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  1. those early Syd Barrett years were The Floyd's best !! check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVrembZ7dVE
  2. super nice !! love tha nitro new guitar smell from another Tele fan
  3. it's a confusing tribute model since Gary's '59 Les Paul was the one with mismatched knobs but it had binding, some of Gary's newer LPs without binding that he played in later years had matched knobs. that top looks too shiny. i was disappointed to read here that the neck pickup magnet is not reversed as on Greeny's original ?! sad that i have to pass on this, because if i found a good replica of Peter Green's Les Paul i would order one today
  4. great topic !! he's gonna love it :) there's nothing cooler than a Lefty Sheraton !! depends on the age of your Sheraton ?? mine had Gibson PUs when i bought it & played fine until a few weeks ago the switch stopped working, when i pulled everything out it was all original & corroded (more than just dirty) so while it was apart i replaced everything
  5. is there also a sticker inside the F-hole? mine from the '90s says Epiphone Sheraton
  6. that is a shame !! even more reason to ask, EPIPHONE PLEASE MAKE A LEFTY CASINO
  7. as a right-handed player, let me start by saying: LEFTY's ROCK !! Dear Epiphone, please make a Left-Handed Casino, they will sell !! Sheratons already do all left-handed musicians i know say they would buy a lot more guitars if Lefty was available for now they are stuck with an Ibanez or a Gretsch, but what we really want is a Casino in Left Handed :) even lefty-admirers as myself will order one as a gift for someone special !!
  8. Erik, this forum is a friendly place & Canada is too. My question was sincere, not intended to offend. You have a wonderful guitar !!
  9. thanks Erik, very nice photos but don't you think it strange that your guitar is up for sale right now on eBay.co.uk by the same people you said you bought it from a few months ago ?? & that you used the photos from that eBay listing here to ask questions about your "New" guitar which are already answered by information contained in that eBay listing ??
  10. wonder whatever did happen to good ol' Joe Guest...
  11. your photographs are remarkably similar to item #171047211191 for sale on ebay.co.uk
  12. THANKS roadhog got all the parts to upgrade my Sheraton with new pots/caps/wire/switch/jack, already had the Gibson pickups :) its not my first guitar upgrade but definitely my first semi-hollowbody with f-holes so expecting i'll need a bit of luck & a LOT of patience lol
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