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  1. Store owners/managers/employees have been treating the "freebies" that come with new guitars as their "own personal little treasure chest" or "perks" for many years. Where do you think all those "extra" whammy bars, hex wrenches, crappy cords, soft cases, hard cases with the company name on them, etc.... come from? If they think they need to "throw something in" to sweeten the deal and make a sale they will, otherwise you get "oh no we throw all that stuff away because we don't have room to store it all" - I can't tell you how many times I've heard that one. I've called them on it a few times - even called them liars (not that it helped- usually at that point the thought of buying something is usually the last thing on my mind).
  2. I saw Warren Haynes play a Sheraton for "Into the Mystic" (Van Morrison) when he was touring with The Dead...(late '90's - early 2000's ?). I think he used it for a few others as well, but that particular song sticks out in my mind.
  3. Well, your "thought" turns out to be fairly accurate - and reveals that the "true" guitar tone of the 339 is a little darker than what you were playing before. So now you want to change it so it's the same? If so, what's the sense of having a different guitar? Experiment with the tone controls on the amp...that's what they're there for
  4. dporto

    Pelham Blue

    Hmmm, good call...That's not something I would buy for a $100.00 discount (though I bought mine sight unseen, it turned out to simply be a return and not a "blem" as advertised). $150 - $200 ? Maybe
  5. FWIW, I wasn't critiquing the playing, but the sound... Many thanks for making the effort on the demo
  6. dporto

    Pelham Blue

    If you're at all interested in a 339 I'd snap that up in a minute @ $299.00 (that's the price I paid for mine - supposedly a "blem" but I think it was just a return) awesome deal - especially compared to the $600 Ibanez next to it . Of the more than 20 guitars I own, it's one of the best deals I've gotten...
  7. Good thing it doesn't say "Swhinchter"...
  8. dporto

    Pelham Blue

    Well thank you very much (best Elvis impression...)...As long as we can keep chuckling about this sort of stuff, everything will be fine!
  9. There's some kind of funky distortion/modulation sound (only listened up to :46 sec) on the single note stuff that sounds terrible imo (no offense meant, just being honest...) - I hope it's not the strings sound and just an effect you were going for. Sorry, I don't have the time for the whole 17:00 min. of video - hopefully you've got some nice clean demo stuff in there too...
  10. I got a set of the new D'Addario strings as well - I think I just registered online (maybe I got an email?) and they sent them to me - no "qualifying process" to speak of. I haven't put them on a guitar yet...but the packaging is nice FWIW I'm going to put them on a Squier Jazzmaster (with Duncan Designed pups). "They are amazing strings. They are the only string I will pay retail price for" Seriously? They're like $4 or $5 a set, and like $3 and change if you buy a box of 10 sets...
  11. dporto

    Pelham Blue

    FWIW...I'm going to go with Capmaster and whoever else said NOT TRANSPARENT! The wood just isn't grain filled - the paint is clearly (no pun intended) opaque. The "two top finishers in California" thing is just a red herring - they agreed with you because that's what you (and apparently Epiphone) were calling the finish and it was pointless to get in an argument over it. Transparent means you can see the actual wood through the finish (i.e. - clear) as in a colored stain. This isn't stain, it's paint...
  12. I hope you're not holding your breath...
  13. quapman, nice avatar - one of my favorite albums of all time! "take one home with you and save a dollar today"!
  14. That's fair enough, point is well taken. "No it's 1/16 difference 5/8 = 10/16" Yup your're correct (math is math...) ...it made sense at the time
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