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  1. I know we have a few folks on the forum from the Midwest. They might appreciate this story. Actually I hope all of you do. This is relatable to me on so many levels... probably to all of us... especially with kids. It just is about the best thing I read in weeks. ksdaddy if you zap,it, no hard feelings either. https://www.albertbridgecapital.com/drew-views/2019/6/17/stay-in-the-game
  2. I had a nice day. Western NJ horse country in the morning. My youngest rides... relaxing afternoon watching the ball game. Set up a guitar. Grilled dogs and burgers... rhubarb pie. Love my kids.
  3. Reluctantly and foolishly chiming in here. I owe it to Bruce. I sure as heck cover enough of his songs. I don’t believe in Shut Up And Play. Voices and art are expression. Artists of course know they will alienate some listeners, perhaps forever, with content in some of their stories. That’s their art, and their risk. I’m ok with that too. Most of the music of our heroes has gone through progressions, as life has. It’s hard to sing My Generation credibly at 70. Bruce’s music has gone from 17 and I gotta get outta this damn place ... to the 90s Tom Joad help your fellow left behind man (Clinton was president)... to the “9/11 album” The Rising (very powerful), and still evolving. Political voice like it or not is now stamped in the USA. 50-50 divided. 24-7 anger. It’s awesome. Woodie. Dylan. Fogarty. Mellencamp. Anti establishment. Anti corporate. Pro common man... I think Bruce is a genius song writer and story teller. I’ll love and respect him always. While his bias may line up more with my own, that’s not the only reasoning. Heck I always will love the Allman Brothers. I cover their stuff too. And even a CHARLIE Daniels tune. i draw one line... one only. Ryan Adams is purged.
  4. Thanks gents. I’m whining I know. And things happen for reasons.
  5. Well fellas... I have been on this forum a while... about four years back I started gigging as part of a duo with another guy. Anywhere from 2-5 times per month. We probably have a 300 song repertoire, and have played regularly in about five places. The song have been well known singalongs, as well as interesting things we did with some covers, as well as originals, which never seemed to go over. It’s just gotten so stale lately. When I started I felt like I was “keeping young” and “escaping from the mundane”. It was very cool. im doing my last one tomorrow night, at least for a while. Maybe I just got jaded. I wont close the door with my friend... but as of now I’m feeling “been there done that tick it off the list”. I still love music, and I’ll try to reapproach it from a different tack. Maybe some time off. anyways, maybe some of you hit this point already. Thanks for letting me vent.
  6. I was so tempted. You’re a good man Mr. Dave.
  7. Wait... vacation or new home? If the latter. Awesome. Love the salt air.
  8. I don’t need to tell you what song you have to record there....
  9. Nick, I’m just using a plastic heavy pick that cost about 75 cents at McCabes. The strings are Martin Authentic 80/20 lights treated. Thanks for listening.
  10. Quick and dirty - no effects. Into Apogee MiC:
  11. I think this is common... chemistry of your skin reacts with the finish. I had an HD28 that I bought used, and I could not get it out. That HD28 had that arm stuff for years before me. if your guitar is new... and I mean really new... I’m guessing the finish hasn’t completely settled? try this .... Virtuoso cleaner, and then Virtuoso polish.
  12. Well fellas... I’m glad I am not alone! and Hall, those SC’s are fantastic guitar. Do share a picture when you can
  13. Roger... it is short scale, but now I gotta go double check! Guys, the J50 is great. The D18 is great.. They’re all great. This CW sounds like A great Bird. It doesn’t have any more or less than the J50. A different but rich sound. With the J50, I could swap strings and drastically change the sound and tone of the guitar -for the better or worse depending on who you ask. That’s probably true with most guitars too. I got tired of all the “this is the one” thinking (mine). But maybe no one wants the J50 after all, and I take it back... I tried selling it a few weeks before a RUSSO’s had it. Demand is not there. Who knows. Life is short, as we all know. Play them, buy them, pass them on if there is another, while the money is still there They are not loved ones, although they can be friends. I look forward to hearing yours, especially from the new members too. Just thought of something. I’ve probably bought and sold twenty guitars in the last dozen years. Each time I did so I made or lost a few hundred dollars... mostly lost. In all that time... in a dozen years... I probably came out worse the price of a new Gibson, and yet I still got to play a whole mess of great guitars. That ain’t bad. The One? I don’t know what that is anymore.
  14. https://images.app.goo.gl/sZV4qDaSopBfuaY5A life moves pretty fast
  15. Thanks Cougar! I might be the only guy who has natural top Gibsons and dark Martins... I wanted to be at one Gibson and one Martin... I wanted the Gibson to be a square, and the Martin to be a small body. The D15 doesn’t count... just because?.. 🙂 its worth peanuts anyways. More value to me as a gigger.
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