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  1. Very funny! Absolutely brilliant
  2. I my opinion the best combination: guitar playing and a bottle of whisky! I came across this number on youtube and thought I share it with you! enjoy!
  3. Thanks for the explanation! I've just bought my tickets to Florida for mid November and hopefully I can bring home one. I saw a kinda new J45 TV on a Dutch selling site for only € 1450,-. But since I don't know which one it's going to be, I'll just have to wait till November and try both of them in a Guitarcenter.
  4. EA, Just wanted to know why you 'll be selling the songwriter when you've got the AJ. I''m looking for an acoustic gibson and I've got my eye one a songwriter ec or a j45 tv. Is the songwriter bad?
  5. I've got one other hobby: making my RC 1/10 fuel stingray go as fast as possible. I've reached 72,5 mph so far. I have to replace the gearbox with an 4 ways to go faster.
  6. Does anyone else thinks his voice doesn't belong to his body? [confused]
  7. I would go for the WM-45 too. The installed pickup is a great feature as well. What about the prices?
  8. I forgot to mention el Mariachi. Highly recommended
  9. There was a movie crossroads about, I think Robert Leroy Johnson. Does anyone know this movie and what's it called?
  10. Ok, Just wanted to know which music (especially guitar movies) you like the best. Think of: - Walk the line - Almost Famous - The Doors
  11. WOW dchristo, that is a great pic! Beautiful guitar
  12. Haha, you're absolutely right. the name keeper gets paid too
  13. J45 tobacco sunburst with cutaway John Mayer signature. I know he playes on a Martin, but I would definitely buy such a guitar in a heartbeat
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