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  1. Edit - duplicate posts due to forum screw up!
  2. Yes they do (NB. I don't have them fitted on mine but I do have them both)
  3. No, I've got the Tusq replacement on. It's tuned fine, no pings. The intonation was pretty much spot on and it's held its tuning perfectly (12hrs so far)
  4. Took mine off today and replaced with Gibson Vintage Deluxe pegs... Dead easy! Used a 1.5mm bit in my Dremell to drill the pilot holes and took the opportunity to put my usual 10s on and switch to top wrapping and lowering the bridge. Feels great and sounds it too - I'm not going to make any kind of comparison relating to the GForce because I've changed string size and the bridge settings, both of which I suspect would have had a far greater impact, but there's no doubt it sustains and sounds better.
  5. Now there's a thought! Just had a look on EBay, could be a good plan! Thanks
  6. I have the free titanium nut from G but TBH I've not tried it yet because like you I bought a Tusq one. It sounds and feels right to me so I'll probably be sticking with it (though they are so easy to switch I will try the Titanium as some point). The ajustability is very helpful and has already saved me money - I had it set to the same height as the brass zero fret but the G string was too high meaning that it pulled out of tune when fretted (particularly when playing a cowboy D chord), I would not be confident enough to start filing the slot but with this of course there is no need, a couple of twists of the Allen key and she's spot on! The GForce is going today, TBH I don't hate it but although it tunes perfectly it doesn't hold the tuning as securely as I'd like. If I was chopping and changing tunings all the time I'd probably keep it but I don't so stability is more important to me than having lots of options at the press of a button! The other thing is electronics do fail eventually and I'd like to keep it in working order in case I decide sell the guitar I'm the future.
  7. Thanks Sabredog - very helpful, I will use your methods!
  8. Thanks... 2 (lazy) questions, 1) can you not just line them up with the wing join lines? 2) if the screws are that small do they need a drilled pilot hole, would a braddle not be sufficient?
  9. Digressing from the weight/tone/sustain discussion for me moment... Did the tuners drop straight in to the existing holes ok? Will at some point take my GForce off so am thinking about which tuners to go for - Gibsons, Schallers or Grovers.
  10. That may be true of course - but they do make a distinction between Cellulose and Acrylic and the actual phrase they use is, "Genuine pearl inlays enhance the guitar's appearance and increase its value.".
  11. Interesting there seems to be a mix of materials used for inlays in the last few years acc. to the website, eg. Historics have cellulose, Standards have acrylic and Classics have Mother of Pearl. Edit - actually it looks like maybe they only used MOP in 2015 - not sure about 2014.
  12. 490R/498T in my SG and 57 Classic and Super 57 in my Les Paul - difficult to comment on the difference because the guitars themselves are too different. The 490s sound woodier, 57s are perfect for the classic blues/Rock Les Paul sound. Not great if you want that scooped mid super saturated modern metal thing - but then I guess if you did you probable wouldn't choose a Gibson!
  13. MarkJB


    Yes, that is Nitrocellulose. AFAIK its a three step process* - Grain Filler, Dyes, Lacquer - I'm led to believe that the fading you see in early bursts is down to the dyes that are used, not the Lacquer (though the lacquer can amber over time). Apparently the dyes they use these days do not fade in the way the ones they used in the early years did. *that is if you don't include the many sanding and buffing stages!
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