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  1. Oh yes....This is for me! Here is more
  2. That's the one...quite something it was.
  3. I have just returned from a trip home to the UK. I visited Coda Music in Stevenage, and have to say I don't think there is another store in the UK like it. Wall to wall acoustic guitar paradise! The Gibson range was not disappointing- except they are still waiting for the original series to arrive. However, one outstanding playing and sounding guitar was the L-00 studio. It's in store price was £1299. An absolute fantastic guitar.much more than I expected, The studio Dreadnaught was also a wonder- though square dreads and I parted company many years ago. Can't stump up for Gibson? Si
  4. You got the right guitar!
  5. ponty


    Thanks all. Very good info.
  6. ponty


    Having not bought a brand new guitar for years.....21 years, I am curious to know if manufacturers and retailers still use MSRP, MAP and store best price? The new 'original' series from Gibson is killing me - I have never seen so many guitars I want in one go! When I enquired by email to one major Gibson dealer, I was given the MSRP as the asking price. is this standard?
  7. https://www.vintage-guitars.se/1995_Gibson_J-45_92145037_head.jpg The 'Western' was then the standard. It followed the pattern of the 1994 100th aniversary model. I have 2 1993 J-45s which are broadly identical but do not have the headstock banner logo of 'Only a Gibson is good enough' The Gibson logo was in block letters not script.
  8. You may be interested in this from JJB. At $49 you cant go wrong. I have 2 J45s, one fitted with KK and the other JJB. Both do the same job. http://www.jjb-electronics.com/prestige-330.html
  9. Very fine job there David.
  10. I have only in the last month discovered Roy Clarke! I couldnt believe how much like Benny Hill he was. Highly talented in all ways.
  11. Here is James Curleigh speaking at the National Retail Federation. He speaks of making the Levis brand into a 'lifesyle' brand.....I wonder if he will make Gibson into a lifestyle brand?
  12. This is a very popular pick up. I have one in a J-45, and it works great. A preamp makes it sound better but it works well on its own. Still, also worth considering is JJB electronics, virtually identical at half the price of a KK. That makes it $50 - shipped! http://www.jjb-electronics.com/index.html. I also have one on a J-45. I have no affiliation with JJB, but they have top customer service.
  13. Yes very true.An online forum is like work/school/college. Someone will rise to the top, and others, often by force, will sink to the bottom. Still, Sal has manned up and said a heartfelt 'I apologize'
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