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  1. http://www.eyguitarmusic.com/Epiphone-E-Logo-for-Pickguard-Dot-Sheraton-Casino_p_143.html Get them here for little $$$. I did.
  2. The shipping is generally around 30 USD, in my experience. Thomann has great customer service and an excellent return policy. Just so you know. Might be worth a shot. ;) Between the two though I'd get the Korean SG and spruce it up. I have a 2001 Dot made in Korea in the Samick Factory. I love it. Very good guitars.
  3. I like the late Korean Epi's. The present day China made are supposed to be high quality as well, but I don't know about '06's ... Just as a head's up... several members of the Agile Guitar Forum have bought near replicas of the 3 pickup SG custom from German instrument retailer Thomann, under the brand name "Harley Benton". Here's a link if you interested... https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_s600_vi_vintage_series.htm?o=4&ref=mal_a_4&search=1431768124
  4. The quality of Epiphone Dots cannot in my opinion be overstated, especially for the price. The differences between it and the Sheraton are relatively minor, other than "bling" factor. It should all come down to which neck feels better, individual resale value and which looks cooler to you. Well, there is a slight tonal difference due to neck material/construction, but it's not immense. I have a Korean made Dot from 2001 I bought for $280 including hard shell case. After various easy and inexpensive upgrades and customizations there is no way I'll ever get rid of it. It sounds amazing and I prefer it's understated look to the Sheraton's bling factor. Even without upgrades, the Dot is a great guitar. Here's some proof...
  5. There are indeed graphtech saddle replacements available. Here's another solution I just found: http://bcsguitars.com/?page_id=332
  6. My 2001 Samick-made Epi Dot had that same issue with bridge post spacing. I ended-up buying a Wilkinson roller bridge and drilling new holes in that. Works fine.
  7. There is one in Guitar Centers used section, out of their North Houston location. $299 + shipping.
  8. Frikkin frik that is hot looking! I love that pickguard and the inlay! Gorgeous red color too! Very very nice.
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