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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

    My profilе is herе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Flight959

  2. I've been a member here for many years. There have been lots of people coming and going as of a result of one spat or another. It happens. Away from the forum I have made some solid friends, good people. I rarely visit here anymore. Regards S
  3. Hi, Do any members here, hail from San Francisco? Planning a trip in August and I am after some advice on seeing the Californian Redwood Trees. Which park...etc.. Regards Flight959
  4. Pick up some E strings..... Never know when one might break! ReGaRdS Flight959
  5. Pick guard off... Very nice guitar indeed. HNGD... Regards
  6. Still around although I rarely post. Merry Christmas to you too. Regards Flight959
  7. Hi Guys, I was lucky enough to get to see Queen with Adam Lambert performing last night at the O2 Arena in London. Growing up I lived on a musical diet of mainly Queen, Dire Straits and Genesis. Since Freddie Mercury died, iv'e felt that Queen, as a band died with them. I was offered a ticket to see them in London way back in Feb this year. I had seen Adam Lambert perform with them in a televised concert last year on NYE and I must say I wasn't impressed. I went along last night with a little bit of doubt. Well... what can I say, I thought Adam Lambert was AMAZING. Great front man, Great vocal range and he even connects with the crowd like Freddie did. It was nice to see Brian watching Adam with what I could describe as total admiration for him. He said that Queen was only possible now as a result of him. Now that I have seen Adam LIVE I am thoroughly in agreement. Anyway I took a few snaps from the evening. I even ended up back stage for a short while (Long Story)... Sorry for the quality, I only had my phone to take pictures on... Queen London 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Queen London 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Queen London 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Queen London 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Queen with Adam Lambert. 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Bohemian Rapsody... Queen with Adam Lambert. 2017 by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Brian May @ Queen with Adam Lambert. London O2 Arena 2017. Taken on a Huawei Mate 9 mobile phone. by Simon Clarkson, on Flickr Regards Flight959
  8. Farns..... I know this may seem obvious.. But in this last week the temperature has really dropped. He's an old boy and maybe he has been really feeling it this year. My cat who is only 5 has been very elusive this week and has gone into hiding. I don't think things like the Christmas tree helps... Big change for their surroundings. Regards S
  9. During a recent 3 week visit to Florida, we rented a villa which was opposite a children's play park. Next to that was a small lake. Just feet from the play area was a sign warning for Aligators. Nice!...
  10. Unfortunately you can't close the stable door once the horse has bolted. I think if the American government made a move to further regulate firearms or even ban them then this will only make the situation worse.. If someone is bad, then they are bad...Door locks will only keep the honest people out... Regards
  11. It will be your watch.... Regards
  12. £3899...😂😂😂😂😂 That's about $4990.... UTTER JOKE...
  13. Happy Birthday Farns! Maybe Pippy and myself can dig deep and buy you a pint or 5 when we are back I am currently having a three week holiday in Orlando FL. Spent the first two weeks visiting all the parks.. having this week relaxing... Took my youngest son Oliver in a Helicopter today flying over the whole of Disneyland. Now having a late lunch and a dip in our pool!! Oh and was lucky enough to see a Titan 5 rocket take off from Cape Canaveral this morning! Good times ☺
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