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  1. Thanks for the info, good stuff here. So I'm guessing the inlay must be a piece of plastic like 0.3-0.5mm thick. They then route out the top glue the inlay in and sand flush as far as I understand. The one on mine looks similar to that of the J-45. I'm guessing it's the same procedure for all Gibson guitars then
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased a Gibson J-35 and was wondering how rosettes are made on Gibson acoustics. Are these decals or veneers ?
  3. I would put that cut off heel that's on the axcess on all the LP std ( apart from the reissues and stuff ) for that prominent heel is always a major issue for me whenever I happen to play a LP. as for the SG, I would just throw some locking tuners on, since the kluson ones give me some issues, especially on that infamous g string
  4. wouldn't it affect the strings tension? I mean, if I slack the strings and raise the stopbar, once its done, the angle between the bridge and the stopbar itself decreases right?
  5. hi guys, i hope im not starting a new topic on a subject which has already been discussed; i ve tried to search for a similar topic, but I haven't been successful and other threads on the internet just dont seem to give me the info I want. anyway, thing is: I have an sg std limited that I purchased new in march 2012 and ive only recently noticed that my high e string is touching the bridge, right behind the saddle. it doesnt seem to harm the sustain nor the life of the string (I actually never broke any since I got this guitar), but well, you never know. I mean, I know it's not supposed to do so. here's my question, then: should I wrap the strings around the stopbar? if so, should I wrap them all or only the high e? would it affect the tone, the sustain and the overall feeling of the guitar? and last but not least, would I have to lower the stopbar down to the wood to do that or not? i remember that I once tried a LP jimmy page signature with both the b and the high e wrapped around, but you know, it was the first gibby I'd ever tried so I cant tell if there was a difference or not. sorry for the kinda newbie question, and thanks I advance for your replies
  6. oh yes, what about the Orange amps? I've never really heard anything about them, but I suspect that they sound pretty good..
  7. well, I live in Europe, so my budget is about 200 - 250€.. I could go for the ac15 c1 but for different reasons I'd rather take something smaller and cheaper at the moment, then I'll do the "upgrade" if necessary. as for the Roland, ive been told its quite crappy as it sounds somewhat "artificial". all things considered, Im quite divided between the ac15 vr (the valve reaction system appeals to me quite a lot) and the fenders, once again, which one do you think would do justice to my lil gibby? which is the most versatile?
  8. i guess it was that size already.. cant remember exactly though
  9. are you sure that it was a vox "AR" series? i cant find any AR series on google..
  10. thank you so much sgplayers, but I need a combo too (I move quite a lot), and 100 w is too much for me;) anyway, as for the vox ac15 vr I've read that it's surprisingly close to the classic ac15, so let's just say that they would sound the same to my inexperienced ears:) how does the sg sound with a vox ac15 (vr or not)? I'll check the fender mustang as well, does it fit my needs in terms of tone with my std plugged into it?
  11. hi everyone, I'm in search of a new amp (the one I've got at the moment is quite crappy).. I have a small budget so after a little research on the internet I found the vox ac15 vr, which is described as a great deal for the price. that being said, I have no experience whatsoever with amps, since I've always used small, cheap combos. I play on a 2011 gibson sg standard limited and would like to get clear clean tones and a nice crunch, something that can go from a don't cry arpeggio kind of sound to a good ac/dc or led zep tone. I'm aware that all these three sounds were recorded on Marshall amps, but these are out of my budget right now. as for the power, I need something between a bedroom-sized amp and something that might be gigable. I generally play led zep, ac/dc, gnr and clapton stuff, but i sometimes have a little fun with pink floyd or little blues jams. do you guys think this amp would suit me?how would it sound with my sg? (I haven't found anything that satisfies me on youtube yet) thanks in advance for your replies :)
  12. ho una gibson sg standard e come "repertorio" un Po' di tutto, ma principalmente hard rock alla acdc, led zep e guns.. per il budget starei sui 150 € massimo..
  13. raga mi intrometto in questo thread perché starei cercando anche io un amplificatorino da camera, dato che da settembre sono in coabitazione con altri studenti universitari come me. per ora ho qui un 15 watt scrausissimo della stagg che ogni volta che suono mi fa piangere le orecchie (oltre al mio playing ovviamente!) e avevo pensato addirittura ad un amplug vox.. solo che 50 € per quelli mi sembrano tanti.. cosa mi consigliate, un piccolo combo (magari valvolare) o vado sull amplug?
  14. i like mine too, especially the contrast between the black of it and the cream of the guitar body, but the angel wing one's got some sorta strange appeal to me, that i cant explain!
  15. i like mine too, especially the contrast between the black of it and the cream of the guitar body, but the angel wing one's got some sorta strange appeal to me, that i cant explain!
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