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  1. Hey everyone I have a dare devil pedal thats not working. When I turn it on the pedal mutes the guitar I have changed the batteries and I have had this problem before. What can I do to fix this?
  2. cesario

    New sg

    id have to agree it is with me right now. i read that some guitar stands hurt the finish have you experiensed that or anyone that might be reading this?
  3. Hey I am going to have put a guitar a way for a while I was thinking about just leaving it in its case but I am not sure if that would be safe enough so does anyone have any advise
  4. cesario

    New sg

    Hey I am getting a 2011 gibson sg special faded tomorrow I have read about them an played a few but I was wondering what long time players think of them. My other question is will the finish ware out due to how it was made (I like the old beat up look).
  5. hey would it be possible to put the pickguard that comes on a 61 reissue on th standard?
  6. hey does any one know if gibson has changed anything in the gibson sg special faded sence it was first made in the early 2000s.
  7. cesario

    guitar finish

    i read that plasticizer was added to the finishes would that effect anything and does the high gloss effect the sg standard?
  8. cesario

    guitar finish

    ok that helps thank you
  9. cesario

    guitar finish

    hey i was wondering between the gibson sg standard, sg 61 reissue and the sg special faded which one will get that old vintage beat up look the fastest.
  10. this web site says i cant start a new topic

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