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  1. I attempted to change out the pickups on my 97 Sheraton with a set of SD 59's but the bridge pickup is way off, string-spacing wise. It looks as though these particular pickups have the same pole piece spread on both the bridge and neck PU, which is 49.2 mm. Is this normal for SD's? The bridge pickup is so far off the high E and B strings are not over a pole, but the neck PU is fine. I notice the spacing on the old pickups has the bridge pickup with a wider pole spread and in looking at other HB sets that seems to be normal. I'm aware that this topic has likely been discussed but a quick search pertains more to the bridge spacing rather than pickups. Anyone else encountered this? It looks like I have a set of 59's, or at least the bridge pickup, that I can't use in this guitar.
  2. I'll jump on this thread as my question is similar. Traded for this today and I'm trying to date it. Not a G by E headstock, but it does have "Gibson" on the truss rod cover and the serial number is not an actual sticker. No serial number is on the tag inside the guitar, it has a large bridge. I'm thinking February of 1987?
  3. A friend at a jam had one of those Revival Series Breedloves, a Martin OM copy. It was OK, I guess. He was thrilled with it so I guess that's what matters. I thought it sounded thin and the neck was pretty skinny. I haven 't played any of the contemporary models like the one you described. I can't say one is one my radar, or likely will ever be.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The preamp doesn't look nearly as bulky placed inside the guitar. I may have to look into this for my SJ, the Element pickup is OK but doesn't really represent the true sound of the guitar. Dan, after I posted this I came across the demo clip you posted of your JB with the Trance installed, nice playing and tone!
  5. From a Gryphon Stringed Instruments e-mail, a couple blurbs about new pickups from NAMM: http://gryphonstrings.com/pages/eGazette/article.php?ID=n10rlppp Is this the first time the Trance mono system doesn't require a piece of outboard gear? This looks like a lot to stuff inside a guitar. That preamp with the input jack looks huge to me. Is this the aftermarket version of the True Voice? Those who use the mono system, what is your opinion of it? Sorry if this has already been discussed ad nauseum.
  6. Hello! New guy here, sorry for the lack of a picture. I'll get that fixed shortly. I had an old J-50 years ago that I let go in a fit of stupidity, wish I had that one back. Just ordered a J-45 Mahogany Modern Classic on MF. Wish I didn't have to do that sight unseen but the nearest Guitar Center is hours away and MF's return policy is decent. This model is a Guitar Center/Musicians Friend/Music123/WWBW exclusive and at least through MF it won't have a million paw prints on it. I called and checked availability Wednesday but after I cleared it with the boss on Thursday I called back and they were out of stock. Said they were discontinued but they could still order them....? Thought about going for a Standard but I'm a sucker for the V neck shape. 4 to 6 weeks - unless Gibson "happens" to have one in stock. So, I'll be re-joining the ranks of the Gibson-equipped shortly. I've been a lurker for a while, glad to join in!
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