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  1. Thanks all! just to clarify... i looked a couple baked maple's but i ended up with rosewood and a cherry finish. i had a 61 RI satin finish a few years ago. it was a limited run. the pick ups were good, but i found the neck too slim. the neck on the standard is amazing! so far a really like the pick ups and do not plan on changing them. i found a Tiny Terror head used for $300 and with the SG it's totally 70's AC/DC. sorry about no pics yet. i will get some up here this Sunday!
  2. I'll get some pics up tomorrow. ya was just wondering what everyone thinks about the stock pick ups. so far i do like them... so no need to change them yet :)
  3. Hello all, really excited about it. it was a toss up between the new limited one with baked maple or the regular rosewood. i ended up getting a standard with rosewood and a cherry finish. honestly the baked maple wasn't bad at all. in a blind test i probably couldn't tell which was which. any the one i got just felt right. so far the guitar sound great! nothing else sounds like an SG. now.. what are the thoughts on the stock pops? they sounds good to me, but i do like the 57's in my LP. wondering if i would benefit from a 57+ in the bridge? cheers Chris
  4. Hi all, Haven't posted here in a while... i'm still loving my 339. Even more so now! I really want to get a bigsby on it. i remember a few people here did it. i did a search but couldn't find the info. can any one share their experiences with adding a bigsby on their 339? photos? will there be any visible holes on the body when it's done? thanks all!
  5. my first guitar was a used El Degas LP Custom copy. it's really wasn't that bad! that was in the 90's. i got my first Gibson LP about 8 months ago.. an LP Traditional Goldtop... and it's amazing!
  6. i raised the pick up, mostly on the bass side but a bit on the treb side too. and it sounds much better now. what a great sounding guitar. i love my 339~ mopar? yea i've been a fan of 60's and 70's American Muscle cars since i was a kid. i just bought a new 2010 Challenger.. hope to get it next week!
  7. i'm having trouble get enough snap from the E and A strings. it's like the tone knob is turned down a bit on those trings. this is mainly in the neck pick up. so.. my question, is this an issue of raising or lowering the pick up? thanks!
  8. hate to say it (here)... but it sounds like you want a Stratocaster.
  9. you can try a Danelectro Drive pedal, the cool cat one. i just got one and it rocks. with the gain set at a 3rd or less, you get a nice ring and crunch... it was exactly what i was looking for to get that AC/DC tone.
  10. well just about 2 months ago i had $2,500 to spend on a Les Paul. took home a Traditional. A used historic may have been cool, but i'd rather not get of eBay, sight unseen. i need to play a few and see how they feel. so i'm happy with my choice... i'd do it again.
  11. why? that's simple... Tone, Tone, Tone. nothing sounds like an overdriven SG. ...and ya, they're comfy to play and look really cool
  12. my fat neck is huge... biggest neck on any guitar i've ever owned. i would contact Gibson to check. but how do you like it? how's the sound?
  13. i was looking for my first Les Paul just about 2 months ago. i played as many as i could... and in the end i got a Traditional, Goldtop. It's just the one that felt and sounded best to me. don't get me wrong the historics are mazing guitars and pound for pound probably better guitars. but i just went with the one that felt best to me, and that was the Traditional. as soon as i picked it up, i just knew it was "my" guitar. the tone is to die for and it plays like a dream. what more do you need!?
  14. ya that's probab'y the ugliest LP i've ever seen.
  15. that looks great! oh man i'm tempted to put one on. how's the weight? does it feel different?
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