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  1. I've got one i bought new in i think 2000, brown tolex, 5 way switch, two cabinets. I'll sell it, but like to do it locally because the cabinets are real heavy. Great amp especially with the 5 way switch, mixing both channels great amp. Mint condition like my 1962 ES 345
  2. I have two, I'll have to take a couple of pictures. My original GA6 (around 1955 or 56) And a GA RVS 30 head with two cabinets ( 2x10 open back on the top ) and ( two 2 x 12's on the bottom ), closed back, all speakers are Vintage 30's with the 5 way foot switch. I bought these direct from Gibson, don't even see these on you tube, too bad great amp and cabs. Great amp and cabinets, but a bit heavy.
  3. I have a GA 6 that my parents bought for me in the 50's, still sounds great. I also have the Gold Tone head and two cabinets, i bought them in 2000, trace elliot, made in the UK. 4 EL 84 power tubes, this amp is one of the best amps made, two channels, separate eq's including separate reverb settings, parallel and serial loops, with vol controls on each, with the 5 way foot switch controlling boost, loop, channel, reverb, and mixing the two channels. It is also one of quietest amps at idle. The cabinets have vintage 30 speakers, 2 10's open back and 2 12's closed back. the tone can be from pushed Marshall to a pristine vox and just about anything in between. Personally, it does jazz so good, K. Burrell, Wes tone etc. If you can get your hands on a combo or head do it.
  4. Beautiful guitar and the amp is in great condition. Hold on to them, they will appreciate and if your a player enjoy them for awhile, Dad played them. Don't be in a hurry to sell either, unless somebody offers a lot of money.
  5. The one that Joe is playing has the wooden bridge, and a different tail piece than the web site offering the guitar. I think the one on Dave's web site has the wooden bridge, i can't remember the tailpiece. I think the wooden bridge is naturally warmer, but the adjustable bridge is easier for intonation and equing the amp etc. would probably result in the same tone.
  6. I have had my 345 since i bought in new in '62, I use the varitone, but I play through two amps, so I am a supporter of the varitone, but, I would advise againt adding one for cosmetic purposes, if you aren't going to wire it up, forget about it you will add more wt to the top, not improve your tone, probably lessen the top vibration etc, i think it is a bad idea.
  7. I came within an inch of buying an ES-345 last month. Was all set to pull the trigger. Then after talking to the guy at MF Private Reserve, I decided to have CS build an ES-355 for me instead.

    So now I'm waiting for CS to build a figured top ES-355 in Vintage Sunburst with a TP-6 tailpiece.

  8. Yes they are nice, i have had this one since i bought it new in '62

  9. I love Vintage Sunburst.

  10. I use D'Addario, Black Diamond, even fender flat wounds. I still have a few sets of Gibson Flat Wires, when I heard that they weren't going to make them any more, I bought about 15 sets. I like the black silk or whatever material around the ball end. But they all seem pretty good.
  11. That is so not a Gibson, however it might be a good, nice player (if everything works) for about 300 dollars.
  12. Agree with Farnsbarns, best materials, ie better of the wood on hand, electronics, caps wire etc. that is most period correct, knobs and most probably better craftmanship. I have a '62 345 and i haven't picked up anything new that feels or plays like it, i would like to think the the '60 reissue might come close. My '03 R6 gold top les paul, a custom shop guitar, plays and feels so much better than other production usa les pauls it is like night and day. so possibly this would be analogous to the 335 reissues.
  13. I've got one I bought in 2000, it has the tan tolex, i have the cabinets (2), i sometimes play it thru a single 12 mojo speaker in a nice pine cabinet, it sounds great, i probably will let my heirs sell it. good luck it is a good amp for many genres.
  14. One of my very best jazz guitars, the pickups are a little darker than 57 classics and the body is not as deep as a 175 and the block helps reduce feedback. the fingers tailpiece allows you to adjust the feel the action, personally i like it a lot more than the larger bodied 175 or other traditional jazz guitars. I definitely gravitate to it, it always seems to get me the tone I'm looking for.
  15. The only issue that I am aware of on these early guitars, and some later red ones, is that the red stain/dye whatever does migrate into the binding, so the binding on the guitar can look pinkish in some areas, it mostly affects the binding on the neck. Some say it will eventually go away, however mine has remained pretty constant and really does not look like it will ever go away. This has also affected historic Les Paul guitars over several years, i think they may have changed the formula or procedure now.
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