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  1. Joe… I sure will. Might be three weeks though. We’ll grab lunch nearby too. They said repairs are backed up, and my D15 needs more than a little love.
  2. BoSox... listen to Baxter's AD17 review. What a fantastic informative segment - with intelligent talk, appropriate demo playing...
  3. I was there at noon! It was a nice break. I got to watch one of the sales guys play Chet Atkins style on a Hummingbird a customer brought in; it was a treat to hear the guitar played in that way.. I also noticed the same thing at Russos I see online… fairly weak Gibson and Martin inventory, and fairly robust Taylor inventory. I watched a CasinoGuitars YouTube lamenting the same thing… “Where are the Gibsons and Martins?” Why did one American manufacturer seem to not miss a beat keeping places stocked with inventory, while others struggle? The guys at Russos tell me the lower price point Taylor’s sell out instantly.
  4. I played it today. It had a great balanced tone, and I like non-ornate guitars. I think it was overpriced though. I’m glad I got to play it. By the way, I also played a Taylor AD17. In theory it’s $200 more, but in the wild it’s the same price. CME seems to be selling stock as used for the same price. Anyways the AD17 is also made in America, non-ornate, but actually beautiful. Seriously. And it sounded great. I know what I would have walked out with. by the way Russos will have my MartinD15 for about a month. It will be primed, set up, with a K&K installed… and my oldest guitar will then again join its J45TV brother.
  5. I just put them on ! I never really got along with the EXP last generation.
  6. To make things more confusing - the latest D'Addario strings (XS for example) have brass, black, and silver ball ends. Colors gone...
  7. So these two artists without doubt defined so much of my younger years. They were on FM radio every other song when I attended college. Nowadays there are probably 15 songs from Bruce in our repertoire… 5 that make it into a set any night. And we just started adding a few JM songs (Key West Intermezzo, which is truly a perfect piece of song writing… catchy, simple, full of imagery). I am real happy to see them collaborate, but a part of me is sad to see how much range JM lost. Still no matter… I tip the hat.
  8. Thumbs up Lars. Aint nuthin wrong there!
  9. Oh my JT. I don’t know what to even say. Did you think it was stored without tension?
  10. Thank 62. I will play my nice guitars at gentile places for evermore. Brooklyn gets broken guitars, and maybe a cheap purchase especially. Toying with something as simple as Yamaha FG800 or so, or maybe one that has a pickup already. id actually love to have the excuse to but a a generation… but that would be triple what I’m looking to spend. I’d be really bummed if I bought one and it got tattooed.
  11. EM such a compliment from you… a treat. I am a bar hack, but happy when I do it. you on the other hand… I’ve listened through all the SoundClouds. And the recordings you threw together when a few friends came over had some wine is better than anything I’ve heard in a decade.
  12. 62: Those WM45s could be had for $900 at one point used. Then the word got out! I seldom see them for sale now, except maybe an occasional one for $1600. Great guitars.
  13. Tough room… In the mid 2000s I’d seen $6,000 guitars with the port. Everyone raved. Folks on AGF posted tutorials how to add one to their own guitar. here, Gibson, trying to appeal to a lower price point, and knowing that they already make 16 billion other J45s old school, albeit some with funky colors… here they make an entry level made in America G45 20% cheaper than a Martin D15, and it’s like Obama ordered mask wearing in a QANON bar and grill in Florida. if I had the scratch I’d buy one just to see Martin Pepper convulse and twitch …. 🙂 I think it’s a nice Gibson move, and I bet with the natural satin finish they sound great.
  14. Dude. This is like my set list. That you Pa? this is my set list for a gig tomorrow night • Slower songs • Tin Man • American Girl capo 2 D • Tequila Sunrise • In My Room D (mike capo 2 C) • No Expectations Dropped D • New Kid In Town (E) • America capo 2 • For What It's Worth • Shame On The Moon • Take It Easy • Heart Of Gold • Harvest Moon (dropped D) • Comes A Time • She's No Lady • Ripple capo 7 C • You've Got To Hide Your Love Away • How Sweet It Is • Drive (G capo2) • Jet Airliner (G capo 2) • Amie capo 2 G • More Upbeat Later Songs • No No Song • Loves Me Like A Rock • Night Moves • Wild Horses • Lookin' Out My Back Door capo 3 in C • Evil Ways • Gracefully Facedown • Drift Away • I Hear You Knocking • Friend Of The Devil • Heroes • I'm Goin' Down capo 2 g • Pink Cadillac • Atlantic City guitar capo 7 A minor • The Promised Land • Thunder Road capo 2 Dropped D • Mary Jane's Last Dance • U.S. Blues • Cecilia capo2 G
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