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  1. Mine is definitely Across the Universe... Although there are so many in their library that I love, especially from both Rubber Soul and Abbey Road.
  2. burdger


    Very nice, but where is the side by side with your Black Beauty?
  3. Damn. I really didn't want to replace these tuners. Any you would recommend? I would really like a set that I wouldn't have to create new holes for. Currently have Grovers
  4. I really don't think it has been installed incorrectly. I followed your blog as well as the instructions in the packaging (I'm a pretty handy individual). I also installed a graphite nut to help with string sticking. Here are two pictures of the system. The second showing the lifting of the plate. If you can't see, it's just that very end of the Stetsbar that is raised, and it happened after I tightened the adjustment screws in the end to level out the trem.
  5. Those are just pickup covers. I'm really struggling with this thing though. I was trying to do the correct setup, and two roller bearing type things just fell out of it. I was able to put them back in, but I can't seem to get thins thing to stay in tune for anything. Anyone else with one of these have issues with it? Searcy, does yours lift at the tail end of it? I have it tightened down with the stop tail posts, but for some reason smaller area behind that raises up after the strings are on and tightened down.
  6. I finally got my Stetsbar in the mail and have it all installed with other upgrades to my SG. Here is how it turned out. Having a bit of trouble keeping in tune, but that may be from new strings, not the trem. I'll update when I get a better feel for it.
  7. Aw man! I wish I had known that before I bought this thing!
  8. So I bought a Stetsbar for my SG. I got the Nickel one, well, because it was the least expensive, heh. My pickguard is the full faced version, so I'm going to have to cut. I don't want to cut the original, so I'm going to buy a replacement. Which way should I go? My current pickguard is brushed silver, and the pickups are grey. Should I stick with the brushed look, even though the trem will be shiney, or should I go with a mirror finished guard to match... OR... should I get a black 3-ply pickguard and put pickup covers on it? Here are pictures of what the guitar looks like now.
  9. Yeah, I had read Searcy's post a while back. Pretty sure that's what put me onto Stetsbar to begin with. Thanks for the replies, and thank you Searcy for doing such an in depth review
  10. I really want to add a trem system to my SG, and I've been doing some research. It looks like I'll be going with a Stetsbar Pro II, but before I went ahead and spent over $200, I wanted to check here and see if anyone had anything to say about it or if there are any other trem systems that would be, 1)just as easy to install (no extra holes or routing), 2)less expensive, and/or 3)a better system all around
  11. I'm a very new guitar player, especially compared to many around here. I've just recently really been able to appreciate what greatness truly is when it comes to playing guitar, so I don't have a lot of opinion on the matter. Last night I got to see an amazing performance by a guitarist that I don't think will ever be topped. Phil Keaggy WOW! Now, I've seen a few of his Youtube videos and was impressed, but they are nothing compared to seeing him live. Tickets to this show were only $20! I paid $40 for my ticket because the friend I went with was already a huge fan, and Phil had a Q&A session before hand, and also got us VIP seating. So, for $40, I got to sit in a Q&A session with Phil Keaggy, eat free pizza and other stuff, AND have seats in the third row for the show. Before hand, Phil came out and was talking to people in the front row, so my friend and I left our seats and talked to him for a bit. If you ever get a chance to see him, don't pass it up.
  12. Very cool website. Here's what I've come up with. I really like the natural quilted look.
  13. So, I've been playing guitar for a bit now, and I feel like I'm getting much better. However, it feels like something is missing, and I think it's the theory part. I've been looking for a good book or other resource that can give a thorough understanding of guitar music theory. I've looked at my local Guitar Center and Barnes & Nobles, but all I find are the "For Dummies" books or "a quick, easy guide to music theory" type of books. Anyone have any recommendations for something that would be more thorough? Thanks in advance.
  14. I really like playing my electrics without plugging in. I rarely plug them in when I'm around the house.
  15. I saw this earlier today and was quite bummed. His performance at Woodstock is easily one of my favorite live performances. He just had such passion as he sang and played.
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