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  1. Thank you Lars. The exact feedback I’m looking for. I’m using a USB microphone and I think I may need to buy a real mic and an audio interface. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the bad placement haha.
  2. Hey all. Been a while since I posted here. I'm learning how to record my guitar as all my straight to phone recordings sound very amateur. Here's my first attempt of recording video on my phone and using a mic to record the audio directly to my computer. Hope everybody is staying safe. https://youtu.be/eKwnoJRSpxg
  3. Man this guitar is awesome. I've been looking for a hollowbody guitar for a while and initially settled on Gretsch 6118 anniversary players' edition. I took delivery of that last month and it was just off. The intonation was pretty bad, the guitar wasn't very resonant, the finish was kind of sticky. It looked great though and the filtertrons sounded pretty good. I did send it back though. I luckily stumbled onto the CME site and saw that there was this 1961 ES-330 (and it happened to be just a little more than the Gretsch). I immediately ordered it as I love Gibson guitars and didn't think this guitar would be in my price range. It's an absolutely fantastic guitar. The P90s are surprisingly quiet. One thing I've noticed is the neck pickup sounds a lot louder than the bridge pickup. Has anybody else encountered this? I've read the solution is to just shim the bridge pickup so that is what I'll eventually do. I'm still elated with this guitar (and how good it plays, feels, and even smells). Couldn't figure out how to post a picture here so hopefully this works. https://imgur.com/b6rUk1F
  4. seanp33

    NGD ES-330

    I have the same model from CME coming this week. I can't wait. Are you using 10s or 11s? Also, the specs say it has a slim neck, but CME says it's not that slim. What do you think?
  5. I love the sound of old strings as well. I normally change mine twice a year. I recently changed strings on my Hummingbird TV and put on D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings. I've found these to feel a lot like worn strings when I put them on. The color is a little different, the strings almost look like electric strings, but the sound and feel is great.
  6. I enjoyed this. Nice improvement from Fake Plastic Trees. Seems like you're on a bit of a Radiohead bender. One of my favorite bands. For me, the lyrics reference the mundane, materialistic modern society in which people just work and die.
  7. Panicking over this is insane to me but glad you got it resolved to make you happy.
  8. 1. Anything Justin Sandercoe teaches as noted by EuroAussie 2. I've recently purchased Howard Morgen's Fingerboard Breakthrough course and have been really enjoying it. It gets into very technical aspects of the guitar without being overly boring or complex. He's a great teacher (Paul Simon was one of his students) and a fantastic player and I've had a few "A-ha" moments going through the course so far: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ojEu8xsIS8 3. Carl Brown has a ton of awesome song and theory lessons https://guitarlessons365.com/song-lessons/
  9. Good to know. I though Ren was still around in 2012 when mine was made which is why I asked whether it was possible he had engraved it :) Wishful thinking. As far as the guard material itself, is it the "flubber" that you mentioned in your previous post or something else?
  10. Congrats on your guitar! I use DR sunbeams on mine and love the warmth those strings have. I recently tried some Martin 80/20 strings on a whim and actually liked those as well, so I purchased some Gibson Masterbuilt strings that I'll try in the future as well. However, I'll probably stick with the DR Sunbeams as my base string as they're still my favorite I've tried. Congrats again and yes, post a photo or ten :)
  11. Thanks for the detailed history. I'm curious what kind of material the Hummingbird True Vintage model uses (and I assume it's the same as the new baked vintage hummingbird today). It's different than the modern classic right? Are these the hand engraved guards you're talking about? Mine was built in 2012 so maybe Ren was involved with my guard, I like to think so anyway :). Thanks!
  12. Love the look of mine and have never had a problem. I have them on my LP studio as well and no issues there either. Maybe you just like grovers more?
  13. Love the look of mine and have never had a problem. I have them on my LP studio as well and no issues there either. Maybe you just like grovers more?
  14. I know I only really need my Hummingbird TV but these new J45s [love] I'm thinking I have another guitar to get and I have some wife convincing to do. 35th B-day in 3.5 years, I think that should do it :)
  15. Congrats, that is a beautiful guitar and look forward to hearing it as well. I would like to eventually get a Martin acoustic to pair with my Gibson, and this one is definitely on the list. What made you pick this over others you tried?
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