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  1. Well I do understand that, but maybe I should rephrase how I asked it haha I already know that I'm going to buy a Wah, EQ, Compressor, Reverb, and a Phaser. I've already played the effects on my amps settings and I know I want to add them to my actual pedal board. I would be content with using just what's on my amp, except that I can't switch back and forth between them without changing all the settings on my amp. That, and I've got a second (older) amp that I keep at my friends house (Fender FM100H Half Stack). That one doesn't really give you too many options besides Overdrive and Clean. Any good recommendations for those five? I'm looking for recommendations on specific pedals (like Boss, Dunlop, etc). I plan to hit the music store in the morning to try a few out, but I'd like to know a few opinions as well. I'd also like some recommendations on which effects would be cool to add to my amp in general (I can download them straight to my Mustang Amp for like a $1). I didn't mean to sound like I'm just gonna go out and buy a bunch of pedals for no reason. I've played with the 5 effects listed above on my Mustang plenty, and would like to add those to my board for sure. Any recommendations for which pedals/brands would be worth trying out in the music store? Ultimately I know it's still going to be up to my ears, but if you can give me a good place to start that'd be great. Thanks!
  2. So I'm currently trying to build up a new Pedal Board, and I really don't have much experience in this area. I've never been one to use many pedals (besides the basic Distortion, Delay, and a Tuner). I'd like to get some advice on what pedals you guys think really bring out the best in your sound. I play any and all kinds of Rock/Metal, Pop, and (some) Country. My pedals are very basic, but here's what I currently use : 1) Boss Chromatic Tuner 2) Boss DS-1 (Distortion) 3) Boss BD-2 (Blues Driver) 4) Boss DD-7 (Digital Delay) Anybody have any tips on which effects/pedals would be good to add to my board? I'm going to invest in a Wah, Phaser, EQ, Compressor, and Reverb for sure...but what else do you think can make some interesting rock and roll? I've got a lot of effects already built into my main amp (Fender Mustang III), along with various other "signature" guitar tones built into the amp (from George Harrison from The Beatles to Zacky Vengence from Avenged Sevenfold). It's a nifty little amp, but I'd like to add some more effects to broaden my sound especially since when I'm just jamming with my friends I use the Vox AC30 setting as my primary "amp" setting (since it's a beautiful clean and seems to work well with the effects I already have). Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm not currently gigging or anything, it's more of a personal endeavor. Thanks guys!
  3. I was in the same boat several years ago. I started playing guitar roughly 10 years ago, inspired by seeing Pop/Punk trio Green Day live in concert. I remember I bought a Blue Fender Stratocaster just like Billie Joe Armstrong would play (or I thought at the time). Well after a few years of learning songs from guitar tabs online, I decided to enroll in the "advanced guitar class" at my high school. I found out quickly that the teacher had no knowledge of how to play the guitar and pretty much took the class as a time filler inbetween her Choir classes. She literally went into her office and did nothing the entire period. I stuck it out, only cause I could not change my schedule. After that experience, I decided to go back and learn my scales. I had prior knowledge of a little bit of music theory from being in the middle school band as a xylophone player/bass drummer. It was a little easier for me since I knew how to read music. But anyways, I started learning my scales (Major, Minor, Pentatonic, Blues, Harmonic, etc) and that greatly improved my playing. I also picked up a few exercise books at the local music store and played them religiously. I'd recommend learning (at least) your basic scales (Major, Minor, Blues, and Pentatonic) and practicing exercises daily. It couldn't hurt at least.
  4. JDGM! Thanks for all of this! I was looking to become a better blues guitarist as well, and it seems you've provided a solid foundation for all of us to start with. Thanks again!
