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  1. Hi again guys. Any news on an update for the traktor mapping? I'm no longer using my djc 4 due to the above issues so any news would be great! I really dont want to sell the controller but its just gathering dust at the minute. Thanks
  2. a fantastic money making scam from native instruments. IMO when purchasing software you should be able to use all of the functions using the controller of your choice.
  3. Yeah i have noticed this too. It's like there is a lag and i have to wiggle the knob to get it to register. I'm using traktor by the way not vdj.
  4. The features i have noticed not responding so far since the traktor update is the volume pan function is no longer working. Used to be able to hold shift and twist the high eq to pan volume to left and right. Also the shift and mid eq to adjust key is no longer working. And the feature above about the split vu's is also quite important to me. I'm also having a problem with the left shift button, it sometimes does not stay lit when pressed so am having to use the right shift button as i can't trust the left one anymore. Not sure if this is due to the traktor update or just a hardware fault. Where will i be able to download the new map when it becomes available? Many thanks.
  5. I still cant get it to work for me! A few features have stopped working scince the last traktor update. Is there an updated mapping for the new traktor update????
  6. Ignore this post it was just me having a blonde moment. wrong settings.
  7. I take it back it was my settings that was at fault! stupid me lol..
  8. Hey . I have just updated traktor and the mapping no longer is compatible with the new version :/ Is it possible for you to create a new mapping? Thanks
  9. Hi there! I have just updated traktor pro 2 to version 2.6 and the mapping no longer works with the controller :( do you have an updated mapping in the pipeline? cheers
  10. I have heard this mentioned a couple of times in this forum but so far have not had the answer to the problem. Can anybody please tell me how i can map my djc4's vu meters to show seperate volumes for each track!! IE: left vu meter showing deck 1 and right vu meter showing volume on deck 2.
  11. Thanks for your reply! Do you have a link for the website that it will be downloadable from. I cant seem to find anywhere on the stanton website where there are any mappings available. Thanks.
  12. Im using pro 2.5 and pc :) Ill give this a try thanks!!
  13. Nobody wants to help me :( I feel so alone!!!
  14. I have managed to find a traktor custom mapping for the djc4 but alot of the buttons are not doing as they should. Not a massive problem. The biggest problem for me is that the volume meters are only showing the master out and i cant switch between individual and master. in vdj mapping you could do this by pressing shift and headphone cue. but not on the traktor mapping. Im findin it difficult to gain my tracks properly. Please help Thanks
  15. I can hear the noise too but only when the music is not playing.
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