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  1. I counted nine different neck shapes in the current Gibson lineup, after I became curious about the very different neck on my 50s LG-2. NINE!!! i know someone on the UMGF has a neat diagram of all the different Martin neck shapes. I was wondering if ay of you might have the same for these Gibson shapes. Still floored NINE. Advanced Response Round Slim Taper Historic V Historic V C Luthiers Choice AJ Historic AJ
  2. Thank you gents. And roger Em on the Unison.
  3. Neat BK. It’s. A great guitar, and I enjoyed your version.
  4. Good post Lars. I agree with Larry... he said it better than I could regarding the variance between verse and chorus. i envy you. I have written a handful of songs. It just doesn’t come easy to me. I have a block or something.
  5. My brother from another mother. What do you mean unisone.. I’ll try anything you suggest of course! Good night for now...
  6. I had a great day today... my oldest came to visit home for the 1st time in months. Socially distanced in the yard... walking the neighborhood... mojitos... feasting on BBQ and homemade strawberry shortcake... My whole crew around... I feel real good. This is a U2 cover - Elevation. Acoustic. Yes. I don't know if it works, but I did it anyways, and I hope you like it.
  7. Welcome aboard... I have owned quite a few LG-2 variations, including the recent American Eagle and the really recent 50s LG-2 Reissue. the American Eagles are a bargain, especially used. my hands are on the smaller side, so I am weird in that I don’t like a wide neck. Both guitar I mentioned are narrower than 1 3/4 inch width. additionally, the Reissue’s neck is noticeably fatter and thicker than the American Eagles’s. You can also look for all kinds of used LG-2s, L-00s, and B25s From different decades. You can even search for CF-100s, but those are hard to find and pricey. in general I find the small Gibsons to be exactly what you are looking for. In the Martin line, outside the inexpensive 15 series, the sound tends to be more lush or melodic.
  8. thanks everyone. I love this guitar. It’s better with fingers than the pick... i used it to try a quick beach boys song...
  9. Nick, my desk is MY place. Haha. Love that desk. BK you would slay this Lg-2. It’s up your alley man. and Bob... the neck will take some getting used too. But I’ll get there. Strums well... healthy bass... good to sing with.
  10. I can't change the strings now - but it feels like these are the d'addario exp strings... I will try and change them later. The playability is perfect. There are a few extremely minor QC cosmetic issues, but I am weird in that that stuff doesn't bother me at all. It definitely has that "Whiskey and You" tone down.
  11. Well... I got her. Fat neck... this is chunky.
  12. I just received my 50s LG-2 today... Beautiful guitar. Sounds great. For those inquiring.... the deck is FAT. Its the most baseball bat like neck I have owned on a Gibson. It is full, chunky, and has all the girth of an aging rocker.
  13. FYI... I love my J-45 Studio. And it’s great to gig with. Hopefully I have gigs again in the future! For $750, I think the brand is less important than the setup maybe... for what you want... electric playability. although you could get a used Martin D15...or a Japanese Tak Pro series. I’ve also head the new Japanese Yamaha red labels are nice guitars... haven’t played the, though.
  14. I bought a used modern AJ 18 months back. It was a really nice guitar... I’m not good describing the sound as well as I’d like to, but it had a more nasal tone than my Mahogany Gibsons. I ended up giving the guitar away to a young kid who had some tough breaks, but has become absorbed by guitar. I am guessing the modern AJ standards are not for you though. I bet the one you sold was very Knopfler-esque. Guitars take years to sound that way. Good luck in your hunt.
  15. I meant to write “hadn’t known”....
  16. Burst! I will check back this weekend after I receive it...
  17. i have a bone nut and saddle in my TV... and Antique Acoustic plastic pins. sounds great. i have tusq saddle and Gibson plastic pins in my J45 Studio. sounds great. i have ebony pins and bone nut and saddle in my Martin D15. sounds great. Experiment have some fun. 🙂
  18. thanks again guys... murph. the main “lick” in the song... doesnt sound ENOUGH with the pull-offs on the acoustic... had to think of something else... if there is a trick. holler!
  19. A used True Vintage costs the same as a new Standard. I bought mine used.... in fairly excellent condition. You also get the beige case... which is expensive. I have owned a few Standards. They don't sound to me as fine as my TV. However, I did have a J50 - standard really... and it was great. Equal if nor better than my TV. By the way True Vintage has Advanced Bracing I think? The Standard does not. The spec differences are more than cosmetic, but you can definitely find a Standard that sounds better than a TV...
  20. not yet fester... actually about to jump on a zoom cocktail hour with all the guys from my high school band... so that is one bright spot from this covid stuff. how many years? lordy.
  21. just updating this post... GAS won. the Farida left. the Tak left. Much of my gear left. i got a J-45 Studio model, and i just bought the LG-2 50’s model, which i Await. so i have three Gibsons now. SMH
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