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  1. I did the same on my J-45 Studio... I’d avoid the temptation to “fix” it.... every time I do that with one of my guitars, it makes it worse. I hate the feeling right after the offense though...
  2. Looks great. I bet the rosewood yields more sustain, but not so much overtones as a rosewood Martin dread. We go around once. I vote do it.
  3. From my experience, owning several J45 Standards in the last decade, the only differences have been: 1) some necks are fuller than others, despite the specs being the same - for example the 2013 I bought off a forum member here, which is in my friend's care now, has a thin slim neck - very easy to play. 2) some have the Baggs Element pickup, and the newer ones have the Baggs Element VTC (adds tone control).
  4. https://umgf.com/action-diagnostic-help-high-buzz-t202080.html
  5. My J45-tv, which I bought used, had the same issue. The saddle was too low and the neck relief was tweaked to compensate. It needed for the truss to be adjusted so the neck was pretty flat, and a higher saddle made. i think I could have done it myself, but the pros did it for me. by the way I also have a J45 Studio. It’s an excellent guitar. I traded for it and it was to be my gigging guitar. Well the gigs have stopped... but I don’t regret the guitar for a second. I like the thinner depth.
  6. I have owned a few standards, and I own a TV currently. The TVs have "advanced bracing" which I think means more forward shifted, than the standard braced regular J45s. The last J45 Standard (2013) I owned I gave to my gigging partner a year or so ago, and he loves it. It is balanced. My TV now though (2010) ... has more bass. More power. I like it better. I record with it all the time. Standards will run you 1700ish used in great condition. a TV will be about 600 more.
  7. I counted nine different neck shapes in the current Gibson lineup, after I became curious about the very different neck on my 50s LG-2. NINE!!! i know someone on the UMGF has a neat diagram of all the different Martin neck shapes. I was wondering if ay of you might have the same for these Gibson shapes. Still floored NINE. Advanced Response Round Slim Taper Historic V Historic V C Luthiers Choice AJ Historic AJ
  8. Thank you gents. And roger Em on the Unison.
  9. Neat BK. It’s. A great guitar, and I enjoyed your version.
  10. Good post Lars. I agree with Larry... he said it better than I could regarding the variance between verse and chorus. i envy you. I have written a handful of songs. It just doesn’t come easy to me. I have a block or something.
  11. My brother from another mother. What do you mean unisone.. I’ll try anything you suggest of course! Good night for now...
  12. I had a great day today... my oldest came to visit home for the 1st time in months. Socially distanced in the yard... walking the neighborhood... mojitos... feasting on BBQ and homemade strawberry shortcake... My whole crew around... I feel real good. This is a U2 cover - Elevation. Acoustic. Yes. I don't know if it works, but I did it anyways, and I hope you like it.
  13. Welcome aboard... I have owned quite a few LG-2 variations, including the recent American Eagle and the really recent 50s LG-2 Reissue. the American Eagles are a bargain, especially used. my hands are on the smaller side, so I am weird in that I don’t like a wide neck. Both guitar I mentioned are narrower than 1 3/4 inch width. additionally, the Reissue’s neck is noticeably fatter and thicker than the American Eagles’s. You can also look for all kinds of used LG-2s, L-00s, and B25s From different decades. You can even search for CF-100s, but those are hard to find and pricey. in general I find the small Gibsons to be exactly what you are looking for. In the Martin line, outside the inexpensive 15 series, the sound tends to be more lush or melodic.
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