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  1. PM sent. No need to highjack any further.
  2. Naw, I’m west coast. Just stay the way you are. Very entertaining! I’ll leave you alone now since folks are giving me negative votes and it really hurts my feelings. lol Carry on.
  3. No, I’ve never auditioned or played in a band that played a Billy Joel tune in a dive in front of 20 people and was played in different keys. Then posted the video of it on Facebook. And I do know better.
  4. Comedy gold there. Shame you didn’t use your large “look at me” fonts. That would’ve been a real hoot.
  5. You guys are such a bunch of old hens and why there are hardly anyone left here anymore. Usually it’s complaining about pop bands that don’t play instruments. Now it’s guys who play instruments. Oh they suck because are influenced by Led Zeppelin. Oh the drummer sucks because he hasn’t been drumming for forty years. And the most important of all, as usual, rct makes a post about himself. No wonder this place is so dead.
  6. Yeah they sound like a halfway decent country bar band.
  7. Lol...Only #1 on your list is rock and they're from the '70s. Try again. :)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10XYbNAPSco David Gilmour has shared his tender, sweeping rendition of the Beatles ballad "Here, There and Everywhere." The Revolver cover, which Gilmour recorded with his son Joe, will be released as part of Mojo magazine's David Gilmour & Friends compilation. The comp will collect Gilmour's collaborations with artists like the Orb, Phil Manzanera and Robert Wyatt, but the track will not appear on the guitarist's upcoming solo LP Rattle That Lock, due out September 18th. In his interview with Mojo, Gilmour talked about the impact the Beatles had on
  9. Warning!!! Dirty language!!! NSFW!!! In before lock and Duane bans me. :)
  10. I recon this is like the line AXE® used to use is "You know her name, but she probably didn't know yours"
  11. Hey Brian, I think you missed my point. "Has any rock act that's members under 50 years of age filled MSG or Albert Hall in the last 20 years?" I'm also very happy to been born when I was. An old dinosaur here too. Here in SoCal we had major concerts every week. Whether it be The Long Beach Arena or The LA Forum or Santa Monica Civic. I'm lucky enough to say I've seen every band I ever wanted to see that was alive when I was old enough to go to concerts. I saw Led Zeppelin with a $7.50 price on my ticket in '77. Carry on
  12. So when will the clarinet make a big comeback as a lead instrument? Sorry again. I hope I'm wrong.
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