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  1. I have been told by a few that Epiphone will stop production of the Casino Elitist soon............... And that could be the full Elitist line....? Any news of this?
  2. I ordered a Casino Elitist over a month ago and still not in yet. Ordered from a Epi Dealer. He stated that there is a wait for the Casinos.. So Epiphone forum person, is this so?? Thanks
  3. What is the best new price you have seen on an Casino Elitist ?
  4. I have a Trans Orange Wildkat that I bought a year ago and just got to take out of the box.. The tuners seem to suck. What is the best replacment tuners you guys would use and the best place to get them? I must say that EPIS are the best value around. Looking for a Casino Elitist, as I KNOW it will be very cool.. Thanks, gb
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