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  1. Thanks. If the guitar came without them then I'll replace with similar style tuners.
  2. No they're stock saddles from Epiphone. That's why I'm OK with it because it doesn't have the locking nut and fine tuners. It's a floating tremolo without all the fine tuning braces.
  3. maybe the price increase is because of the difference in value between the British Pound and the US Dollar. Maybe the step to set up Gibson in England and Germany has something to do with it.
  4. It's a floating type. It just floats on the two peg screws as the strings are tuned. I'm not sure maybe an S-300 type. Obviously, no competition to the USA Strat more a comparison to the MIM Strat. I prefer it over the MIM Strat. I'm not sure though because I've never really had a chance to set it up.
  5. No I haven't. I tried the steel wool thing one time but you would need a curved sanding block. Then a straight edge. It's going to be $90. The guitar always plays great when it's new. When I first began playing I didn't know how long it takes for these frets to flatten out. Intonation I assumed would also be the correct pitch of every note on the guitar. Not just at the 12th. Also the bridge pickup is not as loud as it was when I bought it. Haven't even got around to testing the impedance. you think one of the coils could have cut out and it's a single coil pickup? I'll just assume it
  6. keep in mind that when you practice you put a strain on the frets. If you over practice you'll need to have a leveling and re crown. It's hard to find a tech that can do this right. If you practice too much you will find that the guitar won't intonate properly. If you look closely you'll notice the frets begin to flatten out. This will create the pitch to be sharp on some frets and OK in others. It sounds great brand new but that's the issue. You'll have to buy a new guitar.
  7. Jimmy Page also my favorite 'Dan electro' guitarist. (Did he use it on Physical Graffiti? I've seen footage of Page using a blue Strat on these songs. Does he still use the 'Blue Strat'? Physical Graffiti is one of my favorite CD's not just favorite Zeppelin CD's.)
  8. I've got an 'Epiphone Strat' but it looks like a Kramer copy. I've been working to intonate it properly. What tuning machines are the best to use with the floating bridge configuration? There is no locking nut device and I'm not interested in installing one.
  9. What is the radius of the fret board on your Les Paul? I think you would use a FINE pencil line using the radius on the nut to cut the slots and a millimeter measuring device to measure how high up to cut the slots. You'd want to keep the string gauge you prefer in mind.
  10. Did you have to use a radius gauge to cut the nut?
  11. Did you have to use a sanding block to curve the saddles? I noticed the original tune o matic saddles are sanded to the radius of the neck. Do they come pre-curved?
  12. It's a great book to have if your into any form of music. Of coarse every 'Gibson Player' wants smokin' 'county licks' but this book can give you 'Practice and Theory Concepts' to apply in 'Country' as well. http://www.alfred.com/Products/Jazz-Theory-and-Practice--00-16628.aspx
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