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  1. CSNY doing Lone Time Gone with Tom Jones (yes, The Bull From Wales ... It's Not Unusual). That's a sight you don't see everyday! My link
  2. tell us about your les paul studio and put some pictures I will do so of mine soon. 2011 Gibson Studio LP (worn cherry)My link mods ... memphis tone circuit (50's wiring with Luxe bees and treble bleeds)My link
  3. just thought i'd chime in on my latest download ... it took some time from getting the song out of my head and finding it's artist and title: LIDO SHUFFLE by BOZ SCAGGS. Boz Scaggs was in the early Steve Miller Band (for reference). Boz Scaggs was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon jamming with The Roots the other night and the song LIDO came up 'Oh, LIDO ohohohohohhh, one more for the roadohohoad'
  4. I noticed the g string pinging when tuned. strings don't return to exact pitch all the time when there's a lot of bending.
  5. Hey, I topwrapped a studio and liked it! I'm wondering whether winding the tuners up and down while the string is in tune will get the nut slot comfortable? (just don't break the string!) seems like a lot of twisting, but use a string winder. If I lived in an ideal world i'd get a luthier to install a bone nut and everything would be wonderful. but ... so the studios are having tuning instability at the nut when they're new. they're all new at some point ... play the *** off of the thing, use it, abuse it, play it hard! get some wear on that new nut. the breakin period is troublesome somewhat. the new guitar goes out of tune when i play it ... ??? how do i fix it??? i wonder: Do older model Studios go out of tune as often?
  6. You are not alone Studio owner! My 2011 studio has tuning instability too, with the Kluson tulip type tuners. Drives ya mad shelling out for quality to have to tune it after every bend. Seems to really go wild when it's hot, flat in hot climate, sharp in cold (or the other way around i can't remember). But that's because the wood expands and contracts. It should be stable at room temp. I'm torn on what to do, some say you need the string to move more freely on the nut so it doesn't grab. Nutsauce lube will help. I don't want to replace the tuners. I think that the nut is cut right and that it may need actual wear and tear, like the strings actually running along the nut slots to get it settled. That's just a theory. I have suggested a leather shoe lace, weaving it through the strings above the nut and tied tight. That would give the strings less movement after it's tuned right, more grab, less slip. I don't want to say it does the same thing as a string tree on a Fender. I just don't know. I'm hoping the tuning will settle in with age and wear. Time will tell.
  7. Nov. 27/12 Bonus tracks from Deep Purple The Book of Taliesyn: Oh No No No It's All Over Playground also Jimi Hendrix: Peace In Mississippi
  8. 'This is the song that never ends ... it just goes on, and on my friends ...'
  9. Oh yeah, what ever became of The Swan Song?

    I agree there's lots of bits!

  10. yeah, youtube! Hey Joe and Adriadic Sea, The Band of Joy (Plant/Bonham). I was surprised at Page's early studio work included tracks like Tom Jone's It's Not Unusual! Swingin' sixties, oh boy.

  11. If you look hard enough, you''ll find gigabytes of bootlegs, rehearsal recordings, early stuff by the band members before Zep, etc.

  12. "Rosie" and "Dr. Cyclops" (see pic) 2011 Les Paul Studio Faded in worn cherry w/Fender pure nickel medium bullets Behringer Eurolive B208 8" 200w powered speaker Ibanez TSA15 head and bottom cab/Celestion 70/80 speaker Ephiphone Valve cab w/ Weber Classic alnico 30w speaker Behringer DC9 Dynamics Compressor, FX100 Multi fx, DR600 Digital Reverb, Dunlop Wylde Wah.
  13. Ah ha I figured out how to reduce the size of the pic for uploading! Hereeeee's Rooosie!
  14. Whole Lotta 'Rosie'! 2011 LP Studio in faded or worn (?) cherry. (the pic loader says the pic file was too big to upload)
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