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  1. http://www.andertons.co.uk/electric-guitars/pid10802/cid556/gibson-artist-series-bb-king-lucille-in-cherry-with-gold-hardware.asp Take a look I'd love to know what you think of it. Wrighty2012
  2. No need to abuse Duanes posts you all seem to be forgetting that Duane is one of the main posters on this forum and has given most of us very accurate and needed information. Relax Guys!
  3. Since when wasn't laminate real wood? Most ES Guitars have a laminated maple top. Just because its laminate doesn't make it inferior.
  4. That Crestwood is the nicest guitar i've seen in a long time. Enjoy it. Wrighty2012
  5. Some pickup covers would finish the look of that guitar off nicely.
  6. The GX has Gibson Dirty Finger pickups as far as i'm aware.
  7. G.A.K in England is selling this same guitar I made a post last mounth about this. Glad someone else was interested though. Wrighty2012
  8. Epiphone needs to get their own American factory and showcase their true talents as luthiers. Who once gave Gibson a damn good run for their money. Gibson seems to limit them to some extent but after all they are owned by Gibson.
  9. To me it does look rather old thanks to the finish being aged as you can clearly see. But the main thing is if it's worth a fair ammount of money then i'd rather my friend know this. As opposed to some misbehaving idiot stealing it. The serial number appears to be 5 digits possibly 6.
  10. Help identifying this is greatly needed people. A friend of mine recently purchased this from her Grandads friend all he knows is that somewhere in the model spec it is a 1960's model. But my friends father seems to believe it's vintage. Any such help identifying it would be nice. Wrighty 2012
  11. It seems a friend of mine who was now spent more than £1000 pound on guitars when he can barely play has decided he wants to build one before he can play one. To me this seems to me as if it will make him not want to play the guitar and more likely build them which defeats the object of being a "Guitarist". I would like to know some other peoples views on building guitars and not being able to play them. Thanks Wrighty2012
  12. Well I was recording today with a friend of mine. So we did a few takes and I tried it with his Gibson and WOW! what a sound, the 2002 Burstbuckers sound awesome. I don't know if its the lack of wax potting or the luck of the draw but for once Gibson have amazed me. Whats other peoples thoughts on the 2002 Gibsons? and The original Burstbuckers? Wrighty2012
  13. It's modeled after the Jeff Beck Oxblood so the colour suits the purpose of the guitar. But your point is correct and much appreciated. Wrighty2012
  14. Take a look people! http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/85310
  15. Dolphin Music send all guitars to an expert luthier contact them and they offer a fair price for all repairs hope this helps. Wrighty2012
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