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  1. Elixir 13's for my acoustic. Dean Markley Blue Steel 12 gauge for my electrics.
  2. I don't understand people voting Bon Scott over Brian Johnson. I mean seriously, he only did like what, two records aith AC/DC. The songs pretty much everyone knows AC/DC for are all Brian Johnson era, not Bon Scott.
  3. It's interesting. I'm not going to praise it like it's the second coming of christ though just because it has the bassist from Zeppelin, the drummer from shitvana drumming...again, and the singer/guitarist from Queens Of The Stoneage singing and playing guitar. Oh well, at least it's not Probate, I mean Probot. '...my uncle had one of those. he had to take these big pills, and drink lots of water!' - Roger Rabbit '...not Prostate you idiot Probate!' -Eddie Valient
  4. electro harmonix small clone, or an H20. a bodd digital delay is cool. if your looking for something out there, go to electro harmonix website and check out videos of their current product line. they make some of the best stuff on earth.
  5. I really loved my old JCM800, but my 30th Anniversary Head suits me better. Wouldn't even have known about it till it was recommended to me. Glad it was
  6. I've wanted this effect for a few years and finally bought it, The Electro Harmonix POG. It came in the mail yesterday so I took a video messing with it the first hour I had it. The setting I'm using is for a double octave organ effect. Had to use my Les Paul through it of coarse First hour messing around with my new Electro Harmonix POG. Just playing some random stuff, so pardon any little screw ups. Random picked out chords, There's a Seether riff in there, as well as the end of The Simpsons theme for humor, haha. After the 2 min mark I start going through a few random riffs from my ban
  7. Fan taping isn't as easy as it used to be. Plus some people just don't see the point. I've been an avid taper and live recording collector for a good 12-13 years or so now. It's a fun hobby, and I think as a musician, you get to pick up on some cool little things as well from artists you like.
  8. A lot of bands have been doing this over the years. Pearl Jam is the most notable. They actually record every show and make it available as a download two days after the show happens, and you can also have the cd sent to you whtihin a week. Smashing Pumpkins have Livepumpkins.com. Other bands to do it include Disturbed, Linkin Park, Black Crowes, Dave Matthews Band. Check out archive.org for free high live recordings as well.
  9. Am I the only one who finds it kinda creepy that a 13 year old kid called the guitar sexy.
  10. Not easy to get where she is, no matter what kind of music you are. She won't be up there for long, let her enjoy it while it lasts :P
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