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  1. it has to be real expensive getting and bending wood no? unless this is a sentimental guitar, i wouldnt think about it. Your best idea of cost, as well as the right folks to repair it... Brothers Music in Wind Gap PA. Email Strunk
  2. Sometimes I record things, only to listen the next day and delete them and say “what was I thinking.” Dont ever stop. You have improved so much. I think all of us in this same journey have. It’s a great hobby and it keeps us sane. We do it for ourselves alone. We will never be famous and have a Bruce song... but that’s more than fine.
  3. Oh brother MP... well done. Welllll done. Loved it.
  4. Who let you out of the kitchen? well don’t RB. Sound. Solid. Choice. All excellent.
  5. Congrats! My buddy still plays your last J45 that I bought. yeah these guitars just feel like home.
  6. I saw that on AGF too. Loved the comparison. I liked the last two best - and no doubt others will like different ones. Our preferences are different. Our ears are at different stages of high frequency hearing ability... So many variables. I can say that I have two Gibsons now - each about a year plus and minus in my stable. It's been a tough year on my farm, and I havent had the luxury to be distracted by GAS. And in the process I mostly feel no downside for chilling out and enjoying what I have. Love my J45-TV, and I love my quirky J.45 Studio... Believe it or not, the only model out there that tempts my impulse recently is a Japanese made Yamaha FG5 - go figure.
  7. Beautiful guitar! Sitka or Red Spruce top?
  8. No... same fretboard.... He did this back in 2009ish? cost me $400 I think. Maybe less - can't remember.
  9. nichols custom inlays...
  10. I have one. I love the narrower body width. I have swapped out the tuners and pickguard on mine for simply aesthetic preference, but the tuners it came with worked great too. For the last few months I have had Martin Lifespan Lights on them for about four months, and they are still going strong: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/41Y18MA540T--martin-authentic-acoustic-lifespan-2.0-treated-guitar-strings-92-8-phosphor-bronze-light They are coated and 12-54s (many lights are 12-53s). I also have a set of Martin Retro nickel strings I am going to try next... These are "light-mediums": https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/41Y19MLJ13--martin-retro-acoustic-guitar-strings-013-056-ljs-choice Have fun experimenting... I also have a J45, which wears Elixir PB Lights. Those sound best on that guitar in my opinion. Strings are a great way to experiment with tone, and changing them to me is not a chore, but a form of therapy. Photo of mine - 2nd from the left:
  11. Blind Boy Grunt had this issue and it’s more common than many realize... check the washers in the end pin of the pickup. Often that’s the source of the rattle. also check the washers on the grovermatic tuners...
  12. Good luck fester... surprised though that you can discern 3/4 (24/32) vs 23/32. I can’t, although I can 11/16... anyways, I think Gibson had started up their made to order program? Try calling Ruffatto?
  13. Another on AGF now. Same tuners... https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=592267
  14. Welcome to the forum... I think the songwriter is long scale for what its worth... vs short scale for many other of the acoustics. I have a J-45TV and a J-45 Studio, which as mentioned has a slimmer body front to back. It is the first one I pick up - because it is so comfortable. I really love mine and can't wait to start gigging with it again... And depending on the music you play, there are a couple of smaller bodies you should look at... the LG-2 shape (more generalized sound - strumming and finger-picking and finger style) and the L-00 shape (dry blues)
  15. In addition to the one mentioned, there is the Planet Waves Cinch Fit https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/strap-buttons/daddario-planet-waves-cinchfit-acoustic-jack-lock.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=2020-09-gp Also... Sully Straps can make you an amazing strap, which fits perfect on pickup ends... I have two and they are awesome. https://sullysstraps.com/
  16. Thanks guys and have a great evening
  17. Hey guys. I did this song this morning... I am using my Gibson J45- Studio... which has walnut back and sides. It’s also tuned down half a step. Hope you like it. You may hear a second track with some fills... that’s my Martin D15.
  18. Thanks guys. I cant even see a path to the clubs. My buddy started up again. I cant. too many compromised in my house. im really losing it too.
  19. Yeah... circling back. My guess is that guitar had been at that GC for a while, and not properly taken care of. buzzing... not humidified... maybe the neck warped from being in a prolonged state of neglect, if that is in fact the case. Yeah - see about a swap in person, so you can play the replacement
  20. I would never trust a big box setup. Three things combine to make up a good set up.... A proper neck angle (adjusted with the truss rod), a proper saddle height (maybe the bottom needs shaving), and proper nut slot heights. The Guitar Center guys think they can do it all with the truss rod. I bet your neck has a weird angle. That neck needs to get set to minimal relied - or close to flat... then move on to the saddle. If they shaved it too much, if at all, there is a chance a new saddle might have to be cut. But none of that should be done until the guitar has been humidified properly for a week. In essence the right setup will make your guitar PLAY COMFORTABLY and solve most intonation issues. The tone? That is subjective.... Cant help you there. I can say I have a J-45 Studio which is walnut back and sides and I love its tone.
  21. hey guys thanks for listening... Gord is tops my personal "me playlist". So many of his songs resonate here. "Beautiful" is one of the prettiest love songs I have ever heard. It's perfect.
  22. Rainy and cool here in NJ... stark contrast to the last 3 weeks...
  23. Good luck Mr. Paul; I can only imagine how it sounds...
  24. I owned an AJ; a great guitar to be sure. But it is louder than a J-45, and more nasally loud more specifically. A unique tone. A great fingerpicker. A great flatpicker. Not so great a strummer. Not for everyone; but certainly good enough for Mark Knopfler.
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