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  1. I was also there Friday and Saturday.also got a pic with Nita. She seemed super nice and not stand-offish at all. Got to meet Justin Johnson, who is amazing at his style of playing, and that shovel guitar is an absolute trip. I highly recommend to everyone to go if you get the chance....I've been there 3 years in a row and it gets better every year. Oh yeah....I scored a Lee Malia Explorer demo that, honestly, looked like it had never been played, at a huge discount. Congrats on the new LP!
  2. For what it's worth, I just picked one up yesterday and there is almost no noise, even with higher gain settings.
  3. This is actually the first I've heard of this issue. I've been to Sweetwater several times and played many new Gibsons there, and have bought 2 within the last year and a half, and never experienced this, either in their store or at home, and never experienced it with used/older guitars either. Not sure how I would handle the situation if it was me, but I'm sure I'd be frustrated as well.
  4. I'd get another Germann, completely custom, then use the rest to convert a room in the house into a music room.
  5. Didn't come with a case, and I'm not sure what is available that it would fit into reasonably well. A local music store got it through MIRC. I've emailed Gibson to see if they have some info on it, waiting to hear from them yet.
  6. Here's quick video I did through my IPhone, doesn't sound the greatest. Played through an Acoustisonic amp with a little reverb. https://youtu.be/QEOieS3tKxk
  7. Bmmcveyusaf....Not looking to sell it as I just picked it up, however I've already promised a good friend that he would be first in line if I ever do. Right now no plans to get rid of it.

  8. So a few days go, this popped up in my local music shop. As I understand it, only 2 of these were made for Zakk Wylde but for whatever reason this model didn't go into production. I found a listing on Ebay for this ones' twin. Part of the description includes... "The guitar has stereo outputs so it can be played in mono or stereo. It has a Shadow Nanomag pickup at the neck and a Shadow Nanoflex pickup under the saddle. The Semi-hollow body has a spruce top and mahogany chambered body. It has a maple neck and ebony fret board with mother-of-pearl inlays. The bridge is rosewood, and the tuners are gold Grovers. It has a 25" scale and the nut width is 1 11/16". The one I picked up has the original truss rod cover, which the Ebay listing didn't have. It actually has a good amount of weight to it. The neck shape reminds me of a Tele. Time to go enjoy...
  9. MichaelDH

    2018 ES 339

    Very happy so far with the decision to get this one. Great feel, fit and finish, the color is almost a teal depending on the lighting. Very nice warm tones but can give a pretty good snap when you want it.
  10. MichaelDH

    2018 ES 339

    Thanks, I’ll definitely look into the 336 as well.
  11. MichaelDH

    2018 ES 339

    Wondered if anyone has one, or tried one out yet, I'm heading to Sweetwater in a few days and I've really been thinking about another Memphis model. 2018 ES 339
  12. I believe, but not totally sure, that the open book head stocks were made around 1988-89.
  13. Super happy to have this one, picked it up Sunday at Sweetwater. They gave me a really nice discount on it, too. 2016 LP Traditional Plaintop heritage cherry. Looks, plays and sounds fantastic, quickly becoming my favorite.
  14. I've been trying to get the serial # and some other info from him but he hasn't responded. I agree the price seems a bit high for the year but didn't know if there were something special/different about the older ones to make them resale higher than others. Regardless, I'm not pursuing it any farther as he isn't responding to emails about it.
  15. Locally online, someone has an Epi LP for sale, says it is a 1979, but I''m thinking maybe '89, haven't seen the serial number yet. Haven't seen it in person but in the picture it looks good. Asking $380. Price wise, seem to be in the ballpark for that year? Still trying to get a little more info on it.
  16. I watched a Heart concert on AXS this weekend, Nancy Wilson played an Epi LP for at least one song, and the other guitarist played an Epi SG quite a bit.
  17. I've tried it, neat little app. I also picked up the new Trio+ band creator, totally love it.
  18. I'm no expert, but anyway.... The split diamond would suggest a custom, but I did a quick search and didn't come across any Epi 335's with that type of head stock. No label inside one of the f-holes?
  19. Our local GC gets in Epi's, and basically throws out the shipping boxes and everything in them because they claim they don't have the room to store any of it. At least that's what one of their employees told me. Not sure if that's the case for other places. I know with Sweetwater, you get everything you're supposed to, plus candy!
  20. Anyone have or ever owned an Epiphone Les Paul 12 string? I saw a couple on reverb.com and got a bit curious about them.
  21. MichaelDH

    2002 ES 137

    Definitely a 137, "ES137" on headstock and on the label inside the f-hole.
  22. I recently bought a 2002 ES 137 Premier, and like yours, it also has the "Memphis" sticker, but the dater project shows it being made in Nashville.
  23. I would love to have one of those.
  24. MichaelDH

    2002 ES 137

    Thanks for the info, just wasn't finding much on it for some reason. It's far from pristine, has some blemishes and nicks, definitely seen a lot of play time, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Kind of surprised that no one before me has ever used the combo lock on the case.
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