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  1. That demo sounds great. Thanks for sharing. I like the dry tone of it with a strong mid range.
  2. I just saw this new offering on the website. Has anyone played one? Thanks. I can't imagine Gibson is still making guitars during the COVID outbreak. Just wasn't sure if any of these new ones got shipped. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/ACCDYV983/50s-LG-2/Vintage-Sunburst
  3. Thanks for all the replies. DC, that J-35 sounded quite lively. My J45 is definitely darker. If I understand it, the bracing is a bit different on the J35 than the J45. I'll have to compare my J45 to a J35 in a local store.
  4. Yes. I play 80% finger style, so responsiveness is the issue. My musical partner plays with a pick and likes to play that Neil Young percussive, thumping style. It's perfect for him, but not for me.
  5. I recently acquired a J45 Standard, several years old. It is a stunningly beautiful instrument and one monstrous strummer. A bold but not bright tone. For finger style, though, I find myself having to fight the guitar to pull out the notes. They are just sort of subdued. I'm wondering if the Advanced Jumbo may be more immediately responsive for the travis picking I do. Thanks to all the Gibson vets for responding.
  6. Thanks for the info. My reasons for changing the tuners are merely aesthetic. I associate the J-45 with those white button tuners. I have also heard that the Tonepro tuners work quite well, but my local guitar tech will be drilling those additional holes.
  7. I recently purchased a J-45 with the Rotomatic tuners. I've heard good things about the Tonepro Klusons and plan to put those on. If you take a look at the link to the product on Amazon, would those work? Secondly, is it a direct swap, or would new holes need to be drilled? Thanks. http://www.amazon.com/TPK-KLUSONĀ®-BUSHING-BUTTERBEAN-BUTTON/dp/B006X0ULPK/ref=sr_1_12?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1410745640&sr=1-12&keywords=kluson+tonepro
  8. Thanks for all the shared knowledge, guys. I appreciate it.
  9. I love the shape of the J-185 but would rather have mahogany back and sides rather than maple. I also don't want a cutaway. Does Gibson do anything that fits that bill? I've been a strictly Martin man for several decades, but recent experiences in local shops leave me much preferring the tone and feel of the Gibsons. The LG-2 American Eagle was a bit too small for my tastes. I may just pull the trigger on the J-45 Standard or TV, but I wanted to look into this 185 possibility first. Thanks.
  10. Wow! Guys, thanks so much for the great advice. I will certainly take it into account when proceeding. I shared videos of Toby Walker playing an L-00 and an LG-2 with my two kids. Both independently preferred the tone of the L-00, so I may go in that direction, whether vintage or new.
  11. Hello, all. I'm looking for a small body Gibson-style guitar, either the L-00 or LG-2. I'm leaning toward the LG-2 based on the samples I have heard online. It seems to produce a thicker bottom end. Huss and Dalton, Kopp, Walker, Collings, and other makers have intrigued me, especially the Huss and Dalton Crossroads for its more modest pricing (especially for a used one, which is hard to come by). But I am also considering older Gibsons from the late 40's or early 50's. My budget is about $2500 (which I know is fairly low for something like this). What sort of coin would I have to invest in a
  12. I'm less concerned about a particular year than about getting one in good condition that has the tone I hear in a lot of online videos. Right now, I have a Martin 000-15sm, and it just lacks a certain amount of bass and liveliness that I'm looking for. If you watch some youtube videos compliments of the folks at Bernunzio Uptown Music, you'll hear a couple of really nice LG-2s. I want to keep my cost under $2500.
  13. Thanks for the responses, guys, especially about the tone. I agree about the pickup. I too prefer the K and K, but if it is being offered for under $2K and it's what you want, I see it as a minor inconvenience to swap out the pickup. Then again, I'm planning on using it for live work and recording. I'm tempted to get an older LG-2, but I don't want to deal with the hassles and possible problems associated with buying a vintage guitar.
  14. Hey, guys. I'm wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to audition or purchase the LG-2 Americana. Specifically, I'm wondering if it sounds like a small (boxy, parlor) guitar or a smaller version of a J-45 or J-35. Thanks.
  15. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I'm sort of waffling right now between the 00 and OM Ted offers. Leaning toward the 00 since I do primarily fingerpicking, and I'm sort of after a tighter, focused tone.
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