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  1. I have the Factory installed Fishman Ellipse Aura in my songwriter deluxe standard. When I play my D or G string there is a very loud rattle. When I put my hand in and hold the pick up and strum it seems to help. Not sure if it’s the buttons or the wires or the actual unit. Would love to hear from anybody that has fixed this problem in the past.
  2. I use D’adarrio True Medium. 13 17 24 32 42 56. Heavy 1st, 2nd & 6th Problem solved.
  3. I have a ‘57 that is close to mint and a ‘62 which was the last year made. I need to figure out how to post pics.
  4. I bought a 2010 Songwriter Standard and I’m looking for an original burgundy lined case with lock. It came with the standard blue lined Gibson Acoustic case.
  5. Bob, Got to spend quality time with Majorie, Jorma, Woody and Bob Margolin. What a blast! Met some new friends I will remember forever. One regularly posts here on the forum. Already signed up for next August 23. Thanks for the input and advice. I really appriciate it. David,
  6. Hey Roger, I saw Kitty here in Texas several years back. Great show. Wish I had caught on to alot of the good stuff earlyer in life. But I saw alot more than most. She really made me happy watching her. She was the real - real deal. She will be missed. David, (Big Muddy)
  7. Hey Jaxson, I'm going to Fur Peace for the first time this weekend. I'll try and report when I get back. Saw Jorma and Jack in Austin last month. Jack is pretty darn cool. Always looks like he's enjoying himself. I only play bass now and then but would love to have a JC sugnature Epiphone. David (Big Muddy) -New guy
  8. Thanks for the info Bob, I'm going to get to Columbus on Thursday morning, so I have a day of tooling around. Looking forward to the trip. Getting excited. It's my first break all year.
  9. Bob, If you have the time could you provide any info for the first timer. What to bring, not to bring. Songs to learn, etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Really looking forward to the trip. David
  10. Hey Mersey, That is a picture of the upper bout of a Stella "Gambler" They are so cool looking. I would to have one. Can;t wait to start posting pics and getting a little more involved. Tenth post..... I'm now a real person!
  11. Thanks for the reply E, Looking forward to sharing and posting pictures. Just getting started. More shall be revealed. DK
  12. Thanks Bob, I went with Jorma this time. I've been on Woody's site for several months now so I almost went with him. I'm a pretty good player. Learn pretty fast. No that good of performer though since I mostly play solo at home these days. Looking forward to the trip and talking to you guys here on the forum, Thanks again,
  13. Thanks for my first reply. Looking forward to the trip and to comunicating with fellow Gibson lovers. Not to good with computers so I'm trying to figure out posting pics etc. Thanks again,
  14. I have the same question. I want to do this right but I can't find out how to do what I want to do. Looking foreward to figuring out how to get with the program. Only 4 more posts and I'm in!
  15. Big Muddy

    10 posts

    Newbie here, I need my ten posts too. Hello to everyone and look forward to seeing you in the Trading Post Forum. David (Big Muddy)
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