string sets?
  2. Thanks guys. Stay safe. My sister is a nurse, and I have a brother, Brother in law, and nephew who are docs - all in the hospitals. Scary stuff. My neighborhood is a nice suburb. We are locked down, but typically get out once a day for a nice walk with the dogs. I feel bad for folks in other parts of NJ - Hillside, Newark, etc. More populated. Economically more disadvantaged. Higher co-morbidity issues to begin with. Things are going exponential there as I type. All stay safe please. And I loved recording this little, but big, song.
  3. And we all feel pretty alienated right about now... don't we. Be safe all.
  4. Thanks Anne for your post about John. I slowed down at work this morning and gave the song a try. The recording is simple setup, but I did add harmony subsequently.
  5. thanks murph... did he feel dumb do do do do do do do dooo do... ing! because i do.
  6. They feel fine. I owned a 2004ish Martin CEO-4 with that fingerboard, and I didn't even know it until forum snobs pointed it out to me. So I promptly sold it... (actually sold for other reasons). Anyways more recently I chose a J45-Studio over a G45 that had the richlite. I just couldn't 🙂 And I also wonder... if over time, the plastic shrinks/expands/does what it does at different rates with wood, making for ... issues? Anyways the rich lite fretboards feel actually good. But I won't own one. For probably imperfect reasons.
  7. thank you guys for listening. ill do better on framing next time. and Sin roger on the chords. and its time to confess my poor decision making. this scarlett focusrite 2i2 with two mics is more complicated, and adds more steps and moving pieces... like a separate video feed that i have to sync... than my Apogee MiC. i wish i didnt sell it and try this route.
  8. I am BORED Indulge me pls... Stay safe all.
  9. his voice has lost nothing. nothing. thats pretty amazing....
  10. hey all.. thanks. i hope you and your families are safe and making lemonade out of lemons.
  11. we should all be doing this... share away, and long time EA..... kewl
  12. This is a Greg Brown cover... nothing fancy. My Gibson J45 - Studio... recorded using my iPad and a Scarlett with two mics. Hope you like it! I got time.... at home....
  13. Awesome Kelly! Love the cases on the wall too That's just a nice comfortable room....
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