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  1. Me too. A 2012 one and it should be here on Monday.
  2. Wow guys I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful and analytical perception of their take on the values of the players of ES-335/355. Some really good info there. Much appreciated that's for sure. The 355 I'm considering doesn't have a bigsby or varitone switch. Despite the 355 bling, I kinda like it in this simplistic form when compared to ones with bigsbys and varitones. To be honest, I would have just gone for a Lucille but I'd rather have a regular Gibson headstock. I don't know if the one I'm considering has mono or stereo. I'd likely require mono. Would a Stereo
  3. Hi there Why don't I hear that much love for the ES-355? Most people seem to dig the ES-335 more. Why is this? I found a retailer who has a nice new Antique Ebony ES-355 which is comparable in price to lots of the ES-335s they have. I'm considering going for it. They are a reputable dealer and I've bought lots from them in the past. The information on the guitar on their web page indicates that it has a curved maple body, mahogany neck, ebony fretboard, 22 frets, gold hardware, 57 classic humbucker pickups, including a case. What other information should I seek about the 355 prior
  4. Thanks OldBlue&Blondie and IanHenry I'm hoping to try out a whole bunch of them in a week or two. by the way...the 356 and 359 both use '57 Classic Humbuckers, same as the bigger bodied 335, 345 and 355. Turns out my Les Paul may have Burstbuckers. Woody
  5. Thanks Rich Interesting article which gives a good deal of attention to details. Woody.
  6. Thanks Versatile Just checked out the guys website. Pretty cool stuff. Dunno about the ES-137. Although I've never played one, for blues and rock artists I'm trying to play like, it doesn't appear to be the natural choice of guitar. I thought this one leaned more towards the blues and jazz side of things? I'm just guessing mind you as I've never used one. Anyone any info on whether Gibson still make ES-355s? Thanks again Versatile Woody
  7. Thanks for measuring your 335 for me JO'C. Much appreciated. My father's old guitar is 15.5" and I played it for around 30 mins earlier and found it to be fine. Therefore, I'll be trying the larger ones too. Do Gibson still make ES-355s? Thanks for that clarification Mark2. I'm writing all this down in a word document to keep me right. All the models and builds can get a bit confusing. Woody
  8. Yep...what others have said and... Using a computer sound card's line in will always be a tall order for recording music into a DAW. As will its mic. Your friend is correct. You need an interface between your guitar and computer. Are you, as perhaps implied, merely using the recordings to enable your drummer and vocalist to practice or write their parts without the bassist and guitarist being there? If so then the Alpha Studio looks fine and is compatible with Cubase which you're already using. It will enable you to simultaneously record a guitar via DI (Direct Inject) whilst also reco
  9. Wow...thanks everyone. That was all outstanding advice. Looks like I've got some decisions making ahead. I'm sure my Les Paul is chambered. When I gently knock the back of it at the very opposite end from the headstock, it sounds hollow...but as I continue to knock, moving up towards the bridge and pick ups it sounds solid without the resonance of the previous hollow knocks. My Les Paul has a curved top too. I can see where people are coming from regarding construction similarities being a factor in belonging in a certain family of sounds. Good advice too regarding "subjectivity" and
  10. Wow...thanks Danny and CR9 Your replies and the distinction between the various models are much appreciated. Two different schools of thought too. Yep...I reckon the best thing may be for me to try and find somewhere which has both and try them side by side. Can I impose with a few more questions? Can I ask...are all Les Paul models made the same way (similar to the 336 and 356 with routed back)? Mine is a Les Paul Studio with the partial nitro-cellulose finish in cherry. I was financially challenged when I bought it and wasn't caring too much about the bling factor. Although it do
  11. Hi folks First post here. As the topic says, I'm torn between getting a CS-356 or a ES-359. Can I ask what the differences are between the two types? By the way, I'm already aware they're the "upscale" versions of the CS-336 and ES-339. I already have a Les Paul and wonder if a CS-356 or ES-359 would bring me much sonic difference from my Les Paul. Although I've tried an ES-335 before, I found it a little bulky but not too disagreeable. It may be something I can get used to - who knows? Would folks recommend I lean more towards the ES-335 side of things given I have a Les Pa
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