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  1. Hi Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you guys - been overseas for work. The different mapping didn't work - I've also upgraded to Traktor 2.7 and this made no difference
  2. Hi Guys Been looking for a while and can't find any information on this. I'm running Traktor 2.6 with the default .tsi provided by you guys. Previously I've had no problems with it at all, however I've recently moved houses. Since I've reconnected everything, I'm getting some really funky functionality in Traktor with my DJC.4. I've got issues where controls on Deck A are controlling Deck B. For example if I move the fader up and down, it also changes the Hi EQ on Deck B. Mid EQ on A also controls Mid EQ on B, and Low EQ on A controls High EQ on A. There's much more to it than that but I find it really strange. It's worth noting that Decks B, C and D all work fine independently of each other. I've tried reinstalling everything - Traktor, drivers, mappings etc with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Regards, Clinton
  3. Swappable VU meters between master and individual channels... need to be able to see what those channels are doing!!! Can't wait for the flux button though :) :) :)
  4. Targus make a nice backpack, mine gets used for work (laptop, tools etc) but it's big enough for the DJC.4 to fit in quite nice and cosily, and is also protected very well :)
  5. I'm still waiting on this answer too :( I know with VDJ it's really easy but Traktor seems to make life very difficult in this regard
  6. Hi Andrea Just to clarify, is this is VDJ or Traktor? I'm also assuming you meant that you sent signal to output 3-4, not input?
  7. Let me know you get on :) I have to wonder if there's an issue with the USB bus on your laptop...
  8. You do know this is a DJC.4 forum, not an SCS.4? Can't answer your question sorry...
  9. Hi Sarel It's weird that after you went through and properly sorted out your driver issues, the issue got worse. I have to wonder if there's something conflicting with your laptop, as I know HP's can be notorious for bloatware and just unnecessary crap. Do you have another computer you can load the drivers on and check it with? I think it would be worthwhile to rule out the controller here, because there's some funky stuff going on here and getting a baseline would be a fruitful exercise in my opinion. Can I also get clarity... you said you updated the drivers etc etc, you have the audio routing issues, but has it fixed your intermittent issues/distortion? Also are you using VDJ or Traktor? I know you've said you've checked it all, but that sounds like a really nasty routing issue within whatever software you're using. VDJ was really illogical for me to configure, but Traktor was a fair bit easier... I know there's only one way to really configure it regardless of what software you're using though, do you at least get the options to configure it as you'd expect? I.e. output channels 1/2 to master, 3/4 to headphones etc because it really sounds like that's all wrong. Cheers,
  10. Noah, don't you get a free upgrade to 2.5 from 2? I'm on 2.5, and for the most part very happy with how the mapping behaves (aside from the gripes mentioned above). I've found it very tight and responsive, but then again I'm not sure if you're referring to something in particular. I'd love to learn myself how to map properly... a lot of potential waiting to be tailored to what I would like to do. I love your idea of gaining access to all 4 effects decks by the way! Thanks for the link to the video, can't wait to get home and have a look at it :) (Work blocks YouTube...) Might have to wait a couple of days to play with it though, girlfriend's birthday is today with our anniversary coming up in 2 days... Damn commitments (shakes fist)
  11. Noahdecoco, I don't quite understand what you're getting at. Don't you already have that functionality? If you touch the center of the platter you skip quickly, if you use the rubber on the outside it's a lot finer adjustment (great for cueing/find bpm adjustments). Also, when a track is playing, by default the whole platter (sides and top) will only nudge, however when you press the 'scratch' button just above and to the side of the platter, it allows you to seek very quickly. Are you trying to map it differently? Have you started from scratch or lost this functionality? Regardless, I believe it's got something to do with the modifier states up the top... someone feel free to correct me on that.
  12. bump :) p.s. my issue is becoming more and more relevant... I refuse to use the autogain feature of traktor, as it creates discrepanices between the virtual and physical position of my gain knobs. The issue is coming from the fact now that several tracks have really low gain, so I'm roughly guessing what the volume is before bringing them in. The headphones help a bit, but it's a bit of stuffing around vs. just seeing VU for the 2 tracks side by side.
  13. DJCeboKutz, you need to navigate to the DJC.4 area as if you would on the English website. Find the support or downloads area, you'll find it in there. However if that's too hard... just clicky clicky this >> http://www.stanton-dj.de/fileadmin/_stanton/Treiber/DJC4_2xdeck_2xremixdeck_2_5_1.zip
  14. Strangely enough I noticed the same thing... It just didn't feel as tight as the mapping for Traktor. Whether or not that's due to a lack of experience with VDJ LE, I don't know. I found beat matching for one was just infinitely harder for some reason. The one thing that's taking me a long time to get used to though is making sure the corresponding position between a knob's physical position and the software's position is bang on. I'm finding that I'm having to almost 're-initialise' each knob any time I use it - at least for the knobs that have several functions, i.e. Low EQ and Filter. Pain in the *** if you ask me, and I've found that that is the case regardless of whether or not you are using Traktor or VDJ. Still, I guess it's to be expected, I just wish it was a bit easier to use instead of trying to find the knobs position mid-set... can lead to some very erratic filtering =P The only workaround I have so far is to just try and reset it back to zero when I'm done using it, so that it works next time without me having to screw around with it more.
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