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  1. Been playing off & on for over 40 years, current band is Mongolian Death Wyrm, prog, fusion & Chicago blues. Primarily a Gibson & Marshall config.

  2. I own an '84 Invader & the only things I've done are setup, fret dressing & I recently potted the Sonex 180s & re-installed them. It is my primary gig axe & I have a Les Paul & have played quite a few others. The pickups are freakish; hotter than any of the Les Pauls I've played. I had to pot them because of microphonics, but the only difference is, they don't squeal & there's a lot less feedback @ lower amp volume. As to the machines, all I did was clean & tighten them.
  3. I've owned a black Invader for a few years, & although I didn't care for the bolt on neck @ first, it's now my primary gig guitar. Mahogany body & neck w/ ebony fingerboard, zebra looking Sonex 180 PUs, Grovers. Has great sustain, plays like a dream & for some reason the PUs are hotter than the other velvet bricks I've heard. I played this along w/ a $2500 LP w/ PAFs from the same year & gave the LP back. They played the same, but the Invader had better tone & gain.
  4. Mine is an '85 black, mahogany body, neck may be maple, ebony fretboard PUs are Sonex 180 Deluxe. They appear to be exactly the same w/ the neck mounted the reverse of the bridge. One difference is the PU selector is on the neck side of the knobs, where The Paul selector is located. This has become my primary gig axe, has better sustain & hotter PUs than the LPs of the same era.
  5. It looks like the same Tune-o-matic that I had on my '73. Mine was a cherry sunburst w/ a rosewood fretboard. I swapped the original pickups out for DiMarzios & put in a coil switch for the bridge pickup. It was my all-time favorite gig axe until it was stolen.
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