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  1. I have a Gibson ES-339 guitar that I like very much. But one thing I wish I could change would be the pickguard. The guitar is a beautiful sunburst with very yellowed/aged looking bindings and the switch tip for the pickup selector switch is also very yellowed/aged looking, very nice. The only thing that bugs me, aesthetically speaking, is the black pickguard. It has a white/black/white reveal around the bottom and side circumference and the whites in the pickguard lamination are very, very white and kind of stand out from the rest of the guitar. I know from my other Gibsons that I can wait 40 years and this will self-correct but I'd prefer not to wait. My question: Is it possible to get a pickguard with an 'aged' look so whites in the white/black/white laminate part of the pickguard are more yellowed and fit in better with the aesthetics of this instrument? Does anyone know of a third party parts guy or someone that can do this? Thanks in adv., Bob M.
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