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  1. I bleed for you. I had a buzz in my new Hummingbird. They had a hard time getting it out so I just accepted another Hummingbird. It was set up while I waited so I could be sure there was no buzz. I am a happy camper.
  2. I bleed for you. I had a buzz in my new Hummingbird. They had a hard time getting it out so I just accepted another Hummingbird. It was set up while I waited so I could be sure there was no buzz. I am a happy camper.
  3. The only comment I would make is price and service. The online price I would have thought to be best price turned out to be several hundred dollars higher than my local 5 star dealer. Big plus is the face that I don't have to ship it to the online dealer or deal with a warranty repair service. One stop for everything. I buy local and if it needs any setup out of the box they take care of it.
  4. Part of the original post I brought it home and have tried to play it several times. The sound is just not right. I have several other Gibsons and a few other guitars and this is this is the only one that shows this trait. I hate to think that I spent that much money for a pretty piece of wool then am forced to play a cheap Takamine to get a decent tone. (The other Hummingbird is at my son's house) and the electrics are a different animal.Has anyone else had a similar problem? Will Gibson do anything about it or have I just wasted my money? So far the dealer has worked on it twice and tried different strings. Baily Brothers have gone the extra mike to make me happy with the guitar' I had the option of sending it back to Gibson, taking a refund, or exchanging the guitar. I decided ti just do the exchange Baily Has been great thru the exchange I selected another Gibson Hummingbird. Throughout this whole thing Baily Brothers have done everything possible to make me happy. You won't ever go wrong when you buy from them. Thanks Clay and all the employees for being so patient with a old man.
  5. http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Epiphone_Serial_Number_Decoding
  6. MR - Mirr factory, China 01=2001 09=Sept. http://epiphonewiki....Number_Decoding
  7. You are not the only one confused. In fact it has me doubting my sanity. Let's see if I can list the chain of events (more or less) The hearing aid. I bought the guitar just a few days before receiving my hearing aid, Never had a hearing aid before and this one is right ear only. All I knew about hearing aids were that they make sounds louder. So, get the hearing aid and started wearing it. Started playing around with the new guitar and there comes this very unpleasant sound from the open B string. To shorten the story I will just say that I took it back to the dealer twice for the better part of a week each time. Since I was going thru a period of time where I only wore the hearing part time to become used to it, I can't say if I was wearing the hearing aid at any given time. Called Gibson customer service and was assured that it would be taken care of so, that relieved my worry. Took it back to the dealer for the third time (Another week). picked it up and played it without the hearing aid and listened to one of the store employees play it. I seemed better but I wasn't completely sure it was gone. They said they would send it back to Gibson at their expense or exchange it which ever I wanted. They don't have another of this model. (it's 1 of 50 and they didn't get the other 49) Left with the understanding that if it continued, they would send it back. Now, here is the mystery part. I bought a humidifier large enough for the house in a effort to stabilize the environment. Started playing WITHOUT the hearing aid to take that out of the equation. Restricted the picks to Two, one each, thick and thin. (A side note about picks and hearing aids. The hearing aid is designed to boost the treble because that seems to be the part of your your hearing that goes first. I note that a thin pick brings out the treble more than a thick pick.) Played the guitar for a couple of days and although it took careful picking, I wasn't hearing the noise with the thick pick and only occasionally with the thin pick. I came to the conclusion it must just be me. I am not a great picker in the first place Then about 11:00 P.M i started hearing the same original buzz/rattle/noise. Thinking maybe I'm just tired, I put it away. Next day, same problem Something is changing, I don't know if the guitar is changing or is my hearing changing? Remember I have a cheap Washburn and a Takamine and neither of those have a problem using the same picks, I hasn't been sent back to Gibson yet but I have decided to take that option Monday, I made a DVD to send with it since I don't have the luxury of talking to the Gibson tech. This thread is getting so long and confusing that I will not reply to it anymore. I will however, start a new thread when it is finally fixed to let everyone know the outcome Thanks for your help/interest.
  8. It stayed in the shop for a week and still has a problem. It is not constant but if you play for a couple of minutes you will hear it. I see people stroke the strings so hard it seems they are trying to break the strings. I pick more of a single note melody underneath the chords so when that B string is called on it needs to produce a single clear tone. (My other Hummingbird does) I don't know what's going on. I can use a thick pick and strike the string at an angle and get a clear tone most of the time. It is very sensitive to the pick. The thing that really bothers me is neither of the two other guitars i keep out to play have any problem. All of them exhibit more treble with a thin pick and a soft/dull sound with thicker picks. I looked at the output with my scope and I see the B tone with another tone riding on it. (Those of you in electronics will probably know what I mean) The dealer is sending it back to Gibson. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. Great news. NO MORE BUZZ. I felt I should report back since everyone has been so helpful. There has been lots of good points brought out and all were valid possible culprits. I am very happy with the sound now. It was something about the way the slot was cut for the B string. But I have a confession, I know some of you heard the buzz on the video but what I was hearing was probably a lot worse than what you heard. You see, I had just recieved a digital hearing aid for my right ear. these little gems are quite remarkable. It seems that when we get older (I'm 83) we lose the ability to hear a wide range of sounds as we once did. These engineers make up for that by filtering and amplifying the higher range (think more treble) So even after they repaired the nut I was disappointed with the over all sound. Solution: removed the hearing aid and relied on my left ear which is still normal. BAM! There was my Hummingbird sound. So, next time we have to try to help someone let's be sure they can hear(Big GRIN) Many thanks for all the time you spent troubleshooting the problem.
  10. I spent quite a bit of time shopping around before I settled on a Gibson Custom shop Limited Edition 1 of 50 Actual model name inside is "Hummingbird Figured Mahogany". I played several of the Pro models and they were not what I wanted. I was comparing the sound to my 1997 "Early 60s" Hummingbird and the Pro just don't cut it. I have owned several Epiphone's so naturally I had to try them. The only ones I found at GC were the Pro models and it don't take but a second to hag it back on the wall.
  11. Thanks for the pointers. these are all things I can check by self except the slot in the nut, I don't have proper tools for making a new nut or filling and adjusting the slot. But I can certainly check it. I would be interested to know where you obtained the string clearance when fretting at the third? Don't think I have found that before.
  12. The dealer changed the strings on the last trip. But, thanks for the link. I'm not sure I string then up correctly. I watched the video. Good information. Everyone should watch it at least once.
  13. The pick should be suspect because I can produce that sound on most guitars if I really try. The thing that bothers me is I use the same picks with 3 different guitars and only the Gibson regularly has the buzz
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