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  1. Thanks for the answer, my question was a little more tecnichal, i meant what if the SCS 4DJ was equipped with USB 3 ports?Obviously in a new version. Would that help with general slowliness in loading songs?Is this slowliness related to the CPU or to the USB bus?
  2. I've had the SCS 4DJ for a long time and i'm generally happy with it, i got used to it's slowliness. From example it takes 9 minutes to start and read a 64 gb USB stick, class 10. I tried also sticking a SSD to it, but the increase in speed was not noticeable. I was wondering where the bottleneck is, if it's the USB2 or the processor. I mean, if we see a SCS 4DJ 2 we will surely see USB 3 and a better processor, i was just curious to know if a USB3 instead of a USB2 on the current model would make a big difference?
  3. I've been using the SCS4dj sinc october 2011 if i remeber correctly. I play from 8 to 12 nights each month and had little problems. The unit crashed only twice and never in a dramatic way ( basically, it got stuck, but the music was playing, so i put on a CD and continued the set ). The only problem i see are: 1) i do not like the playlist way of browsing 2) compared to a PC it's obviously slower 3) booting up takes 10 minutes. Using balanced outputs, you also pack a good punch. In the end, i think the SCS4DJ is a great tool for playing live, and you don't have to worry anymore about drinks spilling on your precious laptop. ( the SCS4DJ is pretty solid in that point too, i spilt beer and other cocktails on it and never had problems )
  4. By the way, don't you think that there is room for a slightly pricey but more powerful controller? The Pioneer XDJ Aero is far too pricey and has too small a screen for me, i would always choose the SCS4DJ over it, the SCS4DJ is aimed at the 500$ price tag i think, but a more powerful unit at $700 would be out of the question?
  5. Was it an internal discussion or is there a thread on it?I'm just curious about the technical details :) What about faster bootups?I've been using the SCS4DJ since it has appeared on the market, that should be more than a year from now and i use it twice or thrice a week and it has crashed only twice ( and it wasn't a fatal crash, it practically got stuck, but the song kept playing and so i could switch to cds ) but working in small clubs it has appened some times that the power went off. I always have a cd back-up, but with a class 10 64gb stick it still takes me 7-8 minutes before i can use the unit again, and it's too much. Another thing which is needed is a faster way of browsing / loading. I'm a rock dj ( more a selcter than a dj of course :P ) and i have problems when doing punk sets becuase songs are really brief, and the process of loading a new song it's still to slow. It takes about 15/20 seconds going to playlist, searching for a song and loading it to a deck, which is far too much, that means that with songs lasting 1 miutes and 30 seconds, if you choose the wrong song you have a problem, as you might not have time to load another one, and you have to choose between the wrong song and a blank.
  6. I like the unit very much as it is. Of course i imagine the next version to be more powerful as chips have gone down in price a lot, so having a better processor and faster speed overall at the same price should not be a problem. I'm asking only two things: 1)Faster boots. It's not possible that i have to wait 8 minutes from when i start the unit to when i can play the first song. If power goes out for some reason i must put in a premixed cd to save the night. 2)Folder navigation. There is a big screen, it must not be that hard to have folder navigation in there.
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