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  1. No... no expedited time... they are booked on the big stuff... but take some smaller jobs to fill an afternoon when nitro is drying or something. I’m hoping a few weeks.
  2. The JJB's are NOT as hot. I tried them once, and the signal was way too weak. maybe the install was wrong... who knows.
  3. It’s in good hands now... back from Wind Gap. Hope it won’t take too long.
  4. I have always liked them. The K&K is a passive, yet hot, pickup option. They need some EQ'ing... specifically they are bass-midrange hot. So you tend to need to bring down the EQ on the bass and mids. Dialed in correctly, they are a real natural sound and I like them a ton. My best K&K sound came from my J50 and my D18 equipped guitars, through a Fire Eye Red Eye preamp, which gives the benefit of a boost function (which I needed). There is one tone knob for the EQ - yet it is surprisingly effective for getting the EQ right on the K&Ks. If you play loud in tight quarters, you may also need a soundhole feedback buster plug. I did. If you are thinking K&K, budget $100-$200 for a K&K pure preamp or a K&K Pure XLR preamp. Or budget $200 for a used Fire Eye Red Eye. One last thing - K&K recommends matching the impedance of the K&K with the preamp (the K&K preamps and the Fire Eyes are such a match). In other words they say the guitar will sound better though those than they will a Baggs Venue etc, which is not a match. Some think that's hooey. I found success listening to them. As a final really last "last thing", let's say you already have a preamp you use and like and don't want to buy another one. The impedance matching issue can also be solved by going guitar ==> Boss TU3 tuner pedal (which matches) ==> your preamp. In fact most BOSS pedals have the correct impedance match. I had a Boss TU3-Waza, which was great.
  5. I’ve actually toasted a few sets of strings... lights, medium lights, and mediums. The buzzing was even there up high on the mediums that came with it, and all the sets I have tried. i have a call into Brothers. I’ll get them the guitar, but the downside is I’ll be without it for weeks...
  6. The seller had mediums on it. I’m sure less pronounced. besides... the seller is a solid fella. I’m sure I can return it. I’m not sure I want to. It’s a headache for him, and for me. All I want is a great J45 set up right. If a setup by someone competent fixes this I am good. The seller deserves the same benefit of doubt that I would hope be afforded me if I sold something.
  7. Rut Roh. What’s the dreaded 14 feet ski jump/hump. Is that like the Microsoft blue screen of death?
  8. My room is humidified... 46% right now. When I capo on two.... man its sounds thin. especially higher up. If i capo on 4 or 5, the high B and E are buzz thin city. Bummed. Having real bad luck lately.
  9. My gut tells me... tighten the truss... remove relief. and then shim the saddle... ? so two things sub optimal. Neck needs to be flatter. and saddle needs to be a hair taller?
  10. The guitar is a 2010 J45-TV. It has mediums on it. If I tighten the rod, it buzzes more.
  11. Hey guys. Just posted this on UMGF. The guy I bought the guitar from is a nice guy. I am sure he would take the guitar back. However I'd prefer to not deal with all that hassle.... if I can avoid. What do you think is going on with the action and this neck? https://umgf.com/action-diagnostic-help-high-buzz-t202080.html
  12. I liked it and think you did a fine job. Kudos. Love the Dhanners Leo kottke comment too.
  13. I played DuluthDan ‘s this summer.. the guitars just feels like home. Congrats
  14. Thanks gents. Maybe I’ll try to get lost in it A little later today.
  15. I am adding a few pictures... and also giving my impressions of the guitar. Recent Gibsons that I had purchased spec'd "mahogany"... and sometimes it actually was in fact sapele. This 2010 J45 TV is Honduran Mahogany and you can see the difference. I am not saying it makes a tonal difference mind you... This is my first Adi-topped guitar. I used to have an SJTV and it was Sitka, and I had a 2007 J45-TV which was also Sitka. This 2010 just sounds great. It is balanced, but it has volume, and just sounds old. The bass is not overpowering . It has mediums on it, and I am surprised that they feel good to me. I guess my finger tips have gotten tougher these past few years. Also the neck is substantial. I bought a 2013 J45 Standard from one of our forum members here a few years back, which I gifted to my gigging partner, and the necks are substantially different. The 2013 Modern Classic has a thin neck. Like a Taylor or the new Martins. This 2010 J-45 TV has a neck that has heft, roundness, and must account for some of this guitar's tone. I bought the guitar from Taylor Mullins (Holter Pickguards), who has made me a few pickguards for other guitars in the past. He obviously made the one on this guitar too. It's not covering the rosette :) No strap buttons. No pickup. I am thinking it stays this way. Anyone else own a J45-TV from the same time period? How would you describe the neck? Anyways... Thanks everyone for the many well wishes. Still dealing with some stuff around my parts. This guitar is sure a nice diversion.
  16. The look of the Gibson J-200 is what. First attracted me to Gibson acoustics. The look was huge, uniquely American, and as big as a Western Sky. Being born a Brooklyn NY boy trapped in a sea of disco, Bee Gees, and Travolta... that big western image was crazy alluring. so... the look got me. I’ve played and owned more models than I care to admit, and the J200 tone ended up not being what kept me in the Gibson fold. The tone of the slopes, and some squares, hit my sweet spots. I love Bozeman Gibsons, and I always will. The tone. The dry raw sound. The thump. But yeah... it was a look and a mirage that attracted me in the first place.
  17. good for you. I think i know the craigslist J45 you speak of too. I actually have been surprised how little new dealers have been moving on price on the new guitars... there was more flexibility in the past i think. I think their corporate feel... and its probably smart... is that given a limited production... let the cheap guitars be the gateway and for those who dont have the scratch... but keep the higher margin product higher margin...
  18. BK the TVs started sporadically in late 2006... and bloomed in 2007. The precursor to the J45TV would be the Historic Series J45... I think BBG has one? im just looking forward to 10yr old wood in good condition. That wood, and the strings, and the pick choice... I’m sure I’ll find a tone that works just dandy for me.
  19. Thanks BK and the rest of you fine forum folk. 62... I’m not sure what years are good... I had a 2007. It was great. I had a 2011 SJTV Hide Glue. It was great. I know the seller of this 2010 pretty well. He is a good dude. and heck... the new Standards discounted and with tax sets one back well over $2500. They are not dealing like they did once upon a time. hope you are well...
  20. Thanks again gents. Nick I remember how different my J50 sounded with Retros versus Lifespans vs Masterbilt vs Elixir... You said a mouthful. And of course add in picks - plastic black Gibsons, casein, tortex.... A veritable matrix of tone. Looking forward to the distraction.
  21. good catch. It's a Rockbridge slope. These ain't cheap either...
  22. Grunt this kid has some set of pipes. Part Stapleton part Isbell part Allman
  23. Thanks fellas... This one will not see a pickup... Just for me at home to play and record with.
  24. Hey fellas. some of you may know I have purged nearly all my guitars except a 10 year old Martin D15 and a cheap Tak. The “nice” Martins and Gibsons went bye bye. I freed up a ton of cash that came in handy , although I suppose I could have just taken from a HELOC. I did that purging from June through August. Anyway, I am going to be getting one nice guitar, and have settled in on a used 2010 J45-TV. I know the owner, and I like the year. Thinking I’ll have it in a week or so... I think I always will need a good Gibson... maybe we all do. anyways soon I’ll be technically allowed to post again here. ...
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