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  1. Thanks everyone, all great choices. I may try to get over to Reno and play a few. The inspired by Texan intrigues me but I would love to try them all.
  2. So I own 3 guitars. A Masterbuilt DR500MCE, a Epiphone 1962 Re-issue Sorrento and a Fender American Telecaster Deluxe. I obtained the Sorrento in a trade and it is in mint condition. My main style of playing is acoustic as that is what I enjoy the most. I want to add a new Epiphone acoustic to go with and compliment my Masterbilt and I am going to sell the Sorrento to finance it. I only need one electric guitar and as nice as the Sorrento is the Tele is a great guitar. What I don't want to do is get another acoustic that will sound exactly like the Masterbilt I already have. I wont be able to play anything before I buy it so I am hoping I can get some good opinions here. Some that have caught my eye are the Inspired by Texan and the Epiphone EJ-200SCE Southern Jumbo Acoustic Electric- Natural. Those are only two that I have seen but Im open to any and all suggestions. It can even be a parlor size. I would prefer to not get another dreadnought as the Masterbilt fits that bill. So ok Epiphone fanatics, give me your best ideas as I will truly appreciate it!
  3. Has anyone ever determined if the strap button is metric or standard?
  4. Thanks for the info. There is a lot to go through there. I appreciate it. Now I need to find a scratch remover.
  5. Am I the only one who hates the straps locks on the Masterbilts? The top one is in a place that makes the guitar hang funny but I can live with that but the other one where the cable plugs into is impossible to use. I can never get a strap to actually fit around it. Today I got the bright idea to try and push the ends in with a screwdriver and now I have a scratch. I would imagine that there is something I can rub on the scratch to make it vanish but really, am i the only one who finds them useless?
  6. Thanks for the info guys as it was very helpful.
  7. My friend has a used Epiphone AJ 500 R. Im not sure how old it is but I know it is in nice condition. He bought it a year ago, used. A person he works with wants to buy it from him but he has no idea of what price range to even discuss with this guy? What do you guys think? My guess was around the $400 mark but I am only guessing. Thanks.
  8. So my strings came yesterday and I replaced them and adjusted the truss rod a bit and everything is pretty much back to normal. There is one dead spot on the G string 14th fret but compared to what I had before, it's nothing. I think I really need a good setup and maybe a little nut work but that's in the future. That being said I have been talking with a guitar tech and he pretty much thinks that what happened is that the last time I changed the strings I did remove them all and then by pushing up the pins I most likely caused movement in the saddle that caused things to be off. He said I was very lucky that the under the saddle pickup even still works because they are very very touch and fragile. Ive noticed that of all my strings even the open G strings sometimes sounds a bit flat so maye some nut work is due. Anyway, it sounds very good again. Hopefully others can learn from my experience :) I am ordering case humidifiers today.
  9. I have not got my strings yet but I was a bit bored today so I loosened up the strings and removed my saddle again and I feel pretty stupid. That strip of material that sits under there is the pickup. I really had no idea that a pickup could look like that.
  10. I should have strings in a day or two and when I change out i will take a photo and show you what is under there.
  11. I just saw that :) It is. I have presentation pins but the two or three string pullers I have just don't get under them and most of the time I would use a butter knife but that's probably not the best way either.
  12. Yes it was pretty close to that actually. I would never know about the problem because don't play on the high frets that often but I have been working on a song that plays a few passages up there and all of a sudden I noticed how badly it sounded. Would you believe that I am still waiting on my new strings as Paypal shipped them to my old address and I have no idea what happened to them as there are two scans and one says undeliverable and the next one says forwarded. Well it's been 8 days. I was a letter carrier for 35 years so I know it should have been forwarded but who knows what happened. It needs a good setup anyway. One question for you guys. Have you ever pulled out the saddle for this model? I did it a few days ago and then put it back in to see of that would fix it and I noticed that out came a little strip of material that is almost like foam or felt. I didn't look like a good material to use to raise the saddle with but that was in there from the factory. Anyway, i put it back but nothing changed.
  13. I wanted to add one more thing that has been brought to my attention. The last time I changed strings I put my hand in the soundhole to push up the pins and I pretty hard caught the wire for the pickup that sits under the saddle. According to a guitar tech I have been speaking with he is pretty certain that by doing that I changed the saddle. So it looks like it may not be a humidity issue at all although I do intend to get the Planet Waves Case Humidifier. As soon as I get new strings I will very gently get my fingers under there and see if I can change anything but if not then I will drop it off to a tech. The beat goes on!
  14. The neck actually seems good to me. I have gotten some advice via email from a guitar tech and he says it could be a few things but none of them really serious. His most probable fix would be a truss rod adjustment and then a saddle shim to raise the action a bit after the truss rod adjustment would lower it. I think this is something I may be able to do myself and not hurt anything. I found a guy online who sells saddle shim kits and they are only $15 so I may give it a try. It comes with everything to apply a little strip of ebony to the bottom of the saddle with super glue and then you can sand that to adjust it as needed. Really not much I can screw up and it's worth a try. Is there a reason to use distilled water in the humidifier? No big deal but Im just curious. Thanks guys.
  15. I had a Swingster for 3 years and I guess I never really bonded with it. It just never felt right so eventually I sold it. Then recently I was selling a Fender acoustic amp and someone offered me a trade for a Epiphone Sorrento and I went for it just because it's a better value and I am really impressed with it. I play it every day and really like it. In no way am I saying that the Swingster was not good it just did not work for me.
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