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  1. ones for like the JTM45 tone this is what ive found so far... Zvex Box of Rock Zvex Distortron Mi Audio Crunch Box thanks!
  2. nauc

    tons of pics

    enjoy http://burstserial.com/gallery/main.php?cmd=album
  3. go play em, then decide how much youre willing to save/spend. you might be completely happy with a Studio or you might not want anything less than a Custom Shop Paul
  4. i have a 08 Gibson Les Paul Studio and just put the Schallers on using the stock Gibson screws. the button/screw near the neck needed no mods, but the button and Gibson screw near the bridge did. i had to grind down the screw head (put it in a drill, head sticking out the end) a tiny bit and drill out the button hole a little turned out perfect
  5. Les Paul Custom, $3900 shipped.... http://www.sweetwater.com/guitargallery/electric/all/sCS87260/
  6. i like Sweetwater, they have pics of the actual guitars that they will send you thats were i got my Les Paul
  7. id buy the nicest LP you can, it will make practicing more enjoyable
  8. nauc

    Hate Strap Locks?

    i ordered some Schallers, should get them in a few days ive never used them before but a lot of people say theyre awesome, so i did a poll over at MyLesPaul and way more people picked Schaller vs the Dunlops. now that doesnt mean Schallers are better, just sharing the facts tho. anyway, a lot of people over at the MyLesPaul forum use the toothpick mod cause the screws that come with the Schallers are thinner, but someone said if you drill out the Schaller button hole and file down the stock Gibson screw, the stock Gibson screw will work just fine thats what i plan to do. i dont want to rely on toothpicks to keep my baby from hitting the ground ill probably throw in a locking washer between the knob and the big washer (thats attached to the strap) for extra piece of mind
  9. i dont think Slash is overrated. he's no Hendrix but if you stop and think about it, almost every song on AFD and even GNR Lies is a pretty cool *** song. again, he's no Hendrix but most of his Guns work is very solid. ive listen to those 2 albums a trillion times. cant say that about Clapton. i think he only has a couple good-great songs i think EVH is overrated
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