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  1. Got to witness full eclipse with my family and friends here in Cleveland, TN. Was an amazing experience!
  2. I play in a praise and worship band. The band members are all older cats with lots of experience and respect for other peoples' gear. The young hipster singers though . . . Keep putting their cups of coffee, bottles of water, and assorted drinks on my amp while they sing. I actually put a sign on my amp stating that it was an expensive piece of gear and not a coffee table.
  3. It is a dark and insane world. I live here in Chattanooga. A mid size southern city that has seen a horrible change in the last 5 years from one of beauty and polite people to one of increased gang activity and now mass shootings.
  4. Love these guys! They have great live tone. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life, and the absolute biggest, heaviest song I ever experienced was when BBS played When the Levee Breaks in a club in Chattanooga. Charlie used his Tele and a slide and it was massive.
  5. I have the HT 20 head running into an Avatar 22x12 with celestions and LOVE it. The amp setting suggestions on the Blackstar site work pretty well too!
  6. Isn't the Blues all about personal interpretation? Keb Mo once said that if you say that guy aint doing it right you are missing the point of the Blues. I have always heard that song way slow. It was kinda cool at a faster tempo
  7. Hey Caliman! It's been a long time and I hope all is well. I have been lurking for a long time with no posts, but I had to come out of the shadows and comment on your Alien Trespass post. My 12 yr old son and I have a little weekly tradition whereas Friday nights are pizza and B movie nights. We seek out B movies that totally embrace the genre and are fun to watch (or at times so bad it requires us make loads of fun of!). Most of the B movies we attempt to watch are just awful, however, every once in awhile we come across one that understands that B movies are cheesy and they actually "embrace the cheese" (as we like to say) and we end up with a movie that is actually great, for what it is. We will use Alien Trespass to christen our new man cave tomorrow night! Thanks for the suggestion. Later!
  8. Love me some Morher Love Bone. This album gets played a lot in my house.
  9. You guys are exactly right but maybe i didnt lay out my argument correctly. Of course you have to demo them yourself. What i meant to convey is from a marketing point these guys try to convince me to buy an amp from them but instead of playing only the amp tones, they hook up pedals. Most of us use pedals BUT it would be nice to hear a demo of nothing but amp. Kind of like saying, this such and such car is exactly what you need to win races. Now im gonna demo it by adding nitrous to the engine. If you add nitrous, it isnt necessarily the car i need to win races. The point is: dont modify the product during the demo. Or, maybe im just weird ....
  10. So, in the market for a new amp. And have been watching tons of vids about various amps where we are given a "rundown" or "first hearing" of an amp ... And i notice that most vids have some dude playing the amp im interested in but using pedals to show me how great the amp sounds. I hate that! I want to hear the natural sounds of the amp!
  11. Always been an amp guy, then i started playing at my church that was hesitant on using a backline ../ because the singers were too afraid of the stGe volume ( as if that could never be controlled). Through a series if events i ended up with a Fender Mustang 150 watt head i plug into board with a direct box. I was pleasantly surprised! I have all the effects I need and some very decent tones. Especially the 1960 AC30 model. I actually had a guitar player in another band who is a tube amp snob tell me he was impressed w the tone i have
  12. Doesnt pay any bills, Izzy. All proceeds goto charity. That's the biggest reason I hang on. It feels really good to raise a bunch of money to help kids who are in need. I have known for awhile it was timeto strike out on my own. Just thought I'd feel out my fellow forumites. Thanks all for your thoughts!
  13. WATCHED IT. It was way cool. Love me some Crowes. The tech guy seemed cool. gonna pick up his book
  14. OK guys. Need some advice. I am in a band full of exemplary musicians. Whenever i play lead the other guitar players and sometimes folks from the audience tell me how much they liked my lead work. I admit that I am not the caliber of player some of the other folks in the band. However, the bass player ALWAYS comes to me and says things like "you would be better if you would play the lead/solo like this" or he will say "if you would listen to our other 2 guitar players you might learn something." This band is successful and play big professional shows. However I sat in on a gig last weekend with a small band and had an absolute blast! We vibed in a way I have never with a group. They asked me to join their band. Keep in mind the bass player in my current band is the band leader and my brother. Advice on how to keep the family peace on this one? here is a vid of my current band:
  15. Actually watced 3 of his vids last week ... Or parts of them for the same reason as Guitar Player pushing him pretty hard. All tech no feel and not for me.
  16. We dont teach real sportsmanship anymore. We dont teach how to win with grace or lose with dignity. That starts with coaches and parents.
  17. [quote name='pippy' timestamp='1380230726' post=ms as the PRS members you mention; "look down a bit...(on Epi Lastly, James - and certainly not wanting to start a bunfight - you mention your experience with a good, but muddy-sounding, Epi Dot. Do you have any lengthy experience of a similar Gibson with which you could draw a comparison? P. No fight, sir! Ive owned and played many Gibsons and have never really had any probs wih muddy pickups or quality. LOVED MY EPI DOT TOO! What spawned this whole question is i noticed how often fender forum guys openly spontaneously praise MIM gear where on this forum no open love is iffered unless somebody brings up a question about epi/gibby quality. Some have misunderstood my observation. It is only that here is rarely any spontaneous praise for epi here as opposed to fender and MIM
  18. govt mule though somwtimes they are not a power trio. Kinda cool how they mix it up with the number of members
  19. So, I am a member of the PRS, Gibson, and Fender forums. I have noticed an interesting thing over the past few years when comparing each company's lower end guitars to their higher end American guitars. The fender forum members almost unanimously have respect for and often love the Mexi strats, etc. The PRS forum members might look down a bit on the PRS SE line but do accept that they are great guitars for the money. The Gibson forum members almost always look down on the Epiphone products. Why is this? Now, I did see a thread a while back where some of the Gibson forum members were discussing that modern Epiphone quality seems to be getting better and there was some love spread around. My own experience is thus: I owned an Epi dot for about 10 years. Was a beautiful cherry burst. It looked great and played well. The only downside was that the stock pickups were MUDDY. Had to change them out.
  20. I noticed that the vast majority of these 40 million plus sellers are at least 20 to 30 years old. Interesting.
  21. I have been a long time member of this forum, rarely post, lurk a lot, but I had to come out of the shadows to say . . . That ROCKED, Dave. Fun vid, great tune, looked like a blast
  22. I find this a fascinating idea. I'd like to be able to research it empirically myself. While most of the guitar players I know lean to the idea that a guitar can have mojo, they disagree as to what that mojo really is. While I like the idea of some kind of mystical force that can live in our guitars I believe that the mojo actually comes from what we project onto and into the guitar through our playing and how we feel about the guitar and how we pour ourselves through it in our attempt to communicate with it. However, that said . . . I used to be an investigator with a Fortune 500 company. What I know from my personal empiracal study is that during a full moon we caught, on average, more people up to no good (stealing and such). Not only did we note a definite rise in numbers of occurrences during a full moon, the perps were usually much more aggressive or out of the ordinary. as in fuitbat loony. So . . . there is something to be said about how the moon acts upon us (and possibly trees). We can look at it this way, if the moon has the power to control the tides who is to say it doesn't affect us. Great thread! thanks for it!
  23. James Allen


    I picked up an SE custom 2010 model in July. LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEE this guitar! It is my main guitar! Got some gigs coming up where it will be showcased. Will post asap. BTW, yours is saweet!
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