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  1. You're very funny, at least in your own mind. I've been listening to Frampton for many years. I'm no teeny bopper. I suspected you had no idea what you were saying was true, just mere speculation so thank you for confirming that for me. If you had enough talent to "sell out", I'm sure you would. FWIW, it's definitely not one of my favourite Frampton tunes.
  2. And just who exactly "talked him into it"? You have inside information? And would you, as a songwriter, refuse to release a song that could potentially make you a lot of money? I think not, gotta love the interweb.
  3. Well done, sounded good to me. I would ditch the music stands though.
  4. I used to play Blackbird the "right way" but my index finger nail gets shredded from using Paul's technique. He even admitted in an interview that he had to resort to an acrylic nail because the same thing happens to him.
  5. She introduced me to looper pedals. If you see her perform live, she does it effortlessly. Maybe Ed got a few lessons from her. I'm sure they've crossed paths while touring. Her debut on the Jool Holland show.
  6. I saw that show on TV recently. KT Tunstall is really good with it too, even has a tutorial on it. OH, and she plays Gibsons. Part 2
  7. It sounds like the resonant frequency of the note is exciting the D string (stating the obvious). How about tuning down a half step to see if it still causes the problem or if it just duplicates it on the next fret.
  8. I can relate. I had one electric when I gigged back in the late 70's/80's. The only time it became a challenge was if I broke a string at an inopportune time. I couldn't afford 2 guitars back then. I own 5 acoustics now, 4 more than I need but I enjoy all of them.
  9. Congrats. on your new custom J45, never been able to play one myself. I own a standard J45.......funny you mentioned the HD-28. I just picked one up last week. Enjoy your new Gibby in good health.
  10. Congrats. on the new AJ. I hope you like it and definitely post some pics. and share your thoughts when it arrives.
  11. Funny you should mention this because I have the same problem with J.P. PB. Give D'Addario EJ16's a try. I use them on all of my guitars, once in a while when I'm feeling adventurous, I throw on the J.P's. The D'Addario's last longer for me. YMMV of course. :)
  12. I think you're making too much of your findings. Yes, it's 100%, 2 for 2 but the pool is too small to draw a conclusion that ALL pro's use 80/20's I can use a thin V-Pick and make my PB strings sound bright and thin just like 80/20's sound using a thicker pick. It's just ridiculous to say that "inexperienced players" prefer PB strings, which is what Tpbiii said earlier in this discussion. I'm 100% sure that there are PLENTY of pro's and experienced players using PB strings.
  13. I do respect the fact that you wrote a book on "Objective Measures for Speech Quality Measures", but what does that have to do with choosing guitar strings and implying that "inexperienced players" use PB strings??? It seems a little pompous to me, unless of course you conducted a scientific study proving your point. I don't get it and I should probably back away from the keyboard before the thread goes off on a completely different subject.
  14. I seriously doubt that there is some sort of scientific study to prove your point but I get a chuckle when I read such blanket statements, guess I'll switch my PB's out to fit in with the "more experienced" crowd.
  15. Here's another looker. The J45 ain't bad either.
  16. Learn "Dust in the Wind" It'll get you a good introduction to Travis picking without too much aggravation, unless you hate the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbckL4UwYdc
  17. I agree, good tip Jerry. I must admit I carry an emery board in my pocket in case a nail gets a jagged edge. It's so easy to tear the nail if it isn't smooth, and it takes a few days at least to grow it back. As has been said, it takes practice. Play slow until you can travis pick in your sleep, while watching TV or talking to the wife. Here's a little motivator to keep you going. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHUWVlWCtFU
  18. I'd highly recommend you visit Santa Cruz, beautiful little town on the ocean. Visit Sylvan Music while your there and if you're interested, take a tour of Santa Cruz guitars which is located a couple of miles from Sylvan. http://www.sylvanmusic.com/ http://www.santacruzguitar.com/tour-the-shop/
  19. Wow, I'm gutted. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.
  20. This is first sentence taken from the "official" UPS website. I didn't make this up. "Declared value is not insurance coverage." http://www.pressroom.ups.com/Fact+Sheets/UPS+Declared+Value+Q%26A If you want to continue this, please post info from the UPS website. (or Fedex website)
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