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  1. That's tough Las, sorry to hear it. I know your pain its horrible. I had my L5 slip and choke my sciatic nerve causing pain all down my buttocks and left leg straight down to my toes. Pain was unbearable I couldn't stand straight or walk. About all I could do to relieve the pain some was lay on my side with a pillow between my legs and take 5 motrin every 4 hrs. After two weeks of hoping it would resolve on it's own with no results I went to see a chiropractor. I didn't have much understanding of exactly what they do but I needed relief so I went. It was nothing short of a miracle! He too
  2. Nature at it's finest!! Beautiful looking and sounding guitar. Loved your sound clip!
  3. Well that makes me think that maybe they will be on their way out of production. I was reading another thread that said it showed a lot of current guitars as discontinued. Perhaps this is the clearing of those? It would be sad to not have this beauty in their production line. Just looked at their site they don't show it there anymore. Wow whats Gibson up to?
  4. Lol Sorry you knows I know some wives will kill me! What a great deal though right? I have a used one I paid 3700 for a year ago. It's a amazing guitar, easy to play definitely a good one for barre chords for me. And loud as a piano!! lol Not to mention drop dead gorgeous as well!
  5. I just can't help myself to look even though I"m not in the market. I just love to see what Wildwood has and listen to their clips. I came across this yesterday. Great price for a new SJ200 Western Classic. Looks to be new it isn't listed in their used section and no mention of it being used. Its actually one of two listed at the same price. I've never seen a new one not in the high 5K to low 6K range. Great deal for someone who is in the market http://www.wildwoodg...egoryID=433&n=6
  6. I'm just starting on the Piano, Izzy. I never had any interest in it before but suddenly started thinking about it a few months ago and now have a piano! I'm finding it much easier than guitar, which is probably because I have musical background now. I've only had the piano for less than two weeks but can play quite a few songs. I'm starting slow with an instructor making sure I have proper hand positioning and not creating any bad habits from the beginning. I read sheet music but got lazy on the note reading since in guitar you can get away with tab usually, so I'm working on that and hav
  7. He's one lucky kitty to not have been hurt. I had the same type thing happen a few years ago and am in danger of it starting again. My neighbor feeds the strays so they hang around of course. They then breed of course. It can get chilly even here in Miami so the mother cat will take her kittens into the car engines for warmth. I would have to open my hood and check and remove kittens if need be before I could take the kids to school every morning. One kitten didn't make it out from under the hood one of the times, it was very disturbing for years to my kids and myself. I then bought a cage fo
  8. Izzy, I have two daughters and I would not let either of them have another thing to do with this person. If all was innocent with him he would have most likely been honest with you and told you about his "offense". Especially since it was so easily discoverable. The fact he was looking for a female singer to work with is alarming given his background. I'm suspecting he is very slick with how he has disclosed his photography ability to you making you feel it was all your idea to pose for him. The legally blind thing is most likely a bunch of bull as well. You lucky your friend did some researc
  9. I have the Sunbeams 12-54 on my hummingbird now. I put them on a few days ago and like them so far. The birds previous owner said he used Martin SP PB or John Pearse PB. His liking was the Martin over the John Pearse but I'd read so many good reviews on the JP I decided to try them first. I liked the way they sounded but after a week they started feeling dirty and dull to my fingers. I took them off after two weeks. I don't know if it was just me but I also thought they were making my low E sound too sharp. But that could be me I obsess over simple open D chord for some reason. But also this
  10. Thats a very interesting story behind your title of Vitez! At least your family once had a castle. My grandmother lived in a English Tutor and my sister and I thought it was a castle when we were little. Thats as close as I come. I have visited and it's quite impressive to see the soldiers guarding the Tomb. I was reading thru the history of the Tomb and learned the remains in the middle tomb of the Vietnam veteran placed in were later identified thru DNA as First Lieutenant Michael Blassie, and removed. How interesting, I'm not sure I ever knew that. If I did I certainly forgot. T
  11. Perfectly said!! Thanks Searcy
  12. Holy Cow, your ancestor has his own Wikipedia page!! Nice going Bence, do we need to call your Sir Bence or anything like that? lol Also if you live in a castle I vote you to host a Gibson meet up for us all?
  13. Thanks Moparguy! I'm glad these pics made it thru the years. I found some great old family photos at my moms and put them on cd's recently. Here's to your uncle's 20 years of service!! Go Navy! Wow the Marines! My dad left high school early but still graduated somehow. His senior picture has him wearing his uniform and is coincidentally on the same page as my father in law in his uniform. My dad guided planes coming in onto the carrier. It was probably one of the safer spots to be. I can't imagine the horrors some had to endure during the wars. Glad your dad had his chance to
  14. Happy Memorial Day weekend everybody. I know this holiday is about all those that died during service but I wanted to give a shout out to all you Veterans, and those in service now, out there! It's hard to think what we would do without all you brave men and women. You guys make America what it is. Strong and Proud!! I have some fun pictures of my dad during WW2 thought I'd share them with you all. Hope you enjoy and please add your own if you have any! The USS Ranger group shot, my dad in there somewhere. :) Asbury Park, NJ home on leave with buddies. My dads in the
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