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  1. That looks just terrible. First off, it needs rewiring. If that's a coil split just sticking out without shielding, there's your hum. Take a multimeter and check the DCR of both hot wires. If one reads around 7 or so and the other reads about half that, it is a coil split wire. If you're not sure about it, give it to someone that is - that poor thing looks messed up enough.
  2. Yeah that can take a bit of getting used to. When I first started playing strats it was a bit of a rough go, always hitting the volume control and the pickups. It didn't really take much time to adjust to that and now there's no issues at all. I think it's good for a player to be versatile and play/own many different kinds of guitars, it's amazing how quickly you adjust and always have the right tool for the job.
  3. She's still in new condition because it's in the case most of the time. Now the case is another story. It's got to be the biggest deepest guitar case ever made just because of the banjo tuners, much bigger than a bass case. It will get a bit more love when I put in the alnico pickups.
  4. All a matter of taste but the conversions are nice. The Nashville is a newer design that started around 1975 so if you have a 60's reissue, it's more fitting.
  5. Bridge high, neck low.
  6. You know you're getting old when you start hating solid body guitars.
  7. My most expensive Fender is a '99 Jeff Beck Artist Signature Surf Green going for around 5K now. Doesn't get played much because I modded a $100 Squire that sounds way better. I could do the same mods to the Fender but because of value I chose to just leave it alone stock. No worrys taking the Squire out in public. If it gets stolen or broken I'm only out some pickups and pots and a $100 guitar. After hearing what Albert Collins could do with a '72 Thinline Tele, that's about the only Fender I'm interested in anymore.
  8. Had the same trouble and it turned out to be "adblock". For some reason it removes pics you don't want removed, by default, and that included avatar pics and other linked photos. There seems to be no issues with "adblock pro" on this site, which is different than regular "adblock'. Near the end of it, I was sure it was the PC as well before I found the problem.
  9. Howlin' Wolfs performance there is scary. Check out 101:50 - Hubert Sumlin is playing his Italian made four pickup Bartolini, it really looks like a Japanese Teisco. Signature sound.
  10. You and me both. Just can't get into speed knobs, reminds me of sundials or something. It's not fitting lol. May I add it's a very subjective topic and YMMV.
  11. I'd start with something "safe" like bore oil, I even use it on fretboards and find it much better than lemon. You can find it at any woodwind shop, they use it for sticky keys. I have a bottle of Selmer sitting here. It's safe as milk and won't rot like regular mineral oil.
  12. I believe the nuts are cut for a 10 gauge set and I've heard recently that newer ones are cut for 9's. If you're using strings heavier than tens, there could be a serious binding problem and the nut would have to be cut to accommodate. Even with a proper matching nut, I find lighter gauge strings to be less binding. I bend whole notes and binding is a deal breaker. Try a lighter gauge set just for a test to see if that's the problem.
  13. Actually they make it a bit worse as the magnetic fields aren't matched with the slugs but it's a small difference and barely noticeable. Tradition has always trumped science. I do too, and the tailpiece bolt slots as well, but that's just my OCD haha. Food for thought - to really split hairs, the pickups (coils) should be curved to match the fret radius as the bridge is.
  14. I know, that is strange. So is Samicks and Burnys.
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