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  1. Brothers Music Wind Gap PA. They can restore it, or they certainly can help you with the bridge. Maybe even make you a BRAZ RW one.
  2. He and Ducky’s son always have great chemistry. Thanks for the share.
  3. My J45 will be the last one to turn out the lights...
  4. I have... now! Maybe it's the price of lumber...
  5. I love your new Gibson too!. Funny, back in early 2019 I wrote the Gibson Custom Shop because I heard they were starting up the Made To Order program… maybe I learned that from a thread here. They never responded, or so I thought. This week I found an email from them in my spam folder. They did respond after all. I had spec’d out a custom Gibson based on the J 45 Standard, with creme buttons instead of Grovers, with a batwing guard, and with several other modifications, including the neck shape. I was guessing it would cost $3500. Their email told me to hold tight, because a new lin
  6. Good luck. In my guitar’s case, it was counterintuitive. The action appeared too high in the places I cared most… lower on the neck. And the solution ended up being…. Taller saddle (with the other stuff)
  7. I loved the sound of that same guitar when I played it in shops… Let me just share a story though. Almost three years back I bought a used J45 TV from a guy online. When it arrived the action was ok, but it buzzed on some higher frets. If the action was raised, it was hard and tight low down. I was frustrated. I don’t have tools to measure neck relief, but I realized visually that the neck had too much bow. I took it to a fantastic luthier, and they said the prior owner played with different saddles and the truss rod too much. My luthier first corrected the neck angle. Pretty strai
  8. Here is a reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/7081235-gibson-sj-300-custom-rosewood-acoustic-guitar-sj-200-j-200 I am guessing $4k?
  9. I have 3 sets - havent tried them yet. Ands now i just ordered 3 sets of Gibson PBs coated.... looking forward to trying them both.
  10. I have about 15 sets of strings Martins and daddarios. I will do that kidblast! Why not!
  11. I wish I did as you did. Great strings for Gibsons.
  12. I think they are better than the masterbilts. And of course not Bozemon magic. Both. Just really good guitars. My IBG Bird sounded closer to a Martin D15 than a Bird. Great guitar nonetheless.
  13. Hey guys. I gig with my partner Mike a few times each month. During covid lockdowns, he made lemonade from lemons, and wrote and recorded a new album professionally. Shake Your Soul. Won’t you have a listen? [url]https://mikemclaughlinwiththebennettbrothersband.hearnow.com/shake-my-soul[/url]
  14. I a, struck by the beauty of this guitar. I also notice the saddle is tall with plenty of room to adjust if needed. I wonder if it’s had a neck reset at some point. I am glad JT saw this post, and that you bought the book that is the Bible for Gibson acoustic fans. one last thing… if you do not have a serious luthier near you, there are some you can still have the guitar checked out long distance. Stay away from any big box shop with that guitar. Brothers Music in Wind Gap PA restores and works on old Martins and Gibsons, from around the world. Rich and Strunk are probably the
  15. I hear you Dan... But sometimes also... life can be tough... and those decisions are certainly personal. I hope the OP never has a financial situation that would call for his parting ways with his family heirloom.
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