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  1. Wow guys I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful and analytical perception of their take on the values of the players of ES-335/355. Some really good info there. Much appreciated that's for sure. The 355 I'm considering doesn't have a bigsby or varitone switch. Despite the 355 bling, I kinda like it in this simplistic form when compared to ones with bigsbys and varitones. To be honest, I would have just gone for a Lucille but I'd rather have a regular Gibson headstock. I don't know if the one I'm considering has mono or stereo. I'd likely require mono. Would a Stereo 355 pretty much be like a mono if used with a regular guitar cable going into one amp? Do these come with choices of different necks? Thank you everyone. Woody
  2. Hi there Why don't I hear that much love for the ES-355? Most people seem to dig the ES-335 more. Why is this? I found a retailer who has a nice new Antique Ebony ES-355 which is comparable in price to lots of the ES-335s they have. I'm considering going for it. They are a reputable dealer and I've bought lots from them in the past. The information on the guitar on their web page indicates that it has a curved maple body, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, 22 frets, gold hardware, 57 classic humbucker pickups, including a case. What other information should I seek about the 355 prior purchase? Don't these come in Stereo and Mono? Also, do they come with different necks (i.e. 50s or 30/60 etc)? Just thought I'd check. Thanks Woody.
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