  5. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on this forum, but I have a question for anyone willing to answer. Who all has played/owned any of the Epiphone Basses? I'm looking for a cheap/durable bass for jam sessions with some friends. I'd like to get some feedback and see what you guys think. I'm more so a guitar player and have had excellent experiences with Epiphone in the past (never anything bad to say the least). I do play Bass as well though, and have a Fender J-Bass that I use for recordings. I'm looking for a Bass that I can jam with, that still sounds good, but if it gets damaged it's not going to completely break my wallet. I've looked into getting a Squier as well, but going by some of my experiences in the past with them, their instruments are either a Hit or a Miss to say the least (nothing inbetween). I own 3 Epiphone electric guitars and 1 acoustic-electric, and have never had a bad experience with any of them. I'm horrible at asking questions but... 1) How long have you owned/played it? 2) Has it held up well over the years? 3) How's the neck feel? The body weight? And most importantly... 4) How does it sound? How's the tone compared to other models you own/played? Would you recommend this Bass to anybody? How has your experience been? Would you recommend it for just jam sessions, or would it hold it's own at a gig? Any feedback would be great. Thank you!
  6. Like other posters have stated, GC has pretty good customer service and will usually be willing to work with you if you wish to return the guitar...But with that being said, you still need to play it first. GC may have a different policy in regards to returns depending on used guitars. You definitely don't want to get ripped off. If the guitar is in bad shape, GC may not accept the return since you didn't buy it from one of their stores. I'd make sure to read the fine print on their return policy before buying anything.
  7. Maybe Epiphone should allow artists to special order the guitars of their dreams. Like a "signature model" but only available to the person who ordered it. I wouldn't mind dishing out a little extra cash if they made it to my exact specifications. Or they could at least bring back the DC Les Pauls/LP Juniors...either way I'd be happy.
  8. It's full size. It's actually a very good first guitar. I used to be in a band with a guitarist who would occasionally gig with one. They're not bad at all (especially for a little over $100). It's got a little bit thinner neck than most guitars (which I actually prefer), two pickups, and toggle switch. We never had a problem with tuning it (it did slip out of tune occasionally but it's not horrible). After you play it for a while it kind of resolves itself. It's pretty light too (not as light as the junior though). All in all it's a good guitar. Go for it!
  9. I own the Gibson SG Faded and trust me, you won't be disappointed. It's an amazing guitar. Good choice!
  10. I really appreciate that. I'll keep you updated on how everything turns out with it.
  11. Thanks Rob. I think I'm gonna give it a shot (after I do a little reading on the site you provided). It'd be nice to have her working again. Even though she's not my main bass anymore, I'd still enjoy jamming on her.
  12. Such a gorgeous site to behold.
  13. I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Jr (Single cut in Alpine White) and a Gibson Les Paul Jr (Billie Joe Armstrong Double Cutaway in TV Yellow). In my opinion, the Epiphone's actually a little easier to play. Sure it's made a lot cheaper (I bought it for 1/12 what I paid for my other Junior), but it's a really good guitar. Especially for only costing $100. The tuner's are cheap, but that's any easy fix. It does hold tune pretty well though and the neck is smooth and pretty fast. I really enjoy it. The reason I brought that up is because I've also played the SG Junior (though I don't own one) and it's a lot like my Les Paul. Hold's tune amazingly well for such a "cheap" guitar, plays fast and smooth, incredibly light weight (even though SG's are genuinely lighter guitars anyways, I noticed the one I used was a lighter than any other SG I've played). You're getting a lot more bang for your buck with it. Very impressive little beast! I'm considering picking one up after I purchase an Epiphone Dot. I think they days of extremely cheap guitars being "low quality" are coming to a close. There's so much competition out there they have to step up their game and build better quality instruments (even if it's designed for a beginner). But then again the guitar doesn't make the guitarist, the guitarist makes the guitar.
  14. I know the feeling. The primary reason I work these days is to support my guitar and gear addiction (bills are secondary haha). It's an expensive hobby...but definitely worth every penny we spend. We're comparable to hyenas. Even after we've made the kill (or in this case bought a new guitar) we can't resist preying on another. As a guitarist and collector, you will never be fully satisfied lol. And that's cool man. Fake books are pretty awesome. It teaches you the song, but also gives you room to play with the song as well. I think you'll have fun with it.
  15. It's definitely a show stopper man. That's one of the next guitars I'm picking up, a sunburst junior. I need to add another one to my collection :) And hopefully I'll have the pictures up sometime this weekend. Buying guitars is addicting isn't it? It's like after you get your first tattoo, you automatically want a second. Same thing for guitars haha Anytime. I'll keep my eye out for ya. I'm probably headin that way Monday, I'll check it for you. What songs does it have in it?
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