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  1. Gibson customer service has always been outstanding from my seat. They addressed several guitar... Don Ruffatto has been a gem. As has Jeremy a while back. Glad you like your guitar.
  2. Simply fantastic.... treasure of the forum...
  3. Been low key lately. I have some stuff going on, friends. I am really sad, worried and dealing with issues I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I can’t bring myself to talk about it specifically, but I miss you guys, and I’d like to ask as a favor, if you could send some good karma my way. thanks and peace...
  4. Doug and Ben... great stories... actually everyone here... enjoyable thread. Now, I peaked at age 20. In college I was in a band called Sinister Footwear. We played frat parties, events on the quad... things like that. But we did also enter the 1986 Maxwell House Talent Competition, which came to campus. We played Chuck Mangione’s Feel So Good. And Genesis’s Turn It On Again... we won... and split $1000.. i think it was our mullets... https://imgur.com/gallery/MIjfv9x
  5. Gonna be honest. I dig the 35 over your Authentic... !
  6. For those looking... https://umgf.com/gibson-hummingbird-true-vintage-t200472.html#p2424944
  7. Funny thing... I bought a nice cowboy hat. I figured maybe for music and gigs. I put it on, and my family guffawed. The berating and taunting would have immpressed Monty Python. Anyone want to buy a hat?
  8. I tried to take away a reputation point, but it didnt work? (kidding!)
  9. Great share... I first heard this song a few years ago when an AGF vendor (charmed life picks) posted a video of he himself playing this song at an open mic. Hise version is excellent, and he is playing an Eastman guitar. Anyways, I loved the song, and just as BBG... sought it out... the lyrics.. the youtubes... It is really a pretty love song. I wish all of you each have someone around you, who when they look at you see the best parts of you. I hope you all have a Margaret.
  10. Have fun hunting. I think among the best sounding Gibsons are the fairly recent (last ten year or so) True Vintage series. J45-TV. Southern Jumbo TV. Hummingbird TV. They all go for about $2300 used, which is cheaper than the new standard series. Here is one priced higher, but you can get the idea of the guitar : https://reverb.com/item/26203991-gibson-j-45-true-vintage-sunburst-2012 Also the new Vintage series sounds great: J45 Vintage and Hummingbird Vintage. But they are expensive. But often , one is better off with a Buy Once Cry Once decision.
  11. The guitar might very well sound pleasing to you, despite its Norlin pedigree. Also know that 70s - 80's Martins are also not known as the brand's best years. For example, often the bridge placement was slightly off, leading to intonation issues. I have often toyed with looking for a birth year (mid 60s for me), but ultimately came to the realization for me that Gibson's best guitars, aside from pre 60, are actually recent ones.
  12. Seems to be 1964. i bet that’s a fantastic guitar.
  13. I bet for many of use our choices change with the mood.phase we are in. Anyways, for several years Mark Knopfler has been my favorite. Number two would be Greg Allman. Or Stephen Stills. MK has such a great somber voice... especially at his current age. His guitar playing complements fantastically. He has always been able to do that. Marry his substantial skill... tone it up or down... to support the story he tells. I don’t think I’m expressing this the way I want to... but anyways there you have it. SS.... just a beautiful expressive finger picking style...
  14. You missed it man... we learned and recorded the whole 1st side to the Double Aught album
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