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  1. thanks bro. BTW, I found my answer, 200 JB335 were made, mine is 178.
  2. thanks..and I BOUGHT it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJhg5swTsDU
  3. first time I see this guitar for real. first impressions are really impressive. finish on the body, back of the neck, a piece of art. il plays like butter...increibly low action and ultra high level output + super tone... just a bit heavy to carry for me...but I think I want it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj0hPRe7w0A
  4. thanks ! that was an enormous challenge, i did it im my studio without the video of the conductor, it took me a lot of time to know every movement...
  5. thanks bro. that's why people from AVID hires me ;)
  6. merci ! ca été un des boulots les plus difficiles de ma vie...confié par un belge, tu vois, le monde est petit :)
  7. this is one of the video AVID shooted with me. I had a full endorsement from lâg at that time and I choosed to break the deal to buy guitars that I wanted. R9, R6, 339, JB335 and Hummingbird standard. bought em all in my local shop, no artist price. just like everybody. I did not do that for years becauseI endorsed music man, suhr, jackson, then lâg. but today I'm very proud to say that I pay for the guitars I play and I have a nice support from gibson in europe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RLm3xduEgQ
  8. this is a project I recorded overseas with a philharmonic orchestra based in montréal. it's basicely a song from my bro and bandmate Rick Allison, he took his voice out of the mix and asked me to put my guitar instead of the voice... LP59 and bogner panama.... I hope you'll enjoy it ! http://soundcloud.com/tristan-klein-1/allison-klein-project-je-nai
  9. thanks bro. plug it into a morgan amp...that is the first step ;)
  10. the rack is great man. sounds and TOUCHES like a real amp. and effects are the best I've ever heard. but the most amazing thing is that it's a real soundcard with a full connectic equipment. I used It exclusively for six months long. no amps, no soundcard.
  11. thanks for the kind words. and that's true the 339 can do it all...I wish mine had a 59 rounded neck but for the rest, it's perfect. I did the backing track very quickly by myself ( I'm an artist / producer for a major ) the guitar was plugged directly into a Morgan AC20 deluxe switched to EF86, volumes to the max and cut to 3/4...then the signal goes to a torepdo VB-101 wich is the most unbelievable DI-box you'll ever hear, then we go to MBox pro and pro tools ( I endorse AVID for france and US, mostly for demoing their eleven rack but they sent me monitors and control surfaces as well..
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