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  1. Congratulations…. It looks great. Would love to hear it…
  2. Stock is light everywhere for Martin and Gibson. One online Martin guy who i’ve bought more than my fair share from, has told me that despite the website saying “may ETA” or “June ETA”, his stock is looking more like Autumn….
  3. Oh hey there.... https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=615578
  4. I... I.... I want this one. I dont know why but I do. https://staygoldguitars.com/collections/iris/products/copy-of-og-sunburst-1
  5. Taylor Mullins at Holter Pickguards made me custom guards for a few guitars - batwings as well as the tear drop on my J-45 TV. Top notch work. May cost you $60 but well worth it. https://www.facebook.com/holterpickguards/photos/1612152572215224
  6. I am absolutely floored by Krasi’s Ghost. Floored. he is an amazing guitarist and singer. Listening to him sing in his native tongue captivated me as well. I so wanted to know the words, And as for him being nice, he is better than nice. He is kind, and he has class.
  7. Daddario cinch strap, or the tapastring product? https://www.daddario.com/products/accessories/strap-accessories/cinchfit/cinchfit-acoustic-jack-lock/ http://www.tapastring.com/strapkeeper0605.htm or, you can seek a custom strap. I have a Sully Strap where the end pin opening is cut perfectly for such endpins.
  8. Mine looks clean... https://imgur.com/WaAZMF0
  9. In the time of covid and lean inventory, discounts are sparse... but I still think you would be able to get 10% off at many online shops. For a $4,000 guitar anyway. Try Wildwood, Wilcutt, CME, Fullers, Dave’s...
  10. Definitely get the setup right... straight neck. proper saddle height. nut slots. Again, I took out the ribbon Fishman UST $20 pickup and put in a new K&K SBT pickup. New bone nut. It really sounds fantastic. I think the only drawback (for some) is that the nut width is narrower than the typical Gibson. It is more like a Martin 11/16, or an Eastman guitar. Last thing... The finish is poly, and not nitro; However, it is thin, and is dulled. It is not high gloss like most asian imports. It looks great.
  11. I invested in a pro setup, took the pickup out and replaced with a K&k. Congrats on your guitar! I am very happy with mine. I will likely sell my 00-15M, because I love the sound of this much more.
  12. I’ve never heard of a J45 True Vintage with a stock batwing.... if I’m not mistaken the j45 TV bracing is also advanced... is yours? ps Strunk and Rich are dynamite. They actually fixed my my 2012 J45 TV.
  13. Wow. Checked into this thread for the first time in ages, and I find awesome stories, beautiful pictures, and content. fantastic... I now have an Epi Bird... and while it will not match up to Gasman or Voliero or Em Birds... I am shocked how good it is, and it’s a joy to sing with. I pulled out the cheap pickup, and my Asbury guys cut a new nut for it and set it up. It’s a powerful guitar, with just a little treble shaved off compared to a real Bird.
  14. I owned a 2007, and now own a 2012 J45-TV. The 2007 was sitka. The 2012 I have now is ADI. I can’t compare them, as too much time separation has occurred. All I can say is I loved that guitar, and I love the one I have now as well. I also had a 2012 SJ-TV... specs said ADI. It was sitka though... generally I prefer sitka to adi. Here is a thread where this forum discusses the 2007 True Vintage. I wasn't the only one who had a sitka top on mine...
